Report: Round 3 of the Twickenham CC Ottershaw Series

Victory for Peter Wager in final round of the Ottershaw Series while Adam Cotterell wins the overall

Another excellent entry, due perhaps to the fine weather, although cloudy and with a little drizzle during the race. There were two courses used again; the 4.5 km Valley End circuit (10) laps, and the more challenging Staple Hill Circuit with the uphill finish, 5 km by 10 laps.

From the drop of the flag, Jake Martin and Martin Smith escaped the clutches of the group, Martin managing not to puncture this week, their lead increased to 1 m20sec with both riders pulling equally, although Martin did attack Smith when the group were within 15 seconds. However, they were caught before the second circuit commenced. Holdsworth was again very active and achieved a 50 second gap along with Andrew Colvin from Bigfoot CC but he was not quite up to the pace that Holdsworth set and again they were brought back by the main group with the Wyndymilla Team working hard for Adam Cotterell’s overall position.

There were several other attempts at splitting  the group and with 12 km to go, a small group detached itself on the climb of Staple Hill, but again this was neutralised and with 8 km to go an astonishing attack by Paul Edwards and Peter Wager held off the main group. It was remarkable that such a significant gap was achieved so close to the finish with Peter Wager comfortably winning the run-in.

It rounded off the three remarkable races where in the first race, Adam Cotterell managed to escape from Lewis Atkins, in the second race another brilliant ride and a solo win by Richard Prebble and the final race with Peter Wager’s fine effort.

At the prize presentation the Chief Commissaire, Tom McCall, praised the standard of racing and said he was very impressed, and added that the Motor cycle marshals, and the Twickenham marshals made the races completely safe. Finally, to round off an excellent series the prizes were presented by Garmin Cervelo’s Daniel Lloyd who spoke briefly on his season, and his disappointment at not managing the podium on the Tour of Britain having lost his place in the Time Trial.

Henry Furniss of Wyndmilla also spoke briefly about his excitement for next season and the link-up with Magnus Backstedt and Nigel Mansell’s charity, UK Youth. He said he hoped Magnus would maybe ride the Paris Roubaix again with some of the team. He was also pleased to say that he would be able to help out for the Winter Series, along with Maxifuel.

1. Peter Wager Felt Colborne 95 km in 2 hours 27 mins
2. Paul Edwards Carbon Sports same time
3. James Loden Lewes Wanderers @ 23 secs
4. Adam Cotterell Wyndymilla same time
5. Nick Abraham Private
6. Lewis Atkins Twenty 3 Obrea
7. Ashley Holding GB Mstina
8. Richard Prebble Motorpoint Pro Cycling
9. John Verness Handsling
10. David Seager Kingsnorth International
11. Alex Hyam Wyndymilla
12. Paul Holdsworth Hounslow & District Wheelers
13. James Foster Team Quest
14. David Morrell London Phoenix
15. Chris Snook Banjo cycles

1. Adam Cotterell Wyndymilla 9 points
2. Lewis Atkins Twenty 3 Obrea 14 points
3. Ashley Holding GB Mstina 19 points
4. Paul Edwards Carbon Sports 27 points
5. David Morrell London Phoenix 36 points
6. Graham Hills InGear 52 points
7. Chris Snook Banjo Cycles 57 points
8. Iain Palmer Twickenham C.C. 61 points
9. Giorgious Crouch V.C. Meuden 74 points
10. Peter Cole Handsling Racing 76 points


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