Report: Hannah Walker Saves Motorpoint

Jon Miles writes …. Hannah Walker’s victory against the odds ensures a victory by Motorpoint in the Women’s Team Series in the East Midlands

Going into the final race of the season long Women’s Team Race Series held on the Griffydam course and as always superbly organised by Nick Horner-Maddox and the Coalville Wheelers, defending champions Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta led by just 110 points and with 130 points for a win it was always going to be close.

However only Hannah Walker signed on for Motorpoint and 3 from 2nd placed For Viored were on the start line; against all the odds Hannah had to win but all the team from For Viored had to do was follow her and get the placings for themselves.

On a dry but very blustery day the 85 kilometres was going to hard work but with the fist lap covered the race began to break up, two laps later a break of 8 riders went clear. Hannah was there, Clare Leaver, Team Zappi, Charlotte Colclough-Rebecca Curley of For Fiored, Emma Craddock with Emily Bagnall of Surrey League, Sarah Maidment and Iona Sewell of Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals.
Slowly at first the lead went up to 25 seconds – then 1 minute 20 seconds as the fight seemed to leave the chasing bunch but with headwinds it was a tough task to bring back such a talented break.

Gaining a maximum gap of 11 minutes 40 seconds and entering the final lap it would be a brave rider who attacked from the break into that wind so it was no real surprise to see them wait for the left hand turn towards to finish.

Hannah Walker was the fastest to get to the finish line so claiming a great win – and save Motorpoint. It will be a long dark winter for the For Viored team as they can only speculate as to what might have been.

1. Hannah Walker Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta
2. Clare Leaver Team Zappi
3. Charlotte Colclough For Viored/Brookvex
4. Emily Bagnall Surrey League
5. Emma Craddock Surrey League
6. Iona Sewell Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals
7. Rebecca Curley For Viored/Brookvex
8. Stephania Magri Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals
9. Sarah Maidment Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals
10. Gina McGeever Surrey League
11. Martine Verweij Impsport Team A
12. Catherine Hills Surrey League
13. Hannah Manley For Viored/Brookvex
14. Louise Clowes Impsport team A
15. Tracy Dresch Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals
16. Claire Fraser Army Cycling Union
17. Claire Leonard Surrey League
18. Anna Long Army Cycling Union


1. Surrey League  294 points
2. Squadra Donne/Shutt Velo Rapide/Bikefood/C-Originals 243 points
3. For Viored/Brookvex 232 points
4. Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta 150 points
5. Team Zappi  130 points
6. Impsport Team A  97 points
7. Army Cycling Union 78 points

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