Report: Great Day for Jody Crawforth in Yorkshire


Rapha SuperCross! Hargroves Cycles rider, Jody Crawforth wins the second round of the Rapha Supercross at Huddersfield, West Yorkshire after outsprinting national champion Paul Oldham.

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Great Scott but it’s Hope Again

Photo: Ray Stuart.

It was a very close run race in the second round of the Rapha Super Cross at Huddersfield but Hope Technology, led by National Champion Paul Oldham, again pipped Scott UK to maximum points to keep the leader’s jerseys going into the final event at Alexandra Palace next Sunday (October 23).

The individual results saw a fantastic duel between the two pre-race favourites, with Hargroves Cycles Jody Crawforth outsprinting Oldham on the line in front of a big crowd on another unseasonably warm, sunny day in the North of England.

Crawforth’s team-mate Steve James won the under-23 prize with third spot, giving Hargroves a good start in the team competition, but with a third-counting rider failing to appear high in the results, it was the consistency of Hope that won out.

Nick Craig, meanwhile, again played his team captain’s role, sticking with Scott Uk’s Luke Grivell-Mellor to put the youngster into lead in the under-23 competition. Nearly 350 riders, from four-year-olds to professionals, took part in the day of racing, with guest of honour and Tour de France pioneer Brian Robinson presenting prizes.

Photos Wig Worland

Jody Crawforth wins ahead of Paul Oldham

Paul Oldham, Jody Crawforth and Steve James plus Tour hero Brian Robinson.

1            Jody Crawforth    Hargroves-Specialized-Trant-Next    Senior    0h 49m 20s
2            Paul Oldham    Hope Factory Racing    Senior    +0h 0m 1s
3            Steven James    Hargroves-Specialized-Trant-Next    U23    +0h 0m 41s
4            Lee Williams    Wiggle    Senior    +0h 0m 51s
5            Stephen Adams    Sigma Sport-Specialized    Senior    +0h 1m 33s
6            Luke Grivell Mellor    Scott UK    U23    +0h 1m 40s
7            Nick Craig    Scott UK    Senior    +0h 1m 41s
8            Paul Collins    Hope Factory Racing    Senior    +0h 1m 50s
9            Seb Batchelor    Wiggle    U23    +0h 1m 51s
10            Kenta Gallagher    Scott UK    U23    +0h 1m 52s
11            Joe Moses    Rapha-GB Development Squad    U23    +0h 1m 53s
12            Daniel Booth    Hope Factory Racing    Senior    +0h 1m 53s
13            Rob Watson    Rapha-GB Development Squad    U23    +0h 3m 2s
14            Jack Clarkson    Rapha-GB Development Squad    U23    +0h 3m 3s
15            Lee Westwood    Hope Factory Racing    U23    +0h 3m 32s
16            Chris Metcalfe    Charge Bikes    Senior    +0h 4m 1s
17            Ben Simmons    Wiggle    Senior    +0h 4m 3s
18            Steve Lampier    Sigma Sport-Specialized    Senior    +0h 4m 27s
19            Joe Fox    Rapha-GB Development Squad    U23    +0h 4m 39s
20            Dan Arblaster    Sigma Sport-Specialized    U23    +0h 4m 47s
21            Lee Shunburne    Charge Bikes    Senior    +0h 4m 53s
22            Bruce Dalton    Charge Bikes    U23    +0h 4m 54s
23            William Worral    Wiggle    U23    +0h 4m 59s
24            Billy Harding    Rapha-GB Development Squad    U23    +0h 5m 10s
25            Jonathan Watson    Charge Bikes    Senior    +0h 5m 25s
26            Martin Eadon    Hargroves-Specialized-Trant-Next    Senior    +0h 5m 28s
27            Simon Maudsley    Crosstrax    Senior    +0h 5m 37s
28            Neil Crampton    Crosstrax    Senior    +0h 6m 21s
29            Keith Murray    Hope Factory Racing    Senior    +0h 6m 48s
30            Matt Denby    Charge Bikes    Senior    +1 lap + 0h 6m 36s
31            Andrew Hunt    Crosstrax    Senior    +1 lap + 0h 8m 5s

1. Hope
2. Scott Uk
3. Hargroves
4. Wiggle
5. Rapha / GB
6. Sigma Sport
7. Charge

Under 23 – Steve James (Hargroves)

1. Hope                          20pts
2. Scott UK                      18pts
3. Rapha / GB                    14pts
4. Wiggle                        14pts
5. Hargroves                     14pts
6. Sigma Sport                   10pts
7. Charge                         8pts

Under 23 leader – Luke Grivell Mellor (Scott UK)

Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross League

1. Ed McParland, GT Racing UK
2. Nick Barnes, Zepnat RT
3. Tom Stockhill, Malton Wheelers
4. Jonny Limebear, Aire Valley RT
5. Paul Young, Wheelbase
6. Andrew Stewart, unattached
7. Kyle Burleigh, Nottingham Clarion
8. James Thompson, Boneshakers
9. Simon Maudsley, Crosstrax

1. Matt Denby, Zepnat RT
2. Mike Young, Pedalsport CC
3. Richard Binks, Holme Valley Wheelers
4. Dan Cook, Planet X
5. Chris Taylor, Pedalsport CC
6. Dan Stevens, Triangle RT
7. John Hick, Holme Valley Wheelers
8. Julian Hodgson, Pedalsport CC

Over 50s – Dave Stevens

1. Seb Marsh, Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic RT
2. David Barnes, Condor
3. Alfie Moses, Bronte Wheelers
4. Jamie Ridehalgh, Aire Valley RT
5. Ben Wait
6. Jamie Morgan, Pedalsport CC
7. Amira Mellor, Holme Valley Wheelers
8. Scott Hookway, Sherwood Pines
Girls: Amira Mellor

Under 12s
1. Jenson Young, Pedalsport CC
2. Mason Holliman
3. Ewan Cameron
4. Matthew Taylor
5. Jack Doddington
6. Jack Moore
7. Jack Yard
8. Tim Brown
9. Joe Pilling
10. Jessica Manning (1st girl)

Under 8
1. Nathan Fortune
2. Luca Longo
3. Alex Bailey
4. Tom Scott
5. Ellie Armstrong
6. Jamie Moses
7. Oscar Grey
8. Sophie Murray
9. Hannah Whitworth
10. Jake Oldfield

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