Blog: Hannah Layland (Rudy Project Rd 2)

HannahLayland of the VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts ladies team, writes – This Sunday I took what felt like a very long journey to the lovely, sunny Lake District for the Rudy Project Round 2.

It was an early start from the Layland household, I woke up at 6:35 and packed the car with exact precision because I’m a pro at it. It was a breakfast in the car job – honey cheerios as per usual pre race. I was due to start my TT at 10:18am so I aimed to get to the HQ at about 9am to give me time to get changed and do my numbers. I’d seen a lay-by near the start of the TT with plenty of space for me to warm up on the rollers and see the other riders setting off.

After last weekend, I was a bit worried how my elbow and shoulder would hold out, my elbow was perfect but my shoulder ached going over all the bumps in the road. The most painful part though was my foot (where the paramedics kindly stabbed me with needles to supply me with pain relief at the Windsor Race)! Every little bump I went over I could feel it in my right foot.

I’d never seen the course before in my life. I just knew that my brother James didn’t like it when he rode it last year. I still don’t understand why he didn’t like it because I think it suited him much more than me. It was quite hilly with lots of up and down up and down. There were some very slow steep bits, and really quick bits (I got 41 mph down one of them). After being slowed up by cars following a dwarf on his Sunday ride, I got back into the ride. I mustn’t have been concentrating on the time trial at one point as I found myself looking at the lake the course was around, and I thought to myself how good the photo’s of the reflections would be for my photography project.

With 5 miles to go, I could see my 3 minute girl! I was concentrating now and I WAS going to catch her, and I did so with about 4 miles to go. I felt as if I flew past and just kept flying for the last few miles. I got back to the car, and I felt like lying down right there. I undid my right shoe before I unclipped. My foot felt free-finally. I needed a shower, it was a pretty hot day and I was still sweating as I stood by the car.

I went for a shower, switched it on and the water was ice cold. I gave up on the idea of needing a shower and then a man walked in and asked if the showers were working. I told him they were freezing. He told me I needed to put £1 in the meter, I didn’t have any money handy, so he paid for me. What a nice man. (I was still dressed!)

Once I was fresh and changed, I saw my little brother, Adam, playing lacrosse by himself in a field, so I thought I’d play with him for a few minutes before the presentations ‘cause we brought a spare lacrosse stick. We got inside for the presentation, clapping for everyone that was called up. Sheila Hardy (the CTT chairman) called my name, I went up and collected my Rudy Project glasses and my 2nd Junior prize, as I shook her hand she said it was lovely to see me back at the Rudy’s and also wished me good luck throughout my season.

I did the whole 15.5 miles in 39:18. Not bad considering my sore foot and shoulder. It was a well run and organised event, I would definitely consider going for it again next year.

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