Report: Antelope RT Two Up 10 Mile Time Trial

Harry Bulstrode and Andy Bryson combine to win the event celebrating Glenn Longland’s 40 years of racing on Sunday, 4 March 2012

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Glenn Longland and John Woodburn, two long time legends in the sport in Britain

Eamonn Deane writes … “We didn’t get where we are by not racing in the rain” said Glen Longland at the prize presentation. It was a gentle dig at the few non-starters for the deluged Antelope RT 10. To be fair, to those that did not trouble the timekeeper, it was an awful morning and one perhaps better spent on the turbo trainer.

Longland was celebrating 40 years of racing with a double promotion on the P140, Romsey- Brook course in Hampshire, scene of his first Open event back in 1971. Saturday’s solo “10” had enjoyed fine weather, with Harry Bulstrode (Contre la Montre) setting a new course record with 21.38. Sunday’s two-up 10 was a not so lucky; the forecast was for heavy rain and heavy rain it was.

Bulstrode made it a weekend double riding with teammate Andy Bryson. The pair were some 19 seconds slower than Bulstrode’s time of the previous day. “It was quite frightening, I couldn’t see, I had this silly visor on and it got steamed up” commented Bulstrode.

Reminiscing about the early years, Longland said “I rode my first event on this course; it was the other way round though with a dead turn. We never had HQs, it was just a lay-by. We just put a table up, some calor gas and made a cup of tea!”

“There were more races back then, regular ones, where you could do a time trial and a road race on the same weekend. It’s just about having a go. No one has a go at road racing any more. I rode my 24 inch front wheel yesterday just to celebrate! Longland has won the BBAR and more than a few National Titles as well as being a successful road racer. He rode the old Eastern Block Peace Race three times. What gives him the most satisfaction? “The 12 hours; it was my favourite event, I enjoyed it and then it was the Peace Race”.

Glenn rode the two up with another old champion, John Woodburn (VC Meudon) recording 24.58. Had he enjoyed it? “Yes, John apologised for not coming through! He said to me, do you think you will still be racing at my age, 75, I said yes, if I am alive, John.”

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Provisional Result
1. Harry Bulstrode-Andy Bryson Contre La Montre 21.57
2. Chris Birch-Rowan Horner East Street Cycles-V.C.St. Raphael 22.17
3. George Crammond-Tristan Grigalis Southampton Uni R.C. 23.09
4. Andy Rivett-Adam D`Arcy-Wykes V.C.St. Raphael 23.31
5. Gary Allan-John Sibley G.A.Cycles-Contre La Montre 23.38
6. Ollie Emmans-Steve Wood Antelope Racing Team 24.05
7. Alex Clayton-Richard Abraham Southampton Uni R.C.-Durham Uni C.C. 24.20
8. Glenn Longland-John Woodburn Antelope Racing Team-V.C.Meudon 24.58
9. Duncan O`Reilly-Nick Druce Didcot Phoenix C.C. 25.09
10. Jerry Bromyard-Andrew Phipps RNRMCA 25.14
11. Alistair Asher-Jamie Asher Contre La Montre 25.58
12. Colin Yeates-John Dudley Sotonia C.C. 26.02
13. Will Mepham-Andrew Crocker Team Tor 2000 27.17
14. Oliver Hitchings-Sam Harper Peter Hansford Racing 27.19
15. Richard Burch-Jonathan Legg Sotonia C.C. 27.40
16. Linda Connor-Darryl Marcus-Hanks Southampton Tri-Club 30.50
17. Richard Tarrett-Peter Rattue Antelope Racing Team 31.05
18. Peter Pratt-Willy Hill G.S.Europa 31.21
19. Barrington Day-Alan Davy Fareham Wheelers 33.12
20. Bob Jolliffee-Roger Bacon New Forest C.C. 33.34

Matt Parton Antelope Racing Team
Simon Barnes G.A. Cycles 22.51


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