Results/Report/Photos: Imperial Winter Series Rd 2

A victory for Steve Golla at the second round of the 2011/12 Winter Series at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit

Imperial Winters Series – Race 2  | Saturday 10th December 2011

Lucy Collins writes … A cold bright afternoon with a full field for the 3rd and 4th cat races and a weaker wind than last week.  However, the standard of riding in some cases was very poor resulting in a number of crashes which was very disappointing after last week’s excellent start.

A core group of 30 riders forced the pace over the early laps leaving small groups of riders chasing on their own. The main group stayed together, despite the hiccup with catching back the 3rds race (as noted below), and it was won in a sprint finish by Rob Sharland (Kingston Wheelers) from his team mate Jason Gardiner (Kingston Wheelers) and