Result: Salt Ayre League

Solo win for Shaun Pearson at week 14 (July 10) of the Salt Ayre Circuit Race League (North West)

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In an attacking race, all the moves were brought back until Shaun Pearson (Ribble Valley) took off in the closing laps with James Claydon (Bill Nickson) for company. With the pair working hard together and the bunch hesitating behind, they stayed clear with Shaun going alone on the last lap for a solo win. James just held off a charging bunch sprint won by Neil Robinson (Lune RCC) from Teamwallis CHH RT juniors, Jordan Rigby and Ashley Clitheroe.

1 Shaun Pearson Ribble Valley 3
2 James Claydon Bill Nickson 2
3 Neil Robinson Lune RCC 2
4 Jordan Rigby Teamwallis CHH RT J3
5 Ashley Clitheroe Teamwallis CHH RT J3
6 Gary Spencely Biketreks RT V2
7 Matt Flynn Mountivation DA J2
8 Jake Cowan Biketreks RT J3
9 Luke Dearden Chorley CC J4
10 John Didsbury Salt Ayre Cog Set YA

1ST LADY – Eve Dixon Maxgear JW2


A Boys – 3
1 Nathan Clarey Salt Ayre Cog Set 2
2 Ross Hobbs Salt Ayre Cog Set 7
3 Matthew Shackleton

B Boys – 6
1 Adam Hartley Velocity RT 1
2 Alister Leivers BYCA 3
3 Joseph Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set 4

C Boys – 7
1 Alister Leivers BYCA 1
2 Ben Barlow Salt Ayre Cog Set 2
3 Adam Riley Salt Ayre Cog Set 3

C Girls – 2
1 Ffion Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set 8
2 Amy Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set 9

D Boys – 4
1 Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set 7
2 Ben Hamilton Salt Ayre Cog Set 11
3 Josh Umpleby Salt Ayre Cog Set 12

D Girls – 2
1 Aimee Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set 13
2 Amelia Hirst Lune RCC 15

E Boys – 2
1 Rhys Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set 14
2 Thomas Dowthwaite Salt Ayre Cog Set 17


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