Results: Final Overall for Youth Tour

Win for Gabriel Cullaigh of RST/Trigon Bikes in the Youth A Boys while Dutch girl Daphne Hommes wins the Youth A Girls.

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes


1st Gabriel Cullaigh RST Racing Team 03:54:26
2nd Charlie Tanfield VELO29 00:00:04
3rd Pavel Camrda Czech Republic 00:00:14
4th Fabio Close Velocity Race Team 00:00:17
5th Jacob Kelly Lichfield CCC 00:00:29
6th Joe Evans Velocity Race Team 00:00:31
7th Jack Escritt Fred Williams Racing Team 00:00:31
8th Jack King Langdale Lightweights RT 00:00:32
9th Jakub Honzik Czech Republic 00:00:33
10th Ben Chapman Team Corley Cycles 00:00:34
11th Matt Gibson BC North West Region 00:00:35
12th Christian Braybrooke Velocity Race Team 00:00:35
13th Levi Moody RST Racing Team 00:00:36
14th Max Stedman Palmer Park Velo RT 00:00:36
15th Leon Mazzone Royal London 360 IOM 00:00:36
16th Joel Kelly Mid Devon CC 00:00:36
17th John Didsbury BC North West Region 00:00:36
18th Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Team Wales 00:00:36
19th Joe Holt Team Wales 00:00:36
20th Harry Crew Derby Mercury RC 00:00:36
21st Fabian Brennan BC North West Region 00:00:36
22nd Karl Ballie Witham Wheelers Cycling Club 00:00:36
23rd Joey Walker RST Racing Team 00:00:43
24th James Shaw Heanor Clarion 00:01:06
25th Louis Modell East London Velo 00:01:09
26th Ethan Lee Solihull CC 00:01:27
27th Calum Anderton Kyklos/Edco RT 00:01:40
28th Hamish Carrick Edinburgh RC / MCRT 00:01:40
29th Michal Kohout Czech Republic 00:01:41
30th Ryan Phillips Wolverhampton Wheelers 00:02:12
31st Thomas Baylis Mid Devon CC 00:02:13
32nd Joseph Wiltshire Team Wales 00:02:17
33rd Matthew Davies Royal London 360 IOM 00:03:07
34th Jack Ravenscroft Solihull CC 00:04:13
35th Ellis Kirkbride BC North West Region 00:04:33
36th Stuart Balfour Edinburgh RC / MCRT 00:04:39
37th Struan McInnes RST Racing Team 00:05:39
38th Sean Noon Edinburgh RC / MCRT 00:05:48
39th Pavel Gruber Czech Republic 00:05:49
40th Jamie Dudley Royal London 360 IOM 00:05:54
41st Ollie Maxwell Velo Club Rutland 00:06:04
42nd Dominik Skalos Czech Republic 00:06:09
43rd Nicholas Jones TRCC 00:07:18
44th Joe Donohue Fareham Wheelers 00:07:34
45th Louis Magnani Prestige Velo 00:07:48
46th Matthew Bostock Royal London 360 IOM 00:07:56
47th Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle 00:08:21
48th Oscar Williamson Mossley CRT 00:08:47
49th Harrison Fielding Poole Wheelers CC 00:08:58
50th Sean McGovern BC North West Region 00:09:21
51st Alex Braybrooke Velocity Race Team 00:10:06
52nd Ryan McGillick Mossley CRT 00:11:15
53rd Jake Coward Chippenham & District Wheelers 00:12:24
54th Robert Richardson BC North West Region 00:12:28
55th Thomas Saunders I-team CC 00:12:46
56th Mitchell Cross Tamesidecyclesports/Base2race 00:13:04
57th Zinzan Heap Team Milton Keynes 00:13:24
58th Rhys Donnelly Edinburgh RC / MCRT 00:13:24
59th Gwyn Lovibond Team Wales 00:15:03
60th James Trott One & All Cycling Bikechain Ricci 00:17:17
61st James Ellmore Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:17:37
62nd Ben Forsyth Edinburgh RC / MCRT 00:18:08
63rd Ricky Parsons One & All Cycling Bikechain Ricci 00:21:09
64th Jacob Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:25:02
65th Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:34:07
66th Stan Thompson One & All Cycling Bikechain Ricci 00:34:37

