Result: Holme Valley Wheelers Open 10

World Champ Laura Trott 3rd in Holme Valley Wheelers Open 10. Alastair Wareham wins in race on June 9 (V915 course)

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1st fastest any Cat Alastair Wareham Team Swift 22.12 £30.00
2nd fastest any Cat Blair Buss Pedalsport CC 24.00

One rider one prize Blair’s position transferred to 1st V40+ category
2nd fastest any Cat Andrew Pearson Huddersfield Star Whls 24.41 £20.00

1st Lady Laura Trott Matrix Fitness-Prendas 24.34 £30.00

1st V40+ Vet

40 less than 50: Blair Buss Pedalsport CC 24.00 £20.00

1st V50+ Vet age: over 50 Laurie Holmes Team Swift 25.24 £20.00

1st MM – rider whose entry time is more than 22 minutes – Martin Gargett Halifax Imperial Whls 25.39 10.00

Thank you to all the riders, who braved the wind and rain, conditions where extremely difficult on the day. However Laura showed that she can do more than go round a velodrome by setting a new ladies course record of 24.34

I was sure the men’s record was safe, but Alastair must be able to improve from current record of 21.56 on a reasonable day.



1 Alastair Wareham Team Swift S 22.12
2 Blair Buss Pedalsport CC V40+ 24.00
3 Laura Trott Matrix Fitness-Prendas L 24.34
4 Andrew Pearson Huddersfield Star Wheelers S 24.41
5 Gareth Owen Team Swift S 24.54
6 Laurie Holmes Team Swift V50+ 25.24
7 Steven Roe Team Swift V40+ 25.36
8 Martin Gargett Halifax Imperial Wheelers S MM 25.39
9 James Grainer Wakefield CC V40+ 26.01
10 Jason Fossey Huddersfield Star Wheelers S 26.12
11 Rob Hatfield Ravensthorpe CC V40+ MM 26.58
12 Robert Barnard Team Cystic Fibrosis V40+ 27.17
13 John Hick Holme Valley Wheelers V40+ 27.22
14 Rachael Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers L 28.23
15 Gordon Moss Holme Valley Wheelers V50+ 29.10
16 Stan Mills Yorkshire Road Club V50+ MM 30.02
17 Steven Hollowood Kiverton Park CC V50+ 31.23 inc 6 mins late start
18 David Wright Cheshire Roads Club V50+ MM 31.52 inc 3 mins late start
19 Martin Whiteley Holme Valley Wheelers V50+ MM 32.34
20 Chris Gargett Halifax Imperial Wheelers S MM 36.32
21 Carl Saint Yorkshire Road Club V40+ DNF
22 Michael Youngson Yorkshire Road Club V40+ MM DNF
23 Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers L MM DNS Apols
24 Karen Taylor East Bradford CC L MM DNS Apols
25 Nigel Haigh Sportscover-Altura V40+ DNS Apols
26 Steve Roper Team Cystic Fibrosis V40+ DNS
27 David Fitzpatrick Drighlington BC V50+ MM DNS
28 Danni King Matrix Fitness-Prendas L DNS
29 Chris Myhill Peak Road Club V40+ DNS


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