Enduras Up and Coming Scott Thwaites

Larry Hickmott talks to to up and coming rider for Endura Racing, Scott Thwaites ahead of the Tesco CiCLE Classic.

One of the riders Endura Racing are looking to for the Tesco CiCLE Classic is Yorkshire’s Scott Thwaites. In his second year at the British team, he says “out of all the races on my calendar, this is the one that suites me best” explained the 21 year old. “With my off road experience and the punchy climbs, it is more my scene. I’ve just come back from Majorca which was really tough but it was something that I needed to do to get some form.”

“I am going well and we have a good team here. Rob (Partridge)  has had over 20 days of racing already and he’s going really well and all the other lads have come back from stage races and have good form so there isn’t really one rider to ride for.”
Scott was signed by Endura in 2010 and resigned for 2011. Looking back at his first season in Endura’s colours, he explained “Last year was a big step up riding lower category races and then riding Elite and all the Premiers for the first time. I learnt a lot off the more experienced guys  and so this year, it was great to get a contract with Endura because  the team is growing so much, it fits in perfectly with how I want to grow as a rider.”

Asked what qualities Endura like about him, Scott replied “I always go for the win. It’s the rider I am. I think you have to be like that to get to the top and not be afraid of going down the road and doing things that some may think are bit crazy but if it pays off, you get the rewards.”

“I have a good training group up in Yorkshire with Tom Barras who knows a lot about racing and I have learnt a lot off him and his dad Sid. Up in Yorkshire we have some good riders past and present so its good.”
Scott has had a quite time racing so far this year because he is in his last year at University with a dissertation to write.
“I started my racing in India and it was good to do something different and get away from the cold. Wilko did a great job there and got the team some publicity. Then I went to Belgium (West Flanders three day) and that was a big big race and like nothing I had done before.”

“It was probably above my level at the moment but I was riding with Paul Vossi who got third on a stage the year before and I learnt a lot from him. It is a race I aspire to do well in so it was great to get that experience.”

I have also done a few local races like those in the CDNW (North West) and won one which is good for the confidence and shows I can compete with the lads domestically. I did Majorca and that was good too especially with all the other British lads. It was a level of race where we could take the race to the others and it gave us the chance to try out various tactics as well as ride on the front as well as work for Iker who is so experienced.”

Talking about the Tesco CiCLE Classic, he says a lot of the difficulties are in the head. “Everyone knows you need to be at the front because it is narrow and the gaps do open up but it is more the pressure and stress. You know it is going to be difficult, slippery under the wheels, crashes and punctures and so on but it is more the stress knowing you have to be at the front, knowing you have to be careful, that really drains you. There is also little time on this course to rest.”
Good luck to Scott on Sunday.