1st Daphne Hommes WRV De Peddelaars 03:06:36
2nd Melissa Lowther Aire Valley Race Team 00:00:57
3rd Lucy Shaw Solihull CC 00:01:06
4th Paulien Koster WRV De Peddelaars 00:01:06
5th Emily Nelson Team Wales 00:01:14
6th Abigail Dentus Welwyn Wheelers 00:01:16
7th Sophie Faulkner Solihull CC 00:01:20
8th Paige Milward Lyme Racing Club 00:01:21
9th Emily Haycox Team Wales 00:01:21
10th Esmee Oosterman WRV De Peddelaars 00:01:22
11th Kimberley English Welwyn Wheelers 00:01:22
12th Bethany Hayward Welwyn Wheelers 00:01:23
13th Megan Barker Team Wales 00:01:24
14th Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team Trigon 00:01:25
15th Elizabeth Holden Royal London 360 Isle of Man 00:01:25
16th Ffion James Team Wales 00:01:25
17th Bethany Taylor BCDS 00:01:25
18th Jessica Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC 00:01:25
19th Lauren O’Brien RST Racing Team Trigon 00:01:25
20th Denisa Bartizalova Czech Republic 00:01:30
21st Amy Gornall Cycle Sport Pendle 00:01:30
22nd Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers 00:01:30
23rd Kyra Lamberink WRV De Peddelaars 00:01:30
24th Rebecca Gray Lyme Racing Club 00:03:47
25th Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelerd 00:04:13
26th Manon Lloyd Towy Riders 00:04:30
27th Grace Garner RST Racing Team Trigon 00:04:33
28th Laura Cheesman Prestige Velo Club 00:04:59
29th Lotte Koehorst WRV De Peddelaars 00:05:24
30th Sian Botteley Bourne Wheelers 00:05:41
31st Martha Gill Bolton Hot Wheels 00:06:12
32nd Natalie Clements Solihull CC 00:06:33
33rd Isabelle Clarke Lichfield CCC 00:06:33
34th Anna Marie Hughes Prestige Velo Club 00:06:42
35th Molly Maunders Cardiff JIF 00:08:32
36th Marleen Stoel WRV De Peddelaars 00:08:38
37th Naomi Johnston Clifton CC 00:08:40
38th Flora Gillies Peebles CC 00:10:35
39th Hester Stembridge 00:10:47
40th Megan Lewis Palmer Park Velo 00:23:49
41st Sophie Black Royal London 360 Isle of Man 00:26:50
42nd Jessie Ansell Wolverhampton Wheelers 01:02:51
1st Daniel Tulett Hargroves Cycles, Trant , Spec 03:03:23
2nd Peter Kibble Cycology Bikes 00:00:24
3rd Dion Mc Carthy Fermoy CC 00:01:41
4th Matthew Draper Royal London 360 IOM 00:02:11
5th Reece Wood Aire Valley RT 00:02:16
6th David Barnes Condor Cycles 00:02:20
7th Tomos Owens Brooks Cycles 00:02:22
8th Jake Dobson Newcastle Phoenix 00:02:22
9th Matthias Barnet Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:02:23
10th Jake Beach Aire Valley RT 00:02:23
11th Jonathan Wong Salt Ayre Cog Set 00:02:23
12th Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:02:23
13th Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:02:23
14th Brett Nethell Maindy Flyers 00:02:23
15th Harry Yates Lichfield CCC 00:02:23
16th Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee 00:02:23
17th Thomas Mein MTS Cyclesport/Inkland/Elvet 00:02:23
18th Thomas Humphrey Eastlands Velo 00:02:23
19th Adam Hartley Velocity Racing Team 00:02:23
20th Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle 00:02:33
21st Oliver Peckover Nottignham Clarion 00:02:46
22nd Marcus Burnett Team Milton Keynes 00:04:36
23rd Owen Dudley Royal London 360 IOM 00:05:33
24th Theo Hartley Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:05:38
25th Matthew Walls Velocity Racing Team 00:05:46
26th Joshua Waters Mercia Cycling Club 00:05:48
27th Louis Rose-Davies Hillingdon Slipstreamers 00:05:56
28th Jake Stewart Solihull Cycling Club 00:06:08
29th Tom Clarke Red Rose Olympic 00:06:08
30th Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set 00:06:16
31st Charles Page Hillingdon Slipstreamers 00:06:21
32nd Harry Hardcastle Kirklees Cycling Academy 00:07:12
33rd Joseph Armstrong Border City Wheelers 00:07:17
34th Archie Stewart Mossley CRT 00:07:40
35th Mostyn Taylor Crockett Cycling Club Hackney 00:07:51
36th Reece Player Mossley CRT 00:07:57
37th Jonti Heap Team Milton Keynes 00:08:27
38th Calum Shackley Glasgow Riderz 00:09:08
39th Harry French Cycle Sport Pendle 00:09:38
40th Calum Fernie Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:09:46
41st Joseph Linehan Palmer Park Velo RT 00:10:14
42nd Tom Pidcock Aire Valley RT 00:11:40
43rd Tim James Bourne Wheelers 00:11:48
44th Grant Martin Discovery Junior Cycling Club 00:12:05
45th Charlie Cox Lichfield CCC 00:12:32
46th Elliot Dudley Sherwood Pines Cycles – Coop M 00:12:38
47th Bailey Wilmot Derby Mercury 00:13:46
48th Conor Davies Royal London 360 IOM 00:14:07
49th Ned O’Regan Cycling Club Hackney 00:14:11
50th Tyla Loftus Beacon Wheelers 00:14:12
51st Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle 00:14:17
