Report: Sunderland Clarion Open Time Trial

Andy Fuller of GS Metro took the victory in the shortened Sunderland Clarion open time trial.

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The usual 25 mile course had to be shortened at the last minute after temporary lights were positioned just over a mile away from the turning point. So instead of the standard distance, riders competed over an abridged 20.9 mile course.

Fuller, who has been having a strong season, completed the course in 47:31 on a wet and breezy day. Nicholas Percy (Royal Navy and Royal Marines CA) finished second, 2 minutes 5 seconds back. Russ Richardson (Teesdale CRT) rounded out the podium a further 4 seconds back.

The inter club Jack Trustey memorial trophy competition between Houghton CC, Cestria CC and Sunderland Clarion was once again won by Rick Mitford with a time of 52:03. Behind him the first Sunderland Clarion rider was Iain Beveridge in 52:20, who wins the clubs David Craig memorial trophy for the second year running.

Full Results
1 Andy Fuller (GS Metro) 00:47:31
2 Nicolas Percy (Royal Navy and Royal Marines CA) 00:49:36
3 Russ Richardson (Teesdale CRT) 00:49:40
4 Kristofer Atkin (BBM Revolution CC) 00:50:07
5 Geoff Mount ( 00:50:18
6 Nev Martin (Infinity Cycles) 00:50:24
7 Jonathan Gavaghan (Wansbeck CC) 00:51:00
8 Tim Wylie (One Life Racing) 00:51:40
9 Rick Mitford (Cestria CC) 00:52:03
10 Lee McDermot (Wansbeck CC) 00:52:08
11 Iain Beveridge (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:52:20
12 Michael Sloanes (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:52:28
13 Chris Wood (Velo 29) 00:52:40
14 Andy Brennan (Houghton CC) 00:52:52
15 Richard Cleathro (Yorkshire Velo/ /Highcliffe Court Design) 00:53:55
16 Stuart Grey (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:54:10
17 James David Ashberry (Stay Classy/Well Handled RT) 00:54:16
18 John Eric Marshall (Ferryhill Wheelers/Mountain High) 00:54:17
19 Clive Horton (Barnesbury CC – Start Cycles) 00:54:29
20 Tony Gibson (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:54:46
21 Chris Barnard (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:54:53
22 Dawn Sherrin (GS Metro) 00:54:54
23 Wayne Coates (Derwentside CC) 00:55:18
24 Christopher Wilson (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:55:29
25 Raymond Bell (Ryton Tri. Club) 00:56:25
26 Andrew Ayre (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:56:37
27 Lucy Sill (Stay Classy/Well Handled RT) 00:56:41
28 Bev Blakeman (Infinity Cycles) 00:56:50
29 Craster Bryce (Sunderland Clarion CC) 00:57:15
30 Ronnie Thompson (Derwentside CC) 00:57:59
31 Dennis Fuller (GS Metro) 00:58:34
32 Julian Long (Sunderland Clarion CC) 01:02:13
33 Stephen Kerr (Sunderland Clarion CC) 01:04:01
34 Peter Baggaley(Sunderland Clarion CC) 01:08:22


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