Result: Circuit Race League Circuit Race League – Gary Specely gets the break on his rivals and wins from Tom Armstrong in week 11 (19th June).

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Photo by Jess Atkinson.

After a few initial skirmishes a break of 4 established a good gap. With riders from Mountivation, Biketreks and Lune RCC in the break there was some team work going on behind. From the break Gary Specely (Biketreks RT) won from Tom Armstrong (Mountivation DA), Zack Whitehead (Dirtwheels) and John Agnew (Lune RCC). Matt Flynn (Mountivation DA) lead the bunch home whilst League leader Jack Sadler was content to work for his 2 team-mates and repay their efforts in earlier weeks. Zoe Armstrong (Scott Contessa) rode strongly throughout to be first lady finisher.

1ST Gary Spencely Biketreks RT V2
2ND Tom Armstrong Mountivation JA J2
3RD Zack Whitehead Dirtwheels 2
4TH John Agnew Lune RCC 3
5TH Matt Flynn Mountivation JA J2
6TH Jonathan Cregeen Biketreks RT 2
7TH Sam Dobson Lune RCC 3
8TH Andrew Pickering Lune RCC 2
9TH Ellis Kirkbride Border City Wheelers YA
10TH John Didsbury Salt Ayre Cog Set YA

1ST LADY – Zoe Armstrong Scott Contessa WJ2



A Boys – 7
1ST Elliot Robertson Salt Ayre Cog Set 2
2ND Joe Westwood Red Rose Olympic 5
3RD Nathan Clarey Salt Ayre Cog Set 6

B Boys – 5
1ST Joseph Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set 1
2ND Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set 3
3RD Alister Leivers BYCA 4

C Boys – 8
1ST Alister Leivers BYCA 1
2ND Adam Riley Salt Ayre Cog Set 2
3RD Cameron Hirst Lune RCC 3

C Girls – 2
1ST Ffion Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set 6
2ND Amy Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set 9

D Boys – 3
1ST Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set 8
2ND Ben Hamilton Salt Ayre Cog Set 13
3RD Josh Umpleby Salt Ayre Cog Set 15

D Girls – 5
1ST Evie Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set 10
2ND Mia Johnson Salt Ayre Cog Set 16
3RD Amelia Hirst Salt Ayre Cog Set 17

E Boys – 2
1ST Rhys Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set 14
2ND Thomas Dowthwaite Salt Ayre Cog Set 20
RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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