52nd Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC 00:14:38
53rd Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers 00:15:33
54th Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers 00:15:51
55th Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:16:48
56th John MacLeod Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:17:52
57th Martin Whyatt Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:21:47
58th Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles – Coop M 00:23:00
59th Danny Mulholland Johnstone Jets 00:23:07
60th Ozzie Chmiel Nottingham Clarion 00:24:29
61st Daniel Scarffe Royal London 360 IOM 00:26:23
62nd Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:31:59
1st Charlotte Broughton Leicestershire Road Club 03:07:14
2nd Eleanor Dickinson Beacon Wheelers 00:00:16
3rd Jessica Roberts Towy Riders 00:00:18
4th Henrietta Colborne Beacon Wheelers 00:03:33
5th Bethany Maunders Cardiff JIF 00:04:39
6th Emily Birchall Fermoy CC 00:06:01
7th Sophie Capewell Licfield CCC 00:06:58
8th Lauren Murphy Team Milton Keynes 00:08:11
9th Eleanor Davies Royal London 360 IOM 00:11:18
10th Rosa Martin BYCA 00:16:21
11th Charlotte Cole-Hossain Velo Club Londres 00:16:38
12th Hannah Banks East Bradford CC 00:25:13
13th Eleanor Strathdee Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:35:27
14th Tanwen Jones Towy Riders 00:36:52
15th Caitlin Shaw Maindy Flyers 00:46:16
1st Alistair Leivers BYCA 01:37:56
2nd Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle 00:00:28
3rd William Draper Royal London 360 IOM 00:00:32
4th Lewis Askey Lichfield CCC 00:00:37
5th Luke Cheetham Eastlands Velo 00:00:38
6th Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:00:44
7th Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers 00:00:45
8th Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles, Trant , Spec 00:00:45
9th Megan James Abergavenny RC 00:00:48
10th Toby Tanfield Velo 29 00:00:48
11th Halley Woods Eastlands Velo 00:00:50
12th Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo 00:00:50
13th Alex Ridehalgh Airedale Chemical RT 00:00:54
14th Owain Roberts Towy Riders 00:00:54
15th Daniel Gibson Liverpool Century 00:00:56
16th Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle 00:01:00
17th Aaron Preston Cleveland Wheelers 00:01:09
18th Theo Modell East London Velo 00:01:18
19th Thomas Bostock Royal London 360 IOM 00:02:22
20th James Swadling Nottingham Clarion 00:02:23
21st Ollie Snodden Sherwood Pines Co-Op Motors 00:02:23
22nd Dexter Sparrow BYCA 00:02:25
23rd Jack Barlow Cycle Sport Pendle 00:02:25
24th Maximus Walker Royal London 360 IOM 00:02:25
25th Ellie Park Glasgow Riderz 00:02:25
26th Twm Bryn Clwb Beicio Dwyfor Cycling Clu 00:02:25
27th Harrison Knight Solihull CC 00:02:25
28th Solomon Kerfoot-Robson Rhos on Sea CC 00:02:28
29th James Alexander Solihull CC 00:02:31
30th Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:02:31
31st Mason Hollyman KCA 00:02:31
32nd Ben Docherty Glasgow Riderz 00:02:37
33rd Jacob Knight Solihull CC 00:02:39
34th Matthew Ellis Spalding CC 00:02:42
35th Tristan Pilling Middleton CC 00:02:57
36th Euan Cameron East Bradford C. C. 00:03:07
37th Anna Armstrong Border City Wheelers 00:03:35
38th Tom Dussek Planet X 00:03:46
39th Kieran Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:04:14
40th Tosh Teare Royal London 360 IOM 00:04:14
41st Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:04:18
42nd Bethany Lewis Palmer Park Velo RT 00:04:52
43rd Adam Scarffe Royal London 360 IOM 00:05:04
44th Joe Wilson Stockton Wheelers 00:05:31
45th Joe Phillips Wolverhampton Wheelers 00:05:47
46th Elena Shaw Maindy Flyers YCC 00:06:00
47th Jack McCarthy Fermoy CC 00:06:58
48th Daniel Cooper Lichfield CCC 00:07:37
49th Anna Linehan Palmer Park Velo RT 00:07:48
50th William Staite Lichfield CCC 00:08:06
51st Andy Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) cc 00:08:07
52nd Tim Elsmore Matlock CC 00:09:44
53rd Alfie Payne Cycle Sport Pendle 00:11:20
54th Emily Bridson Royal London 360 IOM 00:12:20
55th Elena Smith Matlock CC 00:16:29
56th Laura Birchall Fermoy CC 00:17:17
57th Robert Fernie Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:17:26
58th Chloe Crellin Royal London 360 IOM 00:19:12
59th Eve Martin BYCA 00:19:30
60th Ethan Wilmot Derby Mercury 00:21:01
61st Artie O’Regan Cycling Club Hackney 00:22:45
62nd Anna Shackley Glasgow Riderz 00:24:09
63rd Emma Forsyth Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:24:25
64th Eva Barnet Edinburgh RC/Martin Currie RT 00:24:38


