Results & Photos: Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League

Road sprinter Steve Lampier powers to win cyclo-cross race at Rossington ahead of Mark Cotton

Early on in the race, it was a four way fight for the lead between Lampier, Cotton, British Circuit Race Champion Graham Briggs riding his last race this year for Rapha before he races for Raleigh and Junior George Thompson. Briggs, with his wife Sam in the pits keeping the Twitter world up to date with her man’s progress, crashed which left the three to fight it out which they did. While Briggs took a fresh bike and chased, Cotton had a lap out front before the other two pulled him back.

Photos: Mark Cullen

Lampier and Cotton then gave it full gas trying to drop each other and in the process, dropped Thompson two thirds through the race. Lampier then went with two to go and eased away from Cotton, getting a few seconds to win his 4th event this year.

Steve Lampier winning his fourth ‘cross of the year … well done Stevo!

Don’t try this at home kids … seems rather a convoluted way to hurdle the planks but ten out ten for style!

Steve runs across the planks whereas ‘champ’ (Graham Briggs) seems to be bunny hopping them … top stuff Mr Briggs!

Vets hard at work …

Oooops, slippery this cyclo-cross lark …

Brief Result

1. Steve Lampier Sigma Sport/Specialized
2. Mark Cotton Byckasport
3. George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers
4. Graham Briggs Rapha Condor Sharp

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