Report & Full Results: Hargroves Cycles Swindon Cross

1-2 for Hargroves Cyclesa riders in their home race as Matt Hargroves wins the Junior/Vets/Womens event from Harry Franklin. Michael Cotty wins the senior event.

Sunday 2nd October 2011 | Wessex Cyclo cross League Round 2 | Full Results Underneath Reports
Report and picture by Graham Robbins (

Win for Cotty
On one of the hottest days of the year a couple of hundred cyclists’s descended on Lydiard Park in Swindon for the second round of the Wessex League. Beautiful sunshine and high temperatures did not deter from a fast and entertaining day in the park.  The course was mainly park land with its twists and turns and a technical single track in the woods.

Under 12/Go-Race
The morning got underway with an under 12’s and a Go-Ride race which attracted over sixty young riders. Within the first lap Ben Tulett (HHCCC) pulled out a commanding lead over a fast charging Harry Dridge (Southdown Velo) and Charlie Clark (Hillingdon Slipstream). Close by was Jay Allen (Palmer Park) and Tom Sewell (Swindon RC). The leading places did not change until the last lap when Jay got a slow puncture allowing Tom to slip by, but he still managed to coax his bike to the finish line for fifth.

1st Ben Tulett HHVCC
2nd Harry Dridge Southdown Velo
3rd Charlie Clark Hillingdon Slipstream
4th Tom Sewell Swindon RC
5th Jay Allen Palmer Park

Next up was the youth race, with a strong field representing Hargroves Cycles. The race got underway and soon Tom Franklin and Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles) opened a gap as they worked together and pulled away from team mate Daniel Tulett with Robbie Bolwell (Wight Mountain) right behind him.  With the two leaders away they rest of the entries were soon spread across the park.
For the second week running Harvey parted company with his bike, but this time he had time to remount and catch up with Tom. Harvey sat there on the wheel awaiting his opportunity to attack and saw his chance in the single track wooded section and got away to finish well clear of Tom, with Daniel third and Robbie in fourth.

1st Harvey Lowe Hargroves Cycles
2nd Tom Franklin Hargroves Cycles
3rd Daniel Tulett Hargroves Cycles
4th Robbie Bolwell Wight Mountain
5th Jack Saunders Swindon RC

After a short break to allow the large number of hardy marshals to take on fluid the next race was the combined Junior/women’s/Vet race. The first lap saw the young Hargroves riders Matt Hargroves and Harry Franklin pull out a strong lead with the next riders into view were the veteran riders of Sean Williams (Wight Mountain), Keith Sheridan (Hargroves Cycles), Will Girvan (NHRC), Dave McMullen (GWR) and Kevin Knox (Vicious Velo). The first women were Claire Smith (Swindon RC) who was well clear of Caroline Goward (Scott Contessa).

The race soon settled in and the two leaders were never challenged throughout the race. Most of the action was coming from the vets as the group of four soon became five then six before Kevin and Dave slipped away when first will slipped back and Sean Williams slipped of his bike on the beech nuts strewn across one corner. This slip might have damaged Sean’s rear wheel as he had to disconnect his rear brakes and finish the race with just his fronts.
Towards the end of the race Will Girvan was putting in a strong challenge but the leading vets were clear, and it was Dave who finished clear of Kevin. The combined race was won by Matt Hargroves with Dave McMullen claiming the vets win and Claire Smith ‘taking a break’ from her organising duties the romp home first in the women’s race.

Results/ Juniors
1st Matt Hargroves Hargroves Cycles
2nd Harry Franklin Hargroves Cycles
3rd Joe Griffiths Dream CC
4th Matt Woods Hargroves Cycles
5th William Mackie AW Cycles

Result Vets
1st Dave McMullen GWR
2nd Kevin Knox Vicious Velo
3rd Will Girvan
4th Sean Williams Wight Mountain
5th Keith Sheidan Hargroves Cycles

Result Women’s
1st Claire Smith Swindon RC
2nd Caroline Goward Scott Contessa
3rd Sarah Woods Wight Mountain
4th Sharon Dolman Swindon RC
5th Samantha Jones

The feature race of the day saw a very strong field line up at the start to take on an hour of racing in the bright sunshine with very little wind to cool the riders, even under the trees it was still very warm. The first lap saw the leading group of six all together and already pulling out a gap. First rider to lead through the technical section was last week’s winner Steve James (Hargroves Cycles) closely followed by Crispin Doyle (Swindon RC),Michael Cotty (Wheeelbase-Cannondale), Will Bjergfelt (Motorpoint Procycling), Adrain Lansley (PedalOn) and Dan Lewis (RAF) with Sam Allen (Hennebont Cycling) fresh from a season riding in France as part of a French semi-pro team close by.

On the second lap the leaders came into the woods with Steve still leading Crispin with Michael Cotty, Steve slipped allowing the others by and this is when Michael attacked. He was third into the trees but first one out and with a small lead. The first casualty was Steve Jones who was felling unwell and retired at the end of the lap.

