Results: Portsmouth CTL Circuit Races

The results for the Portsmouth CTL Circuit Races on July 6 and a victory for Jay Eastwood of Hargroves Cyles

SENIORS~ 3/4/J3/J4
1st    James  EBDON    Wightlink RT    40 mins + 3 laps
2nd    Adrian  JENKINS    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
3rd    Adam HERRIDGE    VC Meudon     st
4th    Charley STOCKER    New Forest CC    st
5th    James  BRETT    Wightlink RT    st
6th    Richard  STEPHENS    Sotonia CC    st
7th    Giorgios CROUCH    VC Meudon     st
8th    Andy  POWELL    Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized    st
9th    Mat MACKAY    Unattached    st
10th    Hugo WALTERS    New Forest CC    st
11th    Norman MELLORS    Hantspol CC    st
12th    Chris  HUTCHINGS    BC PM – South    st
13th    Simon  JEFFERIES    i-team Cyclist’s Club    st
14th    Chris  CARDY    Andover Wheelers    st
15th    Stuart  WILLIS    Club Velo Victor Malaga    st
16th    Jo HALEY    Southampton RC    st
17th    Oscar  HUTCHINGS    BC PM – South    st
18th    Tanya HUNT    VC St Raphaël/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles    st
19th    Adrian COLYER    Sotonia CC    st
20th    Andy  AUDAS    Wyndamilla / Maxifuel    st
21  Starters

YOUTHS U12/10/8
1st    Sam CLARK    i-team Cyclist’s Club
2nd    Caitlin PETERS    Fareham Wheelers CC
3rd    Joss BANFIELD    BC PM – South
4th    Nicolas KIMISH    BC PM – South
5th    Thamana NEL    Velocity Bikes CC
6th    Poppy PATTINSON    Oakwood Racers
7th    Harry DRIDGE    Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
8th    Daniel KIMISH    BC PM – South
9th    Olivia CROSS    Fareham Wheelers CC
10th    Jack CROMIE    Unattached
11th    Oliver RODGERS    Unattached
11 Starters

SENIORS~ E/1/2/3/J1/J2/J3
1st    Jay EASTWOOD    Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized    50 mins + 5 laps
2nd    Toby NEAVE    Cannondale Racing Team    st
3rd    Mike SCOTT    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
4th    Tom KNOWLTON    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
5th    Simon  BROOKS    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
6th    Neil COOPER     @ 1 lap
7th    Jon CANNINGS    Team Wiggle    st
8th    James COOPER    Sotonia CC    st
9th    James JONES    Beeline Cycles RT    st
10th    Nick  BEALE    Beeline Cycles RT    st
11th    Mark  OTTAWAY    Wyndamilla / Maxifuel    st
12th    Howard  MILNER    Velocity Bikes CC    st
13th    Will  STEPHENSON    Bournemouth Arrow CC-Hotel Colingwood    st
14th    Josh STEWART    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
15th    Gavin SPIERS    st
16th    Seb OTTLEY    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
17th    Henry BIRD    Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad    st
18th    Mick  METCALF    VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles    st
19th    Ian  DONOHUE    Fareham Wheelers CC    st
20th    Ben  PEARCE    Le Col    st
21st    Will KEMP    One Life Fuga    st
22nd    Andy BRYSON    Cannondale Racing Team    st
23rd    Sam REDDING    GWR Team    st
24th    Ian  LEGG    Felt Colbornes RT    st
25th    Richard  PEARMAN    Team Wiggle    st
29 Starters

1st    George  MOORE    i-team Cyclist’s Club
2nd    Rob  BOLWELL    Wight Mountain
3rd    Joe DONOHUE    Fareham Wheelers CC
4th    Callum CROSS    Fareham Wheelers CC
5th    Guy NEWBURY    Fareham Wheelers CC
6th    Joe CLARK    i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th    Jamie HUTCHINSON    i-team Cyclist’s Club
8th    Harvey MORCOMBE    BC PM – South
8 Starters