Results: Forest Town Track League

14th May — Track League continues to go from strength to strength with 24 senior riders split into a senior `A` and `B` groups.

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There was some fantastic racing from all categories considering the range of abilities and ages. The league intend to start some coaching evenings in June that will take place in the evening on a Thursday so watch out for these dates being published.

The league also has some excellent `freewheelers` racing so if anybody wants to attend and have a go they would be most welcome. Check out the Forest Town Track on Facebook.



3 Lap Scratch
1. Claudia Ash
2. Nathan Roome
3. Amelie Wayte
4. Lance Ash

3 Lap Handicap
1. Carter Howe
2. Nathan Roome
3. Claudia Ash
4. Anna Butcher

3 Lap Cat & Mouse
1. Piper Radford
2. Ben Walker
3. Claudia Ash
4. Nathan Roome

Youth Fixed

8 Lap Scratch
1. Ollie Peckover
2. Callum McBrearly
3. Elliot Dudley
4. Bailey Wilmot

Points Devil
1. Callum McBrearly 9pts
=2. Ollie Price 4pts
Scott Hookway 4pts
4. Ollie Peckover 3pts

20 Lap Scratch
1. Ollie Peckover
2. Elliot Dudley
3. Emma Price
4. Callum McBrearly


A & B 10 Lap Scratch
1. Harry Crew
2. James Shaw
3. Karl Baillie
4. Martin Smith

Points Devil ‘B’
1. Ian Clarke 8pts
2. Matt Waters 6pts
=3. Mark Minting 5 pts
Steven Wood 5pts

Points Devil ‘A’
1. Harry Crew 8pts
2. James Shaw 6pts
3. Guy Cook 4pts
=4. David Bolland/Karl Baillie/James Peckover

‘B’ 20 Lap Scratch
1. Matt Waters
2. Ian Clarke
3. Simon Hookway
4. Andrew Wilett

‘A’ 20 Lap Scratch
1. Will Perrett
2. James Shaw
3. Harry Crew
4. Martin Smith
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