Report: Noel Jones Memorial Road Race

Dave Mellor of Dave Mellor Cycles writes …. It always makes you feel good when 2 hours before the start, the race signs are out and HQ signs guide you straight to where you need to be.  This was the case of the impeccably organised Noel Jones Memorial Road Race and all credit to the Cwmcarn Paragon and the Organiser Ed Malarczyk. Plenty of cars, marshalls, judges and the the National Escort Group made this a race to remember and to come back to again. Not forgetting a generous sponsor in Dudley’s Construction and a contribution from Noel Jone’s daughter.

Possibly because of the prime money on offer there was a furious pace set straight from the end of the neutralised section and many riders were caught out by the speed of the first lap with Juniors complaining that they span out on
their restricted gears. It was number 26 Tavis Walker (Adeo Cadence RT) who emerged from the pack, solo, the first time up the finish hill and he was to stay out front for three more ascents to put £45 in primes into his back pocket. Junior Luke Grivell – Mellor was content to ride over the climb at the front of the bunch in pursuit of Tavis each time up the climb until with three to go he pushed on the pedals a little harder to bring back Tavis taking eventual winner Gruff Lewis (Team UK Youth) with him. Unfortunately a double puncture on the descent put paid to the hopes of Grivell-Mellor and the bunch brought back the break.

With the bell ringing a compact bunch rode over the hill with a lap to go and it looked as though everyone was content to save everything for the final sprint up this deceptively tough climb. That was the case and 4 riders just
managed to gain a few seconds on a strung out bunch making the judges job very easy as riders came over the line one by one with Gruff Lewis punching the air as a final lunge just got him the win from Conor Ryan.

1 Gruff Lewis   Team UK Youth
2 Conor Ryan  VC Montpelier
3 Glyndwr Griffiths Team Cyclemart
4 James Lowsley-Williams Agiscoviner
5 James Dobbin  Adeo Cadence RT
6 Darren Carpenter Cwmcarn Paragon
7 Karl Hine  Adeo Cadence RT
8 Rob Gough  Adeo Cadence RT
9 Robert Jones  Ogmore Valley Wheelers
10 Bevan Humphreys  Team Cyclemart

11 William Haynes- Durham Uni Aura Cycles
12 Luke Cornish – Cwmcarn Paragon
13 David Bees- Forza Cycles
14 Darren Parker – Python RT
15 Rob Turner Climb on Bikes

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