As the race progressed Michael opened up a gap of over 30secs with the rest of the chasing bunch all together. The chasing group of five were all together for a couple of laps, until Crispin saw his chance to attack and pulled away from Dan, who in turn could not chase him down because he would have pulled all the others along with him. He had to wait his chance and with a lap to go he made his move and pulled away. Crispin then had his work cut out to keep Dan at bay. Will had to have a bike change when his shifter lever became loose, but was soon on his way quite quickly, but Matt Macdonald passed him and took a fine finish in a very hard race.

As Michael started the last lap he used his lead to a benefit and rode hard on the grassed area so he could ride carefully within himself through the single track and wooded sections. He came across the line well clear of the others, with Crispin next up followed by Dan Lewis in third.

1st Michael Cotty Wheelbase-Cannondale
2nd Crispin Doyle Swindon RC
3rd Dan Lewis RAF
4th Matt MacDonald Stevens UK/Hargroves Cycles
5th Will Bjergfelt Motorpoint Procycling

The next round of the Wessex League is in a couple of week’s time in Basingstoke on Sunday 16th October.


1    Ben Tulett    HHVCC
2    Harry Dringe    Sothdown Velo
3    Charlie Clark    Hillingdon Slipstream
4    Liam Sewell    Swindon RC
5    Jay Allen    PPV
6    Luke Morgan    Swindon RC
7    Ansvs Hawkins    PPV
8    Jake Clarke    Hillingdon Slipstream
9    Conor Hutchinson    Swindon RC
10    Ryan Hodgkyns    Poole Wheelers
11    Frankie Wheeler
12    Maddie Wadsworth    Beeline Bicycles
13    Anna Wadsworth    Beeline Bicycles
14    Alexa Hawkins    PPV
15    Ellis Jones    Swindon RC
16    Olivia Burnip    Corinium CC
17    Seren Jones    Swindon RC
18    Harrison Phillips    Swindon RC
19    Tyler Smith    Swindon RC
20    Mack Mellish    Zappis
21    Isabel Phillips    Swindon RC
22    Oliver Rich    Go Ride
23    Oliver Buckle    Go Ride
24    Jameal     Go Ride
25    Jayden Blann    Team Rose Blann
26    Lizzie Barlow    PPV
27    Lewis Jones    Swindon RC
28    Leo Tharant    Cheltenham CC
29    Alex Long    Sherbourne
30    Katie White    Go Ride
31    Finn Hawkins    PPV
32    Harry Cravey    Go Ride
33    David Fordham    Go Ride
34    Tom    Go Ride
35    Jack    Go Ride
36    Benjamin Oliver    Go Ride
37    Lilly Oliver    Go Ride
38    Logan Wood    Go Ride
39    Charlotte Dillon    Go Ride
40    Annabel Townsend    Go Ride
41    Tom     Go Ride
42    Lizzie Pemberton    Go Ride
43    Joshua Scrunton    Go Ride
44    Ollie Walker    Swindon RC
45    Tom L    Go Ride
46    Oliver Townsend    Go Ride
47    Reece Hillier    Go Ride
48    Calum Fisher    Go Ride
49    Kacey Fisher    Go Ride
50    Jamie Barlow    Go Ride
51    Dylan Maititlang    Go Ride
52    Ellis Dillon    Go Ride
53    Daisy    Go Ride
54    Wyatt Lutshes    Go Ride
55    Theo Lutshes    Go Ride
56    Gracie    Go Ride

1    Harvey Lowe    Hargroves Cycles
2    Tom Franklin    Hargroves Cycles
3    Dan Tulett    Hargroves Cycles
4    Rob Bolwell    Wight Mountain
5    Jack Saunders    Swindon RC
6    James Mitri    VCL
7    Tom Sewell    Swindon RC
8    Edward Gronbech    Oxford City
9    Elliot Lassiter    MAD Tri
10    Zoe Sheehan    Swindon RC
11    Bethany Taylor    BCDS
12    Emily Wadswoth    Bee Line Bicycles
13    Kerrie Hutchinson    Swindon RC
14    Rhianna Jones    Swindon RC
15    Hannah Gibbs    Swindon RC
16    Katie Metali    BCDS
17    Ciara Hutchinson    Swindon RC
18    Sophie Taylor    BCDS
19    Daisy Wheller    U/A

1    Matt Hargroves    Hargroves Cycles
2    Harry Franklin    Hargroves Cycles
3    Joe Griffiths    Dream CC
4    Matt Woods    Hargroves Cycles
5    William Mackie    AW Cycles
6    Jason Pitt    AW Cycles
7    Jordan Wade    Poole Wheelers
8    Tim Collins    1st Gear Cycles
9    Matt Fowler    Swindon RC
10    Richard Robinson    NHRC

