Results: LVRC Summer Circuit Races (Redbridge)

Results from the final meeting of 2011 for the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists Summer Circuit Series at Redbridge Cycle Centre on the 11th August

Overall Race Result
1. Anthony Wallis    Gateway    A
2. Andy Ballantyne    Easterly RC    B
3. Dave Farrow    Eagle RC    A
4. T Brown    NRCC    B
5. Martin Meads    Ciclos Uno    B
6. Hugh Vivian    Finsbury Park     B
7. Barry Neal    Ciclos Uno    B
8. E Christides    Gomes    B
9. Matt Gallagher    Crest CC    A
10. Michael Rolfe    East London Velo    B

Race 2
1. Dave Smith    G S Avanti    F
2. Trevor Mills    Ford CC    F
3. Roger Hornsby    G S Avanti    F
4. Dave Whybrow    Southend     F
5. Vernon Thomas    V C Elan    F
6. Arnie Russell    Ciclos Uno    H

Category ‘A’
1. Anthony Wallis
2. Dave Farrow
3. Matt Gallagher

Category ‘B’
1. Andy Ballantyne
2. Tim Brown
3. Martin Meades

Category ‘D’
1. Dominic Gaballini
2. C Edwards
3. Steve Barnsley

Category ‘F’
1. Dave Smith
2. Trevor Mills

Category H
1. Arnie Russell

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