Result: Congleton CC “50”

Charles Taylor of South Pennine RC won the Congleton CC “50” on Saturday 20th August over the J4/16 course

1st    Charles Taylor    South Pennine RC        01:48:40
2nd    Simon Bridge    Leigh Premier RC        01:49:52
3rd    Gareth Bowyer    Rhos on Sea CC        01:52:51    3RD + 1ST TEAM
4th    Alan Cooke    VC Chesterfield        01:53:16
5th    Justin Mcllveen    Rhos on Sea CC        01:54:54    5TH + 1ST TEAM
6th    Nigel Haigh    Planet X RT        01:55:22    1ST V40-44 *
7th    Garry Brown    Equip Velo Ecosse        01:55:42    1ST V45-49 *
8th    Steve Fidler    Team Elite        01:56:22    1ST SENIOR *
9th    Nige Wood    Wills Wheels        01:56:34
10th    Simon Wix    Evesham Wheelers        01:57:43
11th    Paul Shalliker RT        01:57:46
12th    Daniel Mathers    Seamons CC        01:58:16
13th    Andy Tinsley    Maxgear RT        01:59:13
14th    Steve Hargreaves    Warrington RC        01:59:13
15th    Richard Coleman    Stourbridge Velo        02:00:00    1ST V55-59
16th    Thomas Thorney    Buxton CC – Sett Valley Cycles        02:00:33    SPOT PRIZE
17th    Dave Fearon    Weaver Valley CC        02:01:04
18th    Andy Turner    Sheffield Tri Club        02:02:13
19th    Brian Tear    Team Jewson – M.I Racing        02:02:26
20th    Stephen I’Anson    Buxton CC – Sett Valley Cycles        02:02:30
21st    Paul Howarth    Rhos on Sea CC        02:02:46    1ST TEAM
22nd    Nicholas Sharpe    Buxton CC – Sett Valley Cycles        02:02:49    1ST V50-54
23rd    Chris Lea    Buxton CC – Sett Valley Cycles        02:03:20
24th    Simon Rigby    Warrington RC        02:04:13
25th    Adrian Humpage    Lyme Racing Club – Swinnerton Cycles        02:04:38
26th    Darren Topping    Warrington RC        02:05:08
27th    Ady Dench    Sheffield Tri Club        02:05:18
28th    Alan Chorley    Seamons CC        02:06:16    SPOT PRIZE
29th    Rory Davies    Crewe Clarion Wheelers        02:06:26    1ST JUNIOR
30th    Colin Hayes    Liverpool Century RC        02:06:34
31st    Chris Siepen    Wills Wheels        02:07:23
32nd    Roy Flanagan    Rossendale RC        02:09:11    SPOT PRIZE
33rd    John Leach    East Kilbride RC        02:09:21    1ST V65-69
34th    Allan Blackburn    Seamons CC        02:09:24
35th    Simon Higgins    Liverpool Century RC        02:09:43
36th    Steve Stoddart    Abbotsford Park RC        02:09:49
37th    Kev Shand    West Pennine RC        02:09:51    1ST V60-64
38th    Stacey Penn    Team Jewson – M.I Racing        02:12:02    1ST LADY
39th    Steve Jackson    Macclesfield Wheelers        02:12:50    SPOT PRIZE
40th    Vicky Stinton    Birkenhead North End        02:12:59    2ND LADY
41st    Robert Porter    ABC Centreville        02:13:25
42nd    Simon Myerscough    Ribble Valley CRC        02:13:28
43rd    Alan Ward    Gruppo Sportivo Gazetta        02:14:12    SPOT PRIZE
44th    David Parkes    Coventry RC        02:14:55
45th    Joe Lockett    Seamons CC        02:15:39
46th    Howard Mead    Manchester Tri Club        02:16:00
47th    Karen Popplewell    Seamons CC        02:17:21    3RD LADY
48th    John & Sarah Swinnerton    Kidsgrove Wheelers        02:17:39
49th    Mike Wilson    Warrington RC        02:17:54
50th    Barrie Whittaker    Lyme Racing Club – Swinnerton Cycles        02:19:19
51st    John Leeming    South Pennine RC        02:19:50
52nd    Andy Whitehead    Seamons CC        02:20:55
53rd    Graham Lockett    Seamons CC        02:22:09
54th    Paul Kay    Ashurst Bike Cub        02:23:39
55th    Colin Reynolds    Leigh Premier RC        02:23:56    SPOT PRIZE
56th    Nathan Astley    ABC Centreville        02:24:58
57th    Phil Holden    Seamons CC        02:25:10
58th    Helen Shulver    Stevenage CC        02:25:39
59th    Andy Quicke    Manchester Tri Club        02:26:22    SPOT PRIZE
60th    Peter Hayhurst    Congleton CC        02:27:07    1ST V 70+
61st    Tracy Rowlinson    Lyme Racing Club – Swinnerton Cycles        02:36:27
62nd    Darren Nicholls    Congleton CC        02:39:55
63rd    Alan Shuttleworth    Altrincham RC        02:40:59    1ST TRIKE
64th    Colin Molloy    Kidsgrove Wheelers        02:42:09
65th    Derek Black    Wigan Wheelers        02:49:21
66th    David Hurst    Congleton CC        03:13:12
67th    Roy Deakin    Kidsgrove Wheelers        03:13:33    LANTERN ROUGE

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