Report: Hutchinson beats Dowsett to the 25 Title

Six times the winner of the National 25 Championship, Michael Hutchinson came back from defeat on the course to beat Alex Dowsett in the National 25 Championship on Saturday in Teeside by just seven seconds.

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It’s the blue ribbon time trial event in Britain and is a strange mix of low key village hall type atmosphere which agrees with me no end with a big dose of ambition from those wanting that title more than any other this year.

The course was a dual carriageway, the A19, which had quite a bit of traffic and after one of the women riders was hit and floored by a car suffering some broken vertebra in the process, the question of whether the title should be decided on such a road was again the topic of discussion around the starting area of the race. It was as one of the top riders said, a race to be champion and not setting records and so doesn’t have to be on such a busy road.

It was thankfully the only incident however on a day which promised a battle royal between the stars, and so it was that the battle was duly delivered. The early riders were met with some wind at their backs at the start and a few showers of rain and there was shock when the time of junior Ryan Mullen came in with a time of 48.48. The question of whether the course was running fast was answered there and then!

Five hours after the early starters had made their effort against the watch, the riders that were expected to be vying for the title turned up at the very pretty village of Crathorne where the start was. I found Alex Dowsett warming up near the bridge and listened to his dad tell me the trouble Alex had been through with his broken elbow.

A stint of over two weeks in hospital alone was sure to affect his ride. An infection had got into the elbow which had plates inserted into it to help mend the broken bones together and the concern at the time was not Alex’s cycling career but to make sure he didn’t lose his arm. It was that serious.

Thankfully, Alex did recover and a month after getting the all clear to be on his bike, a short stage race in Europe in his legs and some local tens, he had made the choice of doing the blue ribbon Time Trial event, the ‘25’. Hutchinson was sure to be many people’s favourite after five 25 titles already but Dowsett, and Bottrill, also had their fans. The latter has made no secret of his desire to win the race and the focus was etched into his face as he came to the line for his start.

After Bottrill had disappeared up the road, Dowsett lined up and made a comment about the dark clouds approaching. The Sky rider was sporting custom overshoes and very expensive tri bars, all part of the Sky ‘marginal gains’ ethos, and had a controlled start down the lane leading to the dual carriageway. Then, as expected, a few minutes after the final rider, Hutchinson, had left the start, the heavens opened and how. The A19 further down the road was flooded and blocked such was the amount of water that came out of the sky.

In torrential rain, the battle commenced between the hitters and the first twelve miles out to the turn was a cross/head wind. The only official time check en route told the story of the early skirmish with just five riders being within a minute of each other.

The times were sent in as riders finished so those back at the HQ could keep up with who was leading … quite exciting to be honest!

Dowsett was fastest with 24.20, Hutchinson five seconds slower and Bottrill 47 seconds slower. Things weren’t going great for Bottrill and at the turn, he clipped a pothole which resulted in one of his Tri bars snapping. He did however hold it together (literally) to continue for the tail wind ride to the finish.

That return leg was very fast and in the difficult conditions it took nerve and luck to hold on to the finish. The time keeper relayed the finishing times to the headquarters and revealed that Bottrill had for the time being moved into the top position with a finish time of 48.36 but that joy was short lived as just seconds later Alex Dowsett improved that time to 47.08.

Hutchinson however had paced his ride to absolute perfection pulling twelve seconds out of the young Sky professional to finish with an outstanding time of 47.01 to take the Championship title – his sixth at the distance equalling the all-time record number of wins.

A legend in British cycle sport, Paul Curran (left) congratulates Michael Hutchinson on his sixth 25 title. Curran wont he Lincoln GP four times which was equalled by Russell Downing in 2012.

The presentation followed to the vets winners and team winners (Ingear-Trainsharp) before the final three medals were presented. Each of the riders was then interviewed and the winner, Michael Hutchinson (Ingear/Trainsharp) said “I had a virus earlier in the week and came to this with no expectations. I came in not feeling terrific and thinking I’m going to get my head kicked so I relaxed, tried to get the little things right as I went and being more laid back about it has paid off.”

