Results: LVRC Circuit Races at Redbridge Cycle Circuit

League of Veteran Racing on July 28 at the Redbridge Cycle Circuit

Cat. A,B,C,D
1    Simon Hime    Finchley RT
2    Tim Brown    North Road
3    Martin Meades    Ciclos Uno

Category ‘A’
1    David Farrow
2    Peter Arden
3    John McVey

Category ‘B’
1. Simon Hime
2. Tim Brown
3. Martin Meades

Category ‘C’
1. Steve Wharton

Category ‘D’
1. Steve Smith

Cat. E.F.G.H
1    Terry Devine    Ciclos Uno
2    Colin Mannake    Glendene
3    Chris Broadway    Braintree

Category ‘E’
1    Terry Devine
2    Chris Broadway

Category ‘F’
1. Colin Mannake
2. Roger Hornsby

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