Report/Results: March Hare Circuit Races (Redbridge)

The High Wycombe Race Team report on a good day at Redbridge for them as Karla Boddy wins the Women’s race and Stephen Adams wins for Cycle Premier in the Elite event at Hog Hill in NE London

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Organiser Leslie Everest says there were huge fields. “It was a great days racing with 242 riders competing over seven events, if we include the girls as separate races. A field of 33 women competed in their race, 87 men in the 3/4 and 47 in the E/1/2.”

This is the report from the High Wycombe Race Team report.

3/4 Race and Women’s Race
The order for sun at Hog Hill arrived in time for both the women’s race and the men’s 3/4 race which were run concurrently. The men had a very full field and there were circa 35 ladies ready to kick off the 2012 season in their race.

Strong sprint from Karla sees her winning the Women’s race at Redbridge.

WyndyMilla were first out the blocks fielding a strong team but it didn’t take long for the LookMumNoHandsRT to take control with the usual suspects pushing on the pace. With fresh legs all round, the fast pace set by the front riders didn’t amount to much and the first 15 minutes went by with no dramas apart from a tumble mid pack on the climb.

Soon after this Team Zappi took control on the climb and injected a fearsome, yet consistent pace up it that began to shell riders out the back. Unfortunately one of these riders was newbie Aimee Wright who was experiencing her first British Cycling Criterium race.

Before long a group of seven had got a decent gap including HWCC RT member Karla Boddy. Clare Weaver of team Zappi was looking particularly strong and no doubt if her team mate didn’t have a technical they would have had two riders right up there. The last lap saw the pace drop as the seven riders lined up across the track for the final gallop.

With about 150 to go Karla led the sprint from the front and just managed to hold off LMNH rider, Lydia Boylan, for the win. And Aimee had successfully finished her first race for the club!

A stark contrast from last year when Karla completed the March Hare, her 2nd ever race, where she got dropped within a couple of laps!

Meanwhile Creighton Varney, who is on the quest for the points to get to a 3rd cat license, had an interesting race; the pace the riders took the Hoggenburg at was vicious and his race was blown apart early on; this didn’t stop Creighton making the most of the fantastic racing conditions and he cracked on for the remainder of the race with a few other riders.

E/1/2/3 Race
Adam Brittain along with a few others, including Corley Cycle’s Mike Smith, took the race by the scruff of the neck and tried to break early on. At one point it looked like the break might stick but it soon came to nothing. Immediately after that break failed, another one went and over the next 2-3 laps they began gaining more and more time.

Adam Brittain from High Wycombe CC with Corley’s Mike Smith.

Despite Adam trying to break again, or join others in a break, the feisty peloton was letting no one else out their sights and every attack was covered or drawn back over a lap or so.

With five away, it was destined for a big bunch sprint and although Adam has strength in climbing he hasn’t yet built a strength for sprinting; Adam found himself fighting strong on the front or near the front for the majority of the race and worked well with other riders to bring down the gap but unfortunately had to settle for a bunch finish. Speaking with Adam after he mentioned he felt strong in the race and much better than he has in recent weeks!



1. Stephen Adams, Cycle Premier
2. Harry Franklin, Hargroves Cycles
3. Dan Smith, Velocity RT
4. Jamie Cawdwell, Cycle Premier
5. Felix Barker, Cambridge CC
6. James Jackson, Twenty3C-Orbea
7. Germain Burton, De Ver Cycles
8. Edward McParland, Team GT
9. Christian Woolf, Kinglscliffe Flyers
10. Mike Smith, Corley Cycles
11. Adam French, East London Velo
12. Owen Lake, Cambridge CC
13. Josh Green, Glendene CC
14. David Palmer, Spin Rotor
15 Sean Kilroy Glade CC

Category 3/4

1 Ben Lamb Willier Live 2 Ride
2 Edward Parnell Cambridge CC
3 Josuha Lawless Private
4 Luke Hattersley St Ives CC
5 Jack Finch P M Racing
6 Paul Ratcliff Victoria CC
7 Colin Bailey North Road CC
8 Tom Stephenson Colchester Rovers
9 Seb Dickson Thanet RC
10 Colin Ward Essex Roads CC


1 Karla Boddy HWCC RT
2 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands
3 Clare Leaver Team Zazppi’s
4 Laura Massey Inverse/cyclaim
5 Astrid Winger London Phoenix
6 Tanya Hunt Wyndymilla UK Youth
7 Emily Bagnau Wyndymilla UK Youth
8 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands
9 Helen Ralston Peason CC
10 Sian Findlay Team Zappi’s


Category A

1 James Tapley Cambridge Tri
2 Louis Modell East London Velo
3 Tom Yiangou Chelmer CC
4 Luke Morgan Welwyn Wheelers
5 Max Stedman Palmer Park Velo
6 Cameron Woolsey CC Ashwell
7 Archie Wishart Welwyn Wheelers
8 Louis Magnani Prestige VC
9 George Jary VC Londra
10 Ryan O’Shea JCAYA

1 Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers
2 Abbie Dentus Welwyn Wheelers
3 Bryony Board LVYCC

Category B

1 Dan Tullett Hargroves CC
2 Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers
3 Thomas Finch UCL
4 Jack Plumley Welwyn Wheelers
5 Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee
6 Tim Torrie Private
7 Cameron Gutteridge LVYCC
8 Mitch Powell Chelmer CC

1 Rachel Jary VCL
2 Emma Pitt PPV
3 Harriet Mellor Slipstreamers

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