“I did expect Alex to get the better of me and in some ways that helped me produce a better ride. I got two time checks out on the road which I trusted and I was 15 seconds down about halfway out which at the time I thought ‘that’s alright, that’s fair enough, I can cope with that’. I rode to the turn and was five seconds down and I was so surprised I nearly fell off the bike.”

“I was still three seconds down with five or six miles to go and at that point you have to kind of concentrate on getting the details right and not go nuts. Finish the ride the way you started the ride because if you’re slowly pegging him back, just keep doing that.”

A typical start scenario for a TT in Britain … Louise Day gets underway in her race against the watch.

Alex Dowsett(Team Sky), only a month after a long time off the bike was, as any champion would be, very disappointed at being second. “I can make all the excuses under the sun, and I think I am in a position to make a lot of excuses, but I can’t deny for me that wasn’t good enough.”

“I was never under any illusions that it was going to be an easy win with the likes of Hutchinson and Bottrill here but I’m a racer and if I’d won, I’d be happy. I didn’t win though. It doesn’t matter if I am a second or ten minutes behind, its second place that is disappointing.”

Alex explained how his special TT bike from his team was fitted with a 56 x 11 and how he’d spent a lot of time in that gear as well. “I had one of those days where I felt I was fighting the bike a lot. Talking to Matt and Michael afterwards, it sounds like it was that sort of course where especially with the weather, you found you were just fighting it. It was draggy all the time, grippy, just plain hard.”

Alex had two races he could have ridden on Saturday, the London Nocturne which he had won the year before after lapping the field solo, or the 25 champs. He chose the latter. “This was a bit of a decision to come here and ride instead of the Nocturne.”

“But, this is where I started cycling, where it all kicked off for me and my race schedule the last few years has meant I haven’t been able to ride this event or the 10 or the 50 even, so it’s nice to be able to come back and give it a good shot.”

“I had an average of 410 watts which is not terrible for me, reasonable even, but shows the high level of time trailing in Britain at the moment. Hutchinson is in his stomping ground here and not to be messed with. But there is more to come for sure ….”

Alex is now off to help Mark Cavendish in the ZLM Tour in Holland.

Matt Bottrill (3rd,Drag2Zero) – “I am pleased with that as it’s the best time trial I have ever ridden” he said afterwards. “I am gutted to be so far behind Alex and Michael but they produced world class rides, phenomenal really. You have to take your hats off to them guys. I have changed everything, done everything I could have done and it was the most I could achieve.”

“It poured down and was dangerous as well with the spray and not much fun. It is a really undulating course and you have to hit the hills hard and ease back a little on the descents. I had a 56 x11 using the O.Symetric rings but coming back, maybe I could have done with a 58!”

“The Enve wheels were unbelievable in the crosswinds and stuff and I never suffered with them being deep section in the cross winds. I had tubs on the wheels, silk Dugasts which was a bit of risk but I had to give this everything.”

“The help I have received and the support I have had, I couldn’t ask for any more. If some-one asks could I have found anything else, the answer would be no. I had the best bike setup and trained hard for it. Unless I gave my job up, I could not have done anything else.”

Gunnar Gronlund (RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes) – The British Hillclimb Champion didn’t have a great day and was quite disappointed with his 11th place. “It was really fast in places so you had to pace yourself right today” Gunnar explained. “There were some places so fast you couldn’t pedal fast enough so you needed to put in the effort on the drags. I had 54×11 on and perhaps should have had more so I could pedal everywhere.”

“I have been on track after my illness for the last few weeks but I didn’t have a great feeling during the race. It has been good preparation for my national championship but it would have been good to get a good result as well. I spent a lot of time on the time trial bike in the weeks before so I was well prepared but just didn’t feel good enough.”

Women’s Championship
The winner of the Women’s title was Julia Shaw and we spoke to her after she finished and that will follow in a separate feature.

Also, my thanks to Geoff Platts former silver medallist Nat 25 for an insight into the race on behalf of his son in-law, Matt Botrrill.

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