Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

It was raining heavily in most places in Staffordshire on Thursday 21st July 2011 except at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle under Lyme, where skies stayed clear and rain free.

The riders who attended the latest round of the Brooks Cycles sponsored track League were rewarded with a full programme of racing. In the A Class endurance League, current league leader Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles dominated in winning the 10 lap scratch, course de primes and the final 10 mile scratch where he produced his usual explosive sprint to take the victory from Sprinter Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles.

The A Class Sprinters league saw Ryan Whatmough reassert his lead in the league due to Barney Swinnerton being unable to ride through illness as he won the sprint and was a member of the winning team sprint team with Dave Smith, Stafford RC and Sean Mayer, Lyme RC. The other sprint event, the 2 up TT went to Tom Powell, Newcastle RC 2001 and Dave Smith. Dave is showing some great form lately which bodes well for the European masters next month in Italy.
The B group of riders put in some spirited racing with Neil Cummins winning the 10 lap scratch and the point’s race. Alex Webb Lyme Rc was the top scored though as he won the devil and placed second in the 10 mile, points and 10 lap scratch.

The youth events saw a good turnout of riders where Joel Partington, Lyme RC took 9 points with wins in the scratch and the devil. James Risk Weaver Valley CC also had a good night as he won the points race and placed second in the devil and the scratch.

The Freewheelers league continues to grow with 3 more new riders making a fantastic total of 50 registered riders this years which is well up on last years final total of 34. The top point’s scorers in each group were as follows;
Group 1        James Brayford                     8 points
Group 2        Sam Hall                        6 points
Group 3        Cameron O’Neil                    7 points

Freewheelers Results
Group 1
Race 1
1st    Megan Williams            Lyme RC
2nd    James Brayford
3rd    Bradley Hill                Lyme RC

Race 2
1st    James Brayford
2nd    Brandon McMillan            Lyme RC
3rd    Megan Williams

Race 3
1st    Bradley Hill
2nd    James Brayford
3rd    Brandon McMillan

Group 2
Race 1
1st    Andrew Williams
2nd    Sam Day
3rd    Holly Mulroy

Race 2
1st    Lauren Scott
2nd    Sam Hall
3rd    James Scott            Lyme RC

Race 3
1st    Sam Hall
2nd    James Scott
3rd    Ambrose Morris        Lyme RC

Group 3
Race 1
1st    Orlanda Jones
2nd    Lucca Annese
3rd    Sebastian Booth

Race 2
1st    Jack Scott                Lyme RC
2nd    Edward Mulroy
3rd    Lucy-Anne Scott            Lyme RC

Race 3
1st    Cameron O’Neil
2nd    Enrico Annese
3rd    Natasha Sandbach

Race 4
1st    Rebecca Newman
2nd    Jack Scott
3rd    Edwrad Mulroy

Race 5
1st    Cameron O’Neil
2nd    Natash Sandbach
3rd    Enrico Annese

Youth Block Handicap
1st    Sallie Birchall    Lyme RC
2nd    Becky Gray    Lyme RC
3rd    Nick Fotheringham            Weaver Valley CC

A Class Sprinters 2 up TT
1st    Tom Powell                Newcastle RC 2001
Dave Smith                Stafford RC
2nd    Sean Mayer                Lyme RC
Ryan Whatmough            Shepherd Cycles
3rd    Phil Houlton                Newcastle RC 2001
Joffie Houlton                PM

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch
1st    Robert Lambton            Brooks Cycles
2nd    Paul Whatmough            Shepherd Cycles
3rd    Alex Simmons                Lyme RC

B Class 10 Lap Scratch
1st    Neil Cummins                PM
2nd    Alex Webb                Lyme RC
3rd    Sam Birchall                Team Velocity

Youth Devil
1st    Joel Partington            Lyme RC
2nd    James Risk                Weaver Valley CC
3rd    Paige Millward            Lyme RC

A Class Sprinters Team sprint
1st    Sean Mayer
Ryan Whatmough
Dave Smith

A Class Endurance Team Pursuit
1st    Robert Lambton
Alex Simmons
Neil Cummins

B Class Devil
1st    Alex Webb
2nd    Louis Preston                Lyme RC
3rd    Sam Birchall

Youth Points Race
1st    James Risk
2nd     Joel Partington
3rd    Alex Braybrooke            Team Velocity

A Class Endurance Course de primes
1st    Robert Lambton
2nd    Paul Whatmough
3rd    Christian Braybrooke            Team Velocity

B Class points Race
1st    Neil Cummins
2nd    Alex Webb
3rd    Steve Hall                PM

A Class Sprinters Final
1st    Ryan Whatmough
2nd    Phil Houlton
3rd    Sean Mayer

Youth 8 lap Scratch
1st    Joel Partington
2nd    James Risk
3rd    Paige Millward

10 Mile Scratch
1st    Robert Lambton
2nd    Ryan Whatmough
3rd    Paul Whatmough

B Class
1st    Joel Partington
2nd    Alex Braybrooke
3rd    Alex Webb

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