Preview: Sheffrec Spring Road Races

This Sunday, 17th, the Sheffrec Spring Road Races will be held on the Stainton Circuit in South Yorkshire. Headquarters for the race is Ruddle Centre, Doncaster Road, Braithwell, South Yorkshire, S66 7BB. The first race for Category 3 and 4 riders is over 82 kilometres (51 miles) and starts at 10am. Once that race is won, the next event is for Elite/1/2/3 and starts at 1.30pm.

Rider list

National B     1st, 2nd, 3rd, Elite     100km/62.14m
1. Stuart Murfin Ashfield RC 3rd
2. Richard Anderson Beeston CC 2nd
3. Marcus Smith Black Hawk 2nd
4. Jamie Burgan 1st
5. James Thompson 2nd
6. Matthew Williams 2nd
7. Steve Thompson Clay Cross RT 2nd
8. David Brearley Cottingham Coureurs RT 2nd
9. Julian Gromett Cottingham Coureurs RT 2nd
10. Jonathan Farnaby Crosstrax RT 2nd
11. Robert Smail 1st
12. Richard Hepworth Elite
13. Duncan Putman Derby Mercury RC 1st
14. Matthew Bulmer Dirtwheels Cycles 2nd
15. David Furniss Doncaster Wheelers 2nd
16. Rob Watkinson Doncaster Wheelers 2nd
17. Stephen Henson Ellis Briggs RT 2nd
18. Stuart Percival GMC Fire Service 2nd
19. Grahame Sumner Great Britain Fire Service RT 1st
20. Jack Custsforth Herballife / Wheelbase 2nd
21. Jamie Shirlaw Herballife / Wheelbase 1st
22. Daniel Drake Lancashire Road Club 2nd
23. Jason Tonge Lancashire Road Club 2nd
24. Paul Foston Langdale Lightweights 2nd
25. Mark Thwaites Motorpoint Pro Cycling 2nd
26. Peter Williams Motorpoint Pro Cycling Elite
27. Robert Watson Paul Milnes RT / Bradford Olympic 2nd
28. Alex Minting Planet X 2nd Jun
29. Robert Minting Private Member 3rd
30. Conan Mayman Raleigh Racing Team Elite
31. Ben Greenwood Rapha Condor – Sharp 1st
32. Gareth Hewitt RST Racing Team – Trigon 1st
33. Danny Lowthorpe Rutland CC 2nd
34. Lee Allen RVO Racing 2nd
35. Sam Kirby RVO Racing 3rd
36. Mick Rowson RVO Racing 3rd Vet
37. Tim Rowson RVO Racing 2nd
38. Alistair Rutherford Elite
39. James Baillie Sheffield Sports CC 3rd Jun
40. Daniel Storey Sheffrec CC 2nd
41. Rob Townsend Sheffrec CC 2nd Vet
42. Josh Cole Sportscover Strategic 2nd
43. Ben Last Sportscover Strategic 2nd
44. Alex Wallis Sportscover Strategic 2nd
45. Chris Daddy Star Bikes RT 2nd
46. Daniel Keena Star Bikes RT 2nd
47. Richard Moore Star Bikes RT 2nd
48. Mark Wordsworth Team Chorley Cycles / Alpha RC 1st
49. Craig Battersby BGlobal RT 1st
50. Stephen Leigh BGlobal RT 2nd
51. Shane O’Neill BGlobal RT Elite
52. Jordan Hargreaves Team Wallis 2nd Jun
53. Gunnar Groenlund Twenty3c – Orbea 1st
54. Ben Kellet VS Cycles 2nd Jun
55. Paul Allen Wakefield CC Expnential 2nd
56. Ben Hookway Wills Wheels CC 2nd
57. David Shackleton Wilsons Wheels RT 2nd Vet
58. Stephen Ward Wilsons Wheels RT 2nd
59. Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels RT

Regional B     3rd, 4th 82km/50.95m
1. Mike Curtis Aire Valley RT 4th
2. Mark Thoburn Airedale Olympic 4th
3. Jody Warrington Base2race Cycles 3rd
4. Alistair Hepworth Batley CC / Hargreaves Cycles 3rd Jun
5. Mark Hepworth Batley CC / Hargreaves Cycles 3rd Vet
6. Nicholas Jepson Beeston RC 3rd
7. Phillip Holwell 3rd
8. Mark Cotton Bycka Sport Racing 3rd
9. Craig Armitage Crosstrax 3rd
10. Simon West Cyclesense – Koga 4th
11. John Anglesea Derby Mercury 3rd
12. Edward Pickard Derby Mercury 3rd
13. Ian Davenport Dinnington RC / Universal Cycles 3rd Vet
14. Keith Ollerenshaw Dinnington RC / Universal Cycles 4th
15. Andrew Robinson Dinnington RC / Universal Cycles 4th
16. Jordon Skinner Dinnington RC / Universal Cycles 3rd Jun
17. Ben Werth Dinnington RC / Universal Cycles 4th
18. Steven Bell Doncaster Wheelers 3rd
19. Jason Gretton Doncaster Wheelers 4th
20. David Henson Ellis Briggs RT 4th
21. Mike Haber Langdale Lightweights 4th
22. Giles Dumont Moonglu RT 3rd
23. Martin Vesty Moonglu RT 3rd
24. Michael Jones Nottingham Clarion 4th
25. Greg McCullum Nottingham Clarion 4th
26. Oliver Nuthall Nottingham Clarion 4th
27. Charles Tennick Planet X 3rd
28. Michael Clayton Private Member 3rd
29. John Hall Private Member 4th
30. Neal Hunt Private Member 4th
31. Tim Marshall Private Member 4th
32. Ben Thomas Private Member 3rd
33. Andrew Whitehead Private Member 3rd Vet
34. Ian Freshney Retford Wheelers 4th
35. Mark Ollerenshaw Richardsons RT / Cube 3rd
36. Stephen Ellis Out of the Saddle CC 3rd Vet
37. Nick Fry RVO Racing 4th
38. Phil Giles RVO Racing 3rd
39. Christopher Jones Sheffield 220 City Road Racing Team 4th
40. Thomas Sutton Sheffield Phoenix 4th
41. Nick Downham Sheffrec CC 4th
42. Mark Fidler Sheffrec CC 4th
43. Mike Hutton Sheffrec CC 4th
44. James Hunt Sheffrec CC 4th
45. Ashley Proctor Sheffrec CC 3rd Jun
46. Alex Mitchell Sheffrec CC 4th
47. Mark Robinson Sheffrec CC 4th Vet
48. Paul Turner-Johnson Sheffrec CC 4th
49. Scott Wilson Sheffrec CC 4th
50. Gary Knowles Shutt VR 4th
51. Chris Last Sportscover Strategic 3rd Vet
52. James Wagner Sportscover Strategic 3rd
53. John Askew Team Active / CP Cycles RT 3rd Vet
54. Anthony Groundry Team Active / CP Cycles RT 4th
55. Lars Koerdt Team JD Cycles Ilkley 3rd
56. Shaun Dalton Team Pro Bike 3rd
57. Phil Valentine Wakefield CC Exponential 3rd Vet
58. John Wright Wakefield CC Exponential 3rd
59. Dominic Smith We Love Mountains RT 3rd

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