Photo Report: Twinings ProAm Premier Calendar RR

Simon Yates of 100% ME has won the first edition of the Twinings ProAm road race near Salisbury after outsprinting Richard Handley at the end of the 100 mile race.

Escaping from a break with 15 miles to go, two riders, Richard Handley (Raleigh) and Simon Yates held off the rest of the seven strong break that had dominated the finishing laps of the Premier Calendar event.

Photo Report

Podium: Matt Cronshaw, Simon Yates and Richard Handley

The near 100 rider field lines up in Wilton at midday for the first running of the Twinings ProAm.

Niklas Gustavsson of UK Youth leads the break of four through Wilton.

Motorpoint had the bunch lined out through Wilton every lap as the chase for the break continued for well over half the race before it was finally reeled in as the finish laps approached.

Jon Locke leads Luke Rowe, Niklas Gustavsson and Russel Hampton in their long break today that last nearly all of the big loops of the race. Photo: Graham Robbins


Wilton is a very picturesque village with this stunning church one of the attractions.

The Wiltshire police escort, the largest group used on Wiltshire roads to escort an event. They did a grand job as well!

On the third of the big circuits, the pressureof the chase was taking its toll and here the bunch splits as Tobyn Horton leads for Motorpoint.

Matt Cronshaw applying the pressure at the front of a split in the peloton.

Chris Opie at the head of the first split on the finishing circuits. This was brought back and another went of seven riders.

First Premier Calendar win for Simon Yates who last year was riding the Junior National Series (and winning).

Matt Cronshaw clinches third in the sprint for the final podium place.

Luke Rowe sprints in for eight place.

Interviews and more pics to follow later in the week.


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1        Simon    Yates    100% ME    03:52:02
2        Richard    Handley    Team Raleigh    03:52:03
3        Matt    Cronshaw    Team Raleigh    03:52:14
4        Johnny    McEvoy    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:52:14
5        Evan    Oliphant    Endura Racing    03:52:15
6        Mark    Christian    100% ME    03:52:15
7        Dan    Craven    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:52:15
8        Luke    Rowe    100% ME    03:53:10
9        Marcin    Bialoblocki    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:53:11
10        Tobyn    Horton    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:53:11
11        Graham    Briggs    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:53:11
12        Andrew    Tennant    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:53:11
13        Tom    Barras – Metaltek    03:53:11
14        Chris    Opie    Pendragon – Le Col – Colnago    03:53:11
15        Tom    Last    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:53:11
16        Rob    Partridge    Endura Racing    03:53:12
17        James    Sampson    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:53:12
18        Doug    Dewey    GWR Team/Swindon Cycles/High5/K    03:53:12
19        Tom    Murray    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:53:12
20        Liam Holohan    Team Raleigh    03:53:12
21        Joseph    Kelly    100% ME    03:53:12
22        Wouter    Sybrandy    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:53:12
23        Jack    Adams    Forme Impsport Sanlamere    03:53:12
24        Freddy    Johansson    Team UK Youth    03:53:13
25        Ben    Greenwood    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:53:27
26        Zak    dempster    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:54:29
27        Jason    White – Metaltek    03:54:29
28        Jeroen    Janssen    Team Raleigh    03:54:29
29        Wojciech    Szlachta    Pasta Montegrappa – Zheroquadro    03:54:30
30        Ian    Bibby    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:54:30
31        Will    Bjergfelt    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:54:30
32        Stephen    Adams    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:54:30
33        Will    Fox    Forme Impsport Sanlamere    03:54:30
34        Russell    Hampton    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:54:31
35        Dexter    Gardias    Forme Impsport Sanlamere    03:54:31
36        Ashley    Cox    Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alph    03:54:32
37        Richard    Cartland    Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alph    03:54:32
38        David    Clarke    Endura Racing    03:54:32
39        Kit    Gilham    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:54:32
40        James    Sparling    Team Raleigh    03:54:33
41        Steve    Lampier    Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling    03:54:35
42        Scott    Thwaites    Endura Racing    03:54:35
43        Peter    Williams    Motorpoint Pro Cycling    03:54:36
44        James    Moss    Endura Racing    03:54:36
45        Joe    Perrett    Twenty3c-Orbea    03:54:36
46        Ian    Wilkinson    Endura Racing    03:54:37
47        Daniel    Fleeman    Team Raleigh    03:54:37
48        Niklas    Gustavsson    Team UK Youth    03:54:38
49        Jonathan    Tiernan-Locke    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:54:39
50        Kristian    House    Rapha Condor Sharp    03:54:46

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