Wouter Sybrandy Wins Round 8 of Rudy Project

Eamonn Deane writes Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport- Specialized) won the final round of this year’s Rudy Project Time Trial Series on the sporting course chosen by promoters Poole Wheelers.Sybrandy clocked 1:05:46 for the two lap 32 mile course. Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC), 1:08:07, took second place but was 2:21 down on Sybrandy while Alec Baskaya (Bath CC) grabbed the final podium spot with 1:08:54. Promoted by Poole Wheelers, the testing course had a little of everything, narrow, twisting lanes, tight corners, some uphill & some fast stretches.

Roadman Sybrandy must have felt at home and by the end of the first 16 mile lap already had a lead of 1: 19 over Topham. Third fastest at this stage was James Gilfillan (Team Feat), 40 seconds down on the leader. Gilfillan, however, faded on the second lap and eventually finished 4th.

Rebecca Slack.

Jack Green (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) with 1:11:46 finished 6th and was the leading Espoir. In the Women’s single lap event, pre race favourite, Michelle King (Team Jewson-MI racing) was a non-starter; Rebecca Slack (The Altitude Centre) took full advantage, her 37:44 giving her a winning margin of 2:31 over Vicky Dawson (Matlock CC) 40:15. Nadine Mayhew (Leamington C& AC), 41:31, finished third.

In the veteran’s race, Gabriel Martinez (VC Meudon), 33:38 got the better of local fast man Paul Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee), 34:03 with Rob Weare (Leamington C&A C) 34:26, 3rd. Eighteen year old Henry Latimer (Zappi’s CC) won the Junior’s, finishing four minutes clear of 15 year old Harrison Fielding (Poole Wheelers), Fielding’s club mate, Ryan Weston took 3rd with 40:46. Brendan West (Maidenhead & Dist) was the only entrant in the Disabled category. The C2 rider recorded 50.28 for his one lap.

The warm autumn sunshine made it an enjoyable end to the 2011 Rudy Project Series but with the overall results already decided, entries were a little disappointing, only 11 in the senior race and 4 in the ladies. Winner Sybrandy touched on this saying “I know it’s late in the season but it is a shame there are only 13 people in the senior event, having it earlier in the year maybe, but then I would not be able to do it because of my road racing commitments. The only reason I have been able to do the last two rounds is because my road season is pretty much over.”

“It would be good if British Cycling points were available, it’s a great idea and it might get more people riding which is what the series deserves. It was a really good course, I really enjoyed it. Sybrandy mixes Time Trialling & Road Racing says of this “I would not say you have to do one or the other. I think the two mix together well especially on course’s like this, hilly and rolling. I think the fact that I am road racing, I recover quicker, it works to my advantage”.

I mention Sybrandy’s traditional start to the season, the East Surrey Hardriders: “I like to ride a few time trials at the beginning of the year as well. I try to to a TT when there is a gap in my road calendar. Its a good way to get fit early on, and they are good events and have good prize money. I have only been able to do three rounds of the Rudy Project this year.”

What about the Winter Eamonn asked Wouter? “I have a few weeks off then start training again.” Off the bike completely? “Maybe not completely as I will ride to work. Mid November I start doing some miles and maybe a few cross races, something different. Next year will be a similar programme to this year, I am staying with the Sigma Sport Specialized team.”

With work in mind, Eamonn asked Wouter what is the biggest problem, no time to rest or no time to train? “Rest and having no time to do anything else” he laughs!

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More pictures … http://blog.sportsmassagebournemouth.co.uk/2011/10/rttc-rudy-project-time-trial-series.html


1 Wouter Sybrandy Sigma Sport – Specialized 01:05:46
2 Adam Topham High Wycombe Cycling Club 01:08:07
3 Alec Baskaya Bath Cycling Club 01:08:54
4 James Gilfillan Team Feat 01:09:09
5 Tim Wallis Red Kite Cycles 01:11:35
6 Jack Green VC St Raphael 01:11:46
7 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers 01:12:42
8 Andy Buddle Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 01:13:32
9 Jon Clemas Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 01:15:04
10 Martin Beale VC St Raphael 01:15:51
11 Matthew Golden Farnham Road Club 01:28:32

1 Henry Latimer Zappi’s Cycling Club 00:35:39
2 Harrison Fielding Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:39:39
3 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:40:46

1 Rebecca Slack The Altitude Centre 00:37:44
2 Vicky Dawson Matlock Cycling Club 00:40:15
3 Nadine Mayhew Leamington C & A C 00:41:31

1 Gabriel Martinez V C Meudon 00:33:38
2 Paul Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 00:34:03
3 Rob Weare Leamington C & A C 00:34:26
4 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:34:40
5 Jake Prior VC St Raphael 00:35:26
6 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:35:36
7 James Goward Team Scott Plasma 00:35:38
8 Glenn Longland Antelope Racing Team 00:36:07
9 Stuart Martingale Sotonia Cycling Club 00:36:28
10 Gary Tuskin Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:37:13
11 Richard Birkin Nottingham Clarion CC 00:38:16
12 Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:38:29
13 Ian Locock Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:38:32
14 John Woodburn V C Meudon 00:38:54
15 Stan Maciak Didcot Pheonix Cycling Club 00:39:00
16 Tom Wollard Northovers Vets Team 00:39:24
17 Stuart Grace G A Cycles 00:39:47
18 Rob Ellis VC St Raphael 00:39:52
19 Graham Green Leicestershire Road Club 00:40:03
20 Stewart Kirk Cycling Club Sudbury 00:40:21
21 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:41:00
22 Allan Miller Caesarean Cycling Club 00:41:39
23 Howard Pankhurst Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:43:44
24 Robin Maclagan VTTA North Midlands 00:44:22
25 Dave Gaida Reading Cycling Club 00:49:47
26 John Burrows Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 00:50:11
27 Brian Wakley Wessex Road Club 00:50:12

1 Brendan West Maidenhead and District CC 00:50:28

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