Result: Surrey League Handicap Championship

Paul Pickup wins the Surrey League Handicap Championship at North Hall in Surrey at the weekend

1. Paul Pickup     Team Cycle Kingdom
2. Peter Allan
3. Nathan Russell
4. Allan Ridler     Team Cycle Kingdom
5. Andy Betts     La Fuga – Sigma Sport
6. Robin Kirk     Kingston Whls CC
7. Jeffrey Tam     Charlotteville CC
8. Mark Markowski     Bayeux Landscapes
9. Dean Corney     VC Meudon
10. Andrew Seltzer     In Gear Quickvit Racing Team
11. Morgan Lewis     Brighton Mitre CC
12     Dr Keith Lea     Addiscombe CC
13. Chris Pyne     Imperial Racing Team
14. Richard Collins     Imperial Racing Team
15. Philip Peters     Cannondale Racing
16. Stuart Adair
17. James Graham     VC Meudon
18. Richard Whitworth     Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
19. Ian Jones
20. Robert Pace     Redhill CC
21. James Stuart     Norwood Paragon CC
22. Simon Henley     Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha R.C
23. Toby Neave     Cannondale Racing
24. Brian Hennessey
25. Elliott Porter     London Dynamo/Prologue
26. Maurice Brennan     Redhill CC
27. Mark Ottaway     WyndyMilla Maxifuel
28. Richard Unwin     VC Meudon
29. Martyn Potter     Brighton Mitre CC
30. Jonathan Marchini     Beeline Bicycles RT
31. Lee Mead     VC Meudon
32. Patrick Martin     WyndyMilla Maxifuel
33. Shane Pope     Bayeux Landscapes
34. Martin Garratt     London Dynamo/Prologue
35. Mike Cownley     Norwood Paragon CC
36. Galeb Aqel     Addiscombe CC
37. Ilija Trkulja     Addiscombe CC
38. John Gargan     Addiscombe CC
39. James Humphries     Norwood Paragon CC
40. Stephen Broomfield     Addiscombe CC

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