Result: Misterton Madness – LVRC Cyclo-Cross

David Perry wins the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists Cyclo-Cross on Saturday, Oct 22 promoted by Welland Vally CC

Result: Race Time – 52 minutes
1. David Perry Gabby Cyclesport A
2. Andy Webb Kenilworth Whs C
3. Tim Stowe Team Jewson –MI Racing C
4. Peter Turner Derby Mercury RC C
5. Vic Barnett Welland Valley CC F
6. Andy Jones Wolverhampton Whs D
7. Mark Garrett Coventry RC B
8. Phil Evans Coventry RC C
9. Paul Gibson LVRC B
10. Phil Cooper LVRC E
11. Gary Mackintosh Beacon Roads CC A
12. Gary Rowing-Parker Solihull CC C
13. John Gabriel Team Jewson –MI Racing E
14. Richard Taylor Coventry RC C
15. Jon Houghton Welland Valley CC A
16. Mick Ives Team Jewson –MI Racing G
17. Martin Hackley Team Jewson –MI Racing E
18. Dave Walker Elizabethan CC B
19. Martin Booth LVRC D
20. Stuart Walters Kettering CC G
21. Stuart Hocknell St Ives CC F
22. John Griffin Elizabethan CC G
23. Tony Summerfield Elizabethan CC H
24. Ruth Eyles Beacon Roads CC A

Many thanks to Mrs Craven (Misterton Hall), members and friends of WVCC for their help.
Dean Barnett Organiser

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