1st Eoin Birchall Fermoy CC 00:51:16
2nd Matthew Egglestone Beacon Wheelers 00:00:18
3rd Aaron Freeman Chelmer CC 00:00:25
4th Charlie Gibson Royal London 360 IOM 00:00:53
5th Adam Phillips Wolverhampton Wheelers 00:01:01
6th Joe Nethell Maindy Flyers 00:01:09
7th Oscar Cowley-Andrea Hillingdon Slipstreamers 00:01:11
8th Tyler Koch Bolton Hot Wheels CC. 00:01:13
9th Connor Smith Lichfield CCC 00:01:16
10th Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:01:23
11th Percy Hampton Royal London 360 IOM 00:01:27
12th Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC 00:01:47
13th Ryan Phillips Maindy Flyers 00:01:48
14th Henry Hollyman KCA 00:02:31
15th Dyfan Roberts Towy Riders 00:02:31
16th Joe Pidcock Aire Valley Cycles 00:03:05
17th Ava may Oxley szilaggi Wakefield junior tri club 00:03:14
18th William Davies Welwyn Wheelers 00:03:33
19th Charlie Moss (F) Royal London 360 IOM 00:05:15
20th Adam Fortune Kirklees Cycling Academy 00:05:38
21st Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC 00:06:06
22nd Matthew Wearing RVJ 00:07:10
23rd Matthew Black Royal London 360 IOM 00:07:26
24th Olivia Braybrooke Eastlands Velo 00:08:23
25th Stani Chmiel Nottingham Clarion 00:08:33
26th Libby Smith Matlock CC 00:08:39
27th Darcy Cain Royal London 360 IOM 00:10:36
28th Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set 00:10:46
29th Erin Staite Lichfield CCC 00:12:46

1st Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing 00:52:16
2nd Ben Askey Lichfield CCC 00:02:24
3rd Thomas Davies Welwyn Wheelers 00:04:30
4th Zachary Walker Royal London 360 IOM 00:04:39
5th James Higham H.Middleton Cycling Club 00:04:46
6th Tyler Lloyd H.Middleton Cycling Club 00:09:43
7th Ben Parr Solihull CC 00:10:32
8th Nathan Fortune Kirklees Cycling Academy 00:11:00
9th Garan Jones Towy Riders 00:13:35
10th Heledd Hunt Towy Riders 00:13:47
11th Awen Roberts Towy Riders 00:14:49
12th Tilly Barlow Cycle Sport Pendle 00:19:17
13th Sam Kendall Liverpool Century 00:19:23


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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