Result: Tumby’s Road Race

Another win for Richard Meadows of Pendragon in the CC Rutland promotion at the home of Tom Simpson, Harworth, in South Yorkshire

A break went on the first of 11 laps with Danny Lowthorpe (Rutland C C and Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels). This lasted for 5 laps when the race came back together. No major breaks untill lap 9 when the top 6 got away and stayed away to sprint it out for the win.
New event: Out Of The Saddle race, Aug 28th and is for E/1/2/3 and entrys close 14th Aug start time 10.30. More details here

1. Richard Meadows, Pendragon
2. Neal Beasley, Beeston RC
3. Rob Watkinson, Doncaster Wheelers
4. Richard Moore, Star Bikes R
5. David Williams, Kuota
6. Nathan Wilson, Wilsons Wheels
7. Chris Daddy, Star Bikes RT
8. Jack Rees, Velo 29
9. Ashley Proctor, Sheffrec CC
10. John Doherty, VS Cycles