Results: Central Sussex Cycling Club Time Trial (Feb 25)

Pete Tadros of InGear/TrainSharp was fastest on February 25 in the Central Sussex Cycling Club Time Trial

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1. Pete Tadros In Gear Quickvit/Trainsharp 34m 36s

2. Steve Berry Team Swift 34m 50s
3. Roger Smith South Downs Bikes 36m 39s
4. Niall Digby La Fuga-Sigma Sport 36m 46s

Fastest Lady: Emma Craddock, South Downs Bikes 41m 27s
Fastest Vet on Standard: Dave Shepherd GS Stella +6m 41s
2. Shay Giles, VC Elan +6m 05s
3. Geoff Smith, Eastbourne Rovers +5m 34s
4. Christian Yates, East Grinstead CC +5m 02s
5. Mel Roberton, Worthing Excelsior +4m 57s

Team: South Downs Bikes (Roger Smith, Marc Clothier, Gary Brind) 1hr 52m 05s £12


A thank you from the organiser Geoff Ericson to all those who entered and to those whose help made it all possible;
Time keepers
Su Balcombe, Brighton Excelsior CC
Mick Kilby, Lewes Wanderers

Tom Lainsbury, Arthur Thorpe, Adrian Jones, Roy Siggs Steve Cockram, Rod Laker, John Gallsworthy. Also Brian Hone in the “lead car”.
At the Start: Dave Dallimore
At the Finish: Thanks to Dave Dallimore for conveying finish times.
At the Hall: Barbara Atkins signing on, Jo Atkins Result Board.
Dorothy Ericson, Chris Vaughan, Naomi Robinson and anyone else helping, making and serving tea and cakes, and washing up.
Preparation of Start and Result sheets: Rex Wells
Special Thanks to those Club Members donating toward the cost of the event.

Congratulations to all prizewinners.

1. Peter Tadros In Gear Quickvit/Trainsharp V 00:34:36
2. Steve Berry Team Swift V 00:34:50
3. Roger Smith South Downs Bikes 00:36:39
4. Niall Digby La Fuga-Sigma Sport V 00:36:46
5. Marc Clothier South Downs Bikes 00:37:02
6. David Shepherd GS Stella V 00:37:27
7. Steve Kane Brighton Excelsior 00:37:54
8. Gary Brind South Downs Bikes 00:38:24
9. Christian Yates East Grinstead CC V 00:38:52
10. Chris Twine Worthing Excelsior 00:38:55
11. Ishmael Burdeau G.S. Gazzetta V 00:38:58
12. Stephen Morgan Tooting BC V 00:39:09
13. Paul Thatcher Brighton Mitre V 00:39:11
14. Phillip Allen Brighton Mitre 00:39:18
15. Peter Moon Eastbourne Rovers V 00:39:38
16. Geoff Smith Eastbourne Rovers V 00:39:52
17. Sholto Haggart Lewes Wanderers 00:40:09
18. Mark Bernhardt Worthing Excelsior V 00:40:11
19. Shay Giles VC Elan Harry Perry Cycles V 00:40:13
20. Jon Fry Horsham Cycling V 00:40:30
21. Mel Roberton Worthing Excelsior V 00:40:58
22. Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes W 00:41:27
23. James Ryan Lewes Wanderers 00:41:41
24. Jay Chisnall Brighton Mitre V 00:41:42
25. Stuart Jago Worthing Excelsior V 00:43:00
26. Stuart Payne Central Sussex CC V 00:43:02
27. Keith Carter Horsham Cycling 00:43:07
28. Stuart Papworth Horsham Cycling V 00:43:29
29. James Horan South Downs Bikes V 00:43:37
30. Bryn Reeves Horsham Cycling V 00:44:46
31. Alan Robinson Central Sussex CC V 00:45:03
32. David Eccles Redmon CC V 00:47:19
33. Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre V 00:47:38
34. Don Awcock Central Sussex CC V 00:48:57
35. Simon Yates Lewes Wanderers V 00:50:06
36. Abby Allen Brighton Mitre W 00:50:43
37. Richard Hoskin Redmon CC V 00:58:12


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