1    Dave McMullen    GWR
2    Kevin Knox    Vicious Velo
3    Will Girvan    NHRC
4    Sean Williams    Wight Mountain
5    Keith Sheridan    Hargroves Cycles
6    Mike Groves    Stevens Uk/Hargroves
7    Malcolm Cross    Hargroves Cycles
8    Pete Hutchinson    Swindon RC
9    Garry Clark    Hargroves Cycles
10    Dave Wadswoth    Beeline Cycles
11    Steve Brown    Dream CC
12    Kevin Blann    Team Rose Blann
13    Dave Phillips    Swindon RC
14    Peter Bolke
15    Ray Robinson    Team Rose Blann
16    Pete Scott    Swindon RC
17    Jason Marriot    Army CC
18    Duncan Mellish    Zappis
19    Alan Wakes    SRC
20    Martin Dymond    Wight Mountain
21    Ian Lobley    Hot Chillee
22    Steve Bale    Reading CC
23    Stuart Gough    Portswood Cycles
24    Tony Davis    Dream CC
25    Anthony Dymont    NHRC
26    Gareth Bridge    Southdown Velo
27    Simon Baines    Giant  CC
28    Tony Turner    Oxonian CC
29    David Hobbs    Corinium CC
30    Sean Bolton    Swindon RC
31    Rob Collins    Dream CC
32    Damien Grugan    Pedal On
33    Robin Akers    Beeline Cycles
34    A Murphy    NHRC
35    Steve Robinson    NHRC
36    Ian Dawes    Ride 24/7
37    Dave Buckle    Gloucester City CC
38    Peter Warwick    Didcot Phoenix
39    Chris Long    PB
40    Gareth Walker    Swindon RC
41    David Lloyd    Banjo Cycles
42    Steve Dines    Wight Mountain
43    S Meadowell    Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
44    Gary Barlow    Reading CC
45    Neil Langdon    Giant  CC
46    Andy Pond
47    Phil Chinn    Fareham Wheelers
48    G Stewart
49    Richard Bremner    NHRC
50    Nick Adnitt    Andover Wheelers
51    Nick Warmsley    Corinium CC
52    Keith Allen
53    Paul Salmon    iteam
54    Chris Turney    Giant  CC
55    P Robinson
56    Gordon Smiley
57    John Hawes    Cheltenham CC
58    Greg Thompson    Beacon RCC
59    Paul Sewell    Swindon RC
60    Darren Taylor    BCDS
61    Geoff Booker    Oxonian CC
62    Phil Jansen
63    Paul Burnip    Corinium CC
64    Steve Warwick
65    C Bates    Reading CC
66    Steve Freeman
67    Adam Gardiner    Didcot Phoenix
68    Pat Alexander    CCCC
69    Darren Chappell    Behind the Bikeshed
70    Gerald Mcdermot    Climb on Bikes
71    Dave Wade    PWS
72    Nick Noble
73    Steve Avery    Zappis
74    Dean Barrett    Swindon RC
75    Pete Martin    Zappis
76    Andy Gibbs    Swindon RC
77    John Burrows    Poole Wheelers

1    Claire Smith    Swindon RC
2    Caroline Goward    Scott Contessa
3    Sarah Woods    Wight Mountain
4    Sharon Dolman    Swindon RC
5    Samantha Jones
6    Ruby Baker    Behind the Bikshed
7    Ali Hardie    Swindon RC
8    Hazell Jowett    Chapel Tristars
9    Laura Holborow    Swindon RC
10    Jenifer Taylor    BCDS

1    Mike Cotty    Wheelbase-Cannondale
2    Crispin Doyle    Swindon RC
3    Dan Lewis    RAF
4    Matt McDonald    Hargroves Cycles
5    Will Bjergfelt    Motorpoint Procyling
6    Paul Lloyd    Banjo Cycles
7    Adrian Landsley    Pedal on
8    Peter Kench    GWR
9    Scott Easter    Felt Colbournes
10    Chris Minter    Pedal on
11    Benoit Davies    Cheltenham Cycles
12    Sam Allen    Hennebont Cycling
13    Craig Denning    Dream CC
14    Ian Legg    Felt Colbournes
15    Mike Simpson    Henley
16    James Astbury    Hargroves Cycles
17    Dan Smith    GWR
18    Jason Painter    Ride on air
19    Jason Blann    Team Rose Blann
20    Nick Onslow    Pedal on
21    Simon Smith    Adeo Cadence RT
22    Phil Gough    Red Kite Cycles
23    Lee Smith    Banjo Cycles
24    Ryan Keynes
25    Frank Lebon    Giant Store
26    Ed Sneddon    Swindon RC
27    Mike Warner    Cannondale Racing
28    Dan Guest    Army CC
29    I Blathled    VC Meudeon
30    Gavin Spires    A W Cycles
31    Mike Holborow    Swindon RC
32    Scott Chappell    Behind the Bikeshed
33    Tim Rochford
34    Jay Bradley    Southampton RC
35    John Wickham    GWR
36    Anthony Laye    Gloucester CC
37    Simon Tarrant    Cheltenham CC
38    Chris Lawrie    Bath CC
39    Dave Feng    Dulwich
40    Barry Plank    Behind the Bikeshed
41    Mark Chick    Swindon RC
42    Neville Luxton    Swindon RC
43    Andy Lacock    NRC
44    Robin Steward    Swindon RC

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