Results: Farnham RC Tandem, 4Up & 2Up

On a breezy but fine day down on the Surrey Hampshire border where this event took place on the H25/8 course,  it was Team Time Trialling in the Farnham Road Club’s Four Up, Two Up and Tandem event on the 7th of August.

The tandem was won by Simon Kidd and Matt Haigh with a time of 1.01.11. The four up comprising nine teams was won by the VC St Raphael team of Simon Berogna, Jez Ponting, Simon Tout and Steve Walkling with a time of 50.57
The two up was won by Jerone Walters and Wouter Sybrandy of Sigma Sport with an incredible time of 48.59. The event continues to be popular with 84 riders taking part which is an increase on last year and we will be holding the event again next year.

1  Simon Kidd Farnborough and Camberley V 1.01.11
…Matt Haigh Farnborough and Camberley V 1.01.11

2  Robert Allan Farnham Road Club V 1.02.36
…Michael Rice Farnham Road Club V 1.02.36

Four Up Event
1  Simon Berogna VC St Raphael S 50.57
…Jez Ponting VC St Raphael S
…Simon Tout VC St Raphael V
…Steve  Walkling VC St Raphael V

2  Sebastian Ader a3crg/SIS V 52.06
…Graeme Stirzaker a3crg/SIS V
…Tom Chapman a3crg/SIS S
…Philip Peters a3crg/SIS S

3  John Sibley Utag V 52.13
…Simon John Barnes GA Cycles V
…Gary Allan GA Cycles V
…Stephen Whitewick Utag V

4  Jamie Lowden LWCC S 53.41
…Mark Frost LWCC V
…Peter Morris LWCC S
…Mark  Paton LWCC V

5  Graham Fielder a3crg/SIS V 54.45
…Jonathan Hepper a3crg/SIS V
…Darryl Barr a3crg/SIS V
…Darren Fagan a3crg/SIS S

6  Matthew Cheyney a3crg/SIS S 57.31
…Warren Peters a3crg/SIS V
…Andy Lovell a3crg/SIS V
…James Chapman a3crg/SIS S

7  Andrew Green Addiscombe CC S 1.00.07
…Robert Royle-Evatt Addiscombe CC V
…Ian Munnery Addiscombe CC V
…Philip Hawkes Addiscombe CC V

8  Kevin Cadicott Mid Oxon CRT V 1.00.44
…Eamonn Deeley Mid Oxon CRT S
…Dave Ricketts Mid Oxon CRT V
…Simon Drewett Mid Oxon CRT V

9  Jane Allen a3crg/SIS WV 1.08.58
…Jo Edson a3crg/SIS WV
…Johanna Lovell a3crg/SIS WS
…Sara  Dias Ayton a3crg/SIS WS

Two Up Event
1  Jerone Walters  Sigma Sport S 48.59
…Wouter Sybrandy Sigma Sport S

2  Harry Bulstrode Southampton Road Club S 51.57
…Andy Bryson Sotonia S

3  Nicholas Hutchings CS Grupetto S 52.36
…Matthew Theobalds CS Grupetto S

4  Andy Rivett VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts S 53.19
…Oliver Hitchings Sotonia CC S

5  Bob Garlinge Team Quest The Bike Shop V 54.47
…Paul  Williams West Drayton Beyond Mountain Bikes V

6  Stuart Stow Hounslow and District Wheelers V 55.16
…Paul  Holdsworth Hounslow and District Wheelers V

7  Tony Reeves GS Stella V 55.36
…David Shepherd GS Stella V

8  Simon Greenland Maidenhead & District CC V 56.28
…Sam Hilton Maidenhead & District CC S

9  Lara Taylor VC Godalming Haslemere WS 57.24
…Steve Williamson VC Godalming Haslemere V

10  Mandy Hibberd North Hampshire RC WS 57.27
…Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC V

11  Simon Tonge Redmon CC V 57.57
…Paul  Read Redhill CC V

12  Tom Cox Northover VT / Rudy Project V 58.38
…Leigh Pinchen Northover VT / Rudy Project V

13  Mark Storie GS Stella S 59.44
…Mark Jones GS Stella V

14  Lesley-Anne Walkling VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts WV 1.00.11
…Rachel McGranaghan VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts WS

15  Jeff Tam Charlotteville CC S 1.00.57
…Paul  Batchelor Charlotteville CC S

16  John Bosley San Fairy Ann CC V 1.02.18
…Kate Bosley San Fairy Ann CC WV

17  Ben Fielden GS Stella V 1.03.38
…Ronald Hicks VC Meudon V

18  Adrian Bult Avonlea / Treasure RT V 1.03.48
…Russell  Boon Avonlea / Treasure RT V

19  Daniel Clifford Kingston Wheelers V DNS APOL
…Cathy Clifford Kingston Wheelers WV 1.09.14

20  Karen Harding Charlotteville CC WV 1.11.41
…Natalie White Charlotteville CC WS

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