Results & Photos: SERRL Winter Series Event 6

In Gear/TrainSharp’s Connal Yates wins the main race at the Kent CycloPark in the SERRL Winter Series

Well known SE photographer Dave Haywards says of the day in Kent, “bit of a merky start to Sundays Winter series race, cold and foggy. Still a good turnout for the time of year and Connal Yates put his time trial skills to good use half way through the race, distancing himself from the other E/1/2 riders.  Connal said afterwards “It was the first time for me at the Cyclo Park and it was a bit slippery in the corners but that’s down to the weather. I’ve been riding at Hillingdon a lot recently, so this was a nice change”.

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1. Connal Yates In Gear Quick Fit
2. David Murrell London Phoenix CC
3. Jason Edwards GB MSTina
4. Stoyk Bussarov Wyndy Milla
5. Ashley Holding GB MSTina
6. Malcolm Davies Aprire RT
7. Chris Dick London Phoenix
8. Keith Walker Wigmore CC
9. Marco Coppola Gemini BC
10. Cosmo Kedros Wyndy Milla
11. James Wallace London Pheonix

1. Matt Barlow Essex Roads CC
2. Sam Bradford VC Elan
4. Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
5. Nick White East London Velo
6. Ryan Visser Redhill cc
7. Patrick Hawkins Dulwich Paragon
8. Jez McCann VC Elan
9. Michael Williams Dulwich Paragon CC
10. Jack Finch PMRacing
11. Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon CC
12. Gavin Wendon N/A
13. Neil McCann VC Elan
14. Josh Parkin Forme Impsport
15. Andrew Macey Ashford Wheelers
16. jason guibarra medway velo
17. Simon Collins Dulwich Paragon
18. Phil Dempsey Aprire RT
19. alec dow dulwich paragon cc
20. Huck Garip
21. Liam Yates In Gear Quick Fit
22. Sarah Brook Mule Bar Girls
23. Richard Lewey Crystal Palace Triathletes
24. Ian Creasy Wigmore CC
25. Andy Dumbleton Private

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