News: Matt Bottrill makes marginal gains!

Matthew Bottrill ( was again in winning form riding to victory in the VTTA North 25mile time trial, held at Crathorne in Middlesbrough.

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A 300 mile round trip was in order for this race. Bottrill explained why. “Today’s race is the course to be used for this years 25 mile championship (the blue ribbon event in time trailing in the UK) so I went to test some bits of equipment out and get a feel for the course – lets just say I’ve made some marginal gains!”

Windswept conditions would see riders going minutes back on there course personal best. Bottrill was just 53 seconds off the course record, held by Olympic and World champion Chris Newton and won the event by 4 mins 46sec’s from Ian Knights (V.C Briganti). But come the National championships and better weather, a 49 minute ride is a very possible time was Matt’s prediction.

Matt was very pleased with his bike for the race as he explains. “Conditions for today’s event were really windy with high gust of cross winds, and the Smart Enve 8.9 came into play big time today. Bottrill explains “Today I did the outward leg for 12.5miles at 34mph, but the return was a totally different story, the wind was unreal, with high gust, and I could not get over the control in the front wheel. I was passing riders that where getting blown sideways, but the 8.9 just stood its ground!”

“A day like today you would not have used an 80mm front wheel, you would opted for a 50-60mm. But I’m telling you the wheels are that well designed its like having a 50mm with the aerodynamics and speed of a 80mm”

Add that to the position on the Giant Trinity SL also designed by Simon Smart and you have a winning combination. The final bit of testing for today’s race the smart aero mark 3 skinsuit, which has even a better fit and and improved chamois that last year suit. A lot of time has gone in to windtunnel time and rider testing. Making them more comfortable and helping save a few more watts. Riders are going to be well impressed with the improvements! Contact for more information.

1st Matthew Bottrill 51.41
2nd I Knights, Vc Briganti 56.27
3rd A Fuller G.S Metro 57.23
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