Result: Mid Shropshire Wheelers LVRC Circuit Races

LVRC racing at Sundorne,Shrewsbury – Highlight of the morning’s racing was that it was run off in SUNSHINE!! Yes the sun shone and spectators were heard to complain of the heat.

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A/B/C Race
All attempts at breakaways were nullified in a race run at about 25 mph. Tim Jones of the promoting club managed to get away on the last corner and held on to the line.

A Category
1. Tim Jones, MSW
2. Aaron Caseley, Cycle Shack – Forme Coaching
3. Chris Horsfield, Brooks Cycles

B Category
1. Duff Fawcett, GB Fire Service
2. Simon Bills, GS Strada Afford Rent-a-Car

C Category
1. Mick Davies, Pedal Power – Loughborough CC

D/E/F/G Race
Five riders got away on lap two four D cats and comeback rider Joe Rowe, an E cat. They stayed away until the finish despite efforts by winner Ray Pugh and regular winner on the circuit Andy Jones trying to split the group.

Cat D
1. Ray Pugh, Liverpool Mercury
2. Andy Jones, Wolverhampton Whs
3. John Kriskinans, Wolverhampton Whs

Cat E
1. Joe Rowe, Bush Healthcare

Cat F
1. Hugh Cannings, Mammoth Cycles

Cat G
1. Dave Nicholas, MSW


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