Results: Mariposa Merchant Bankers Series

Round 3 results and overall table held at the Redbridge Cycle Circuit (Hog Hill) in North East London

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes


“A” Category

1st Ian Watson Finchley RT
2nd David Farrow Eagle RC

“B” Category
1st Rob Windsor E.V.L.
2nd Andrew Bates Gemini BC
3rd Ed Headford R.A.F CC
4th Sean Kilroy Glade CC
5th David Watson Spirit RT
6th Savash Anibal Private Member
7th Peter Arden Victoria CC/Ciclos Uno
8th Reingr Singh San Fairy Ann CC

“C” Category
1st Russell Rowles Spirit RT
2nd Tony Couchman Glade CC
3rd Mick Bath A.P.I Metrow

“D” Category
1st Phil Bull V.C Elan
2nd Bob Downs Glendene CC
3rd Steve Barnsley G.S Vecchi
4th Dave Dickie Finchley RT

“E” Category
1st David Kerry Chelmer CC
2nd Bob Graves G.S. Avanti

“F” Category
1st Trevor Mills Ford CC
2nd Trevor Maddern Ciclos Uno

“G” Category
1st Mick Curtis Corridori RT

“H” Category
1st Norman Bright Kingsnorth Int

“ABCD” race, a group of 5 took off at the end of the first lap and lapped the field with Rob Windsor (E.L.V) taking the sprint from the other four riders, and the rest where left to sprint for 6th place. “EFGH” race, three riders stayed together till the end with Trevor Mills (Ford CC) taking the laurels, the rest went out the back.
— Knocker

Category A (40-44years)
1st Ian Watson Finchley RT 10
2nd Gary Birch V.C. Elan 4
3rd David Farrow Eagle RC
4th Steve Murrell E.V.L 3
5th Simon Bateson E.V.L 2

Category B (45-49years)
1st Martin Meades Ciclos Uno 8
2nd Sean Kilroy Glade CC 5
3rd Darren Cainey EVL 5
4th Robin Parker East Grinstead CC 5
5th Rob Winsor ELV 5
6th Andrew Bates Gemini BC 4
7th John Cooney L.V.R.C Pvt Mem 3
8th Ed Headford R.A.F CC 3
9th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno 2
10th Savish Anibal L.V.R.C Pvt Mem 1
11th David Watson Spirit RT 1

Category C (50-54years)
1st Mick Bath A.P.I 8
2nd Tony Couchman Glade CC 7
3rd Russell Rowles Spirit RT 5
4th Nick Faint Finchley RT 4
5th Graham Pearl Southend Whlrs 2
6th Andy Boyall North Road CC 1

Category D (55-59years)
1st Bob Downs Glendene CC 9
2nd Dave Dickie Finchley RT 5
2nd Phil Bull VC Elan 5
3rd Patrick Schils Velo Schils 4

Category D (55-59years)
1st Steve Barnsley G.S Vecchi 8
2nd Chris Edwards Gateway RT 4

Category E (60-64years)
1st Ralph Keeler Wheels in Wheels 5
2nd David Kerry Chelmer CC 5
3rd Bob Graves GS Avanty 4

Category F (65-69years)
1st Trevor Mills Ford CC 8
2nd Terry Devine Ciclos Uno 5
3rd Dave Smith G.S. Avanti 4
4th Trevor Maddern Ciclos Uno 4

Category G (70-74years)
1st Mick Curtis Corridori RT 10

Category H (75-80+years)
1st Norman Bright Kingsnorth Itn 5


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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