Report: Welwyn Track League August 12

This weeks numbers were reduced by holidays and the impending Youth Omnium Finals at Manchester however those that arrived at Welwyn enjoyed a good evenings racing across all the categories

Tony Gibb opened the proceedings with a very close finish in the 10 lap scratch with Martin Dawkins only a fraction down and these two had some close finishes all evening. The 10 lap block handicap pitted the Senior A riders against the Senior B’s with the latter given a 250m lead – in the race for Even numbers the leading B riders set off with a strong working group who defied the attempts by the A riders to reel them in. The B group was reduced to 3 by the closing lap with Colin Hodges wining out from clubmate Pat Herron and Simon Best with  a 80 m lead from Mike Broadwith the chasing A rider. A good positive ride by the B group riders.

The race for Odd numbers  was a totally different story as the A’s caught the B’s in 6 laps with Tom Gallacher taking the victory from Tony Gibb and Martin Dawkins. Glen O’Brien notched up his first win in the B group Devil while Tom Gallacher edged out Mike Broadwith in the A Points race. The closing 10 mile saw the field diminished to a handful of riders as the race progressed at a lively pace – 6 leading riders into the final lap – Tony Gibb from Martin Dawkins at the line with Tom Gallacher in third place

The top two youth groups were combined – Chris Hodges was in good form and extended his overall series lead
Will Raymond and Tom Durkin had some good battles in the CDE group with honours just about even. Both these riders benefiting from the weeks road racing scene in Assen in Holland.

Welwyn track is host to the National Derny paced Mens and Womens Championship on Saturday 20th August – racing getting under way at 1-00pm

Senior A – 10 lap Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest) Robert Cox (Cambridge)
10 lap Points  – Tom Gallacher (Welwyn) Mike Broadwith (PM) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest)
10 mile – Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest) Tom Gallacher (Welwyn)

Senior B – 10 lap – Simon Best (North Road) Pat Herron (Welwyn) Ben Smith (Welwyn)
Devil – Glen O’Brien (CC Luton)  Simon Best (North Road) Ben Smith (Welwyn)

Senior AB Block Handicap (Evens)  – Colin Hodges (Welwyn) Pat Heron (Welwyn) Simon Best (North Road)
Senior AB Block Handicap (Odds) – Tom Gallacher (Welwyn) Tony Gibb (Metaltek) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest)

Youth A
5 lap scratch – Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Ollie Fensom (Spalding)
Points – Chris Hodges (Welwyn) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Ollie Fensom (Spalding)

Youth B
5 lap scr – Lucy Harper, Sam Dossett, Nick Brown (all Welwyn)
4 lap ABC H’cap – Harry Bellars (Spalding) Lucy Harper (Welwyn) Chris Hodges (Welwyn)

Youth C
3lap scr – Will Raymond (Welwyn) Tom Durkin (Welwyn)  Tristan Rayner (CC Ashwell)
3 lap H’cap A – Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Tristan Rayner (CC Ashwell)  Kathryn Anderson (Welwyn)
3 lap\ H’cap B – Will Raymond (Welwyn) Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Tristan Rayner (CC Ashwell)
4 lap H’cap – Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Will Raymonds (Welwyn) Harriet Mellor (Hillingdon)

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