Report: Out Of The Saddle Road Race

Held in memory of local rider Pete Hinchcliffe, it was well attended with 57 starters. Dave Shackleton broke away on his own on lap nine of the 25 lap race and was soon joined by Lowthorpe and McCrossan.

The trio worked well together and at one point had a 57 second lead over the peloton. However the pelton worked hard with five laps to go to fetch them back to 28 seconds, but this wasn’t to last and the lead soon went up again. Shackleton won with a well deserved second to Danny Lowthorpe leaving Scott McCrossen in third.

The second event for Out of the Saddle certainly proved an excellent production and they have the taste for bigger and better things in 2012.

1. Dave Shackleton
2. D Lowthorpe
3. S Mccrossan
4. J Doherty
5. N Beasley
6. N Riance
7. Ben Ives
8. M Perry
9. Pete Fielding Smith
10. Jordan Skinner
11. Paul Bell
12. P Giles
13. A Robinson
14. Lewis Jackson
15. Ben Last

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