Results: Birkenhead Park Summer Circuit Races

In very wet and wild conditions near Liverpool, Keith Jones was tops with a win in the circuit race.

1. Keith Jones, Deeside Olympic 1:38:48
2. Mike Garner, Birkenhead North End @ 5
3. David McGowan Team UK Youth @16
4. Andy Tinsley MaxGear
5. Paul Bethell Team Elite
6. Jack Penrice
7. Chris Sherriffs Team Bglobal
8. Milan Sihelsky Kuota-GSG-Spinergy
9. Graeme Goulding Kuota-GSG-Spinergy
10. Nick Shaughnessy
11. Alistair Rutherford
12. Jon Eddells Birkenhead North End
13. Matt Limacher MaxGear
14. Steve Molyneux Birkenhead North End
15. Matt Walmsley Birkenhead North End
16. Brad Smith Birkenhead North End
17. Mike Ashurst BC PM
18. Dean Bennett Liverpool Century
19. John Hughes Liverpool Century @ 22
20. Andy Bennett Omimpex Bioracer @26
21. Chris Diggle Kuota-GSG-Spinergy
22. Simon Deeley Southport CC @26
23. Mark Donnelly Birkenhead North End @ 30
24. Tim Brammeier Liverpool Century @52
25. Ron Plumbley Liverpool Mercury
26. Mike Fugaccia Liverpool Century @ 01:15
27. Ian Kendall Liverpool Century
28. Duff Fawcett GB Fire Service RT @1:15

2nd Cat: Paul Bethell Team Elite
3rd Cat: Keith Jones Deeside Olympic
4th Cat: Steve Molyneux Birkenhead North End
Junior: Jack Penrice
Master: Keith Jones Deeside Olympic

1 Mike Garner Birkenhead North End 15pts
2 Keith Jones Deeside Olympic 9 pts
3 Matt Walmsley Birkenhead North End 2 pts
4 Mike Ashurst BC PM 3


1 Ben Hastings (Chester RC)
2 Josh Townson (Southport CC)
3 Clayton Howard (Southport CC)

Girls: Amy Gornall (Cycle Sport Pendle)

1 James Thompson (Liverpool Mercury)
2 Alex Harvey (Rhyl CC)

Girls: Jess Wilkinson (Birkenhead North End CC)

1 Isaac Peterfield (Bolton Hotwheels)
2 Tyler Koch (Bolton Hotwheels)
3 Thomas Bates (Unattached)
4 Sam Jones (Birkenhead North End CC)