News: GB Para-Cycling Training Camp

Eamonn Deane reports on the pre-Worlds training camp for the GB Para-cycling team 

Glory in sport always comes at a price and that price, especially in cycling, equates to hard work. Any team of individuals that might dream of medals and podiums must be prepared to pay the price. The Great Britain Para-Cycling squad turned up at the Newport Velodrome, ready to settle the bill on their way to the World Championships.

The fourteen rider team selected for the track championships in Los Angeles in February put in a full shift every day of the four day camp. High intensity intervals, standing starts, flying 200s were punctuated by much needed recovery intervals.

Performance analysis and blood lactate testing provided immediate feedback to the coaches.  When they were not on the track they were on the road, 2 hour rides, sometimes on TT bikes doing efforts “down on the ski’s!” Evenings were spent relaxing, some food, maybe a massage, listen to a CD, always with the feet up.

Another 4 days await the squad next week but there will be no weekend off, weights, road work and more track beckon. All will have left their sweat on the ground. Hunger, Desire, Application, to hurt & to hurt again, may allow the best to dream of glory; after all they have paid for it. Beyond Los Angeles, the London Paralympic games are calling, distraction is just a photo-call away, focus is key!

The World Para-Cycling Track Championships will be held at the Home Depot Centre Velodrome from 9-12 February. The Home Depot Centre Velodrome, a national training centre for USA Cycling, is the only permanent indoor track of international standard in North America. The 250 meter track with inclines of 45 degrees at both ends has 2450 seats.

Jon-Allan Butterworth (C5) – Kilo, Pursuit
Mark Colbourne (C1) – Kilo, Pursuit
Jody Cundy (C4) – Kilo, Pursuit
Neil Fachie (B/Vi), piloted by Barney Storey – Kilo, Sprint
Anthony Kappes (B/Vi), piloted by Craig McLean – Kilo, Sprint
Darren Kenny (C3) – Kilo, Pursuit
Aileen McGlynn (B/Vi), piloted by Helen Scott – Kilo, Pursuit, Sprint
Shaun McKeown (C3) – Kilo, Pursuit
Sarah Storey (C5) – 500TT, Pursuit
Lora Turnham (B/Vi), piloted by Fiona Duncan – Kilo, Pursuit

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