Report: Duggleby dominant in Manchester Track League

November 30: With a win in the first race of the night Adam Duggleby underlined his consistent form before he is crowned Premier Division Champion in next week’s last session of the year. With an unassailable lead over Adam Yates of Maxgear, Duggleby has held off all comers.

Ride of the night and man in form, Jack Kirk (Agiskoveiner RT) with a 2nd and two 3rds on the night against Academy opposition where Tom Moses celebrated his first victory in the league with a tweet on Twitter and thus started a load of mickey taking from his teammates.


Group 1 40 lap scratch
1. John Cooper,  Manchester University
2. Scott Burns, Manchester Whs
3. Paul Johnson, Manchester Whs

Group 2 40 Lap scratch
1. Adam Duggleby, Team SIS
2. Tom Moses, 100% ME
3. Jack Kirk, Agiskoveiner RT
4. Scott Macrae BC Private member

Group 1 50 lap points
1. Julian Pearson, Team Wallis 13
2. Fabian Close, Velocity 13
3. John Cooper Manchester University 8

Group 2 50 lap points
1. Mark Christian, 100% ME  18
2. Jack Kirk, Agiskoveiner RT 13
3. Jon Mould, 100%ME 8
4. Martin Woffindin, CP Pendle 7

Group 1 Devil
1. Jed Hartley, Horwich cc
2. Fabian Close, Velosity
3. Paul Whatmough, Shepard cycles

Group 2 Devil
1. Mark Christian, 100%ME
2. Jon Mould 100%ME
3. Alastair Slater 100%ME
4. Adam Dugglby Team SIS

Group 1 10 mile scratch
1. Fabian Close, Velocity
2. James Clayden, Sportcity Velo
3. Karl Freeman, Corley Cycles
4. Dave Heald, VC ST. Raphael

Group 2 20km scratch
1. Tom Moses 100%ME
2. Adam Yates, Maxgear
3. Jack Kirk, Agiskoveiner RT
4. Mark Christian 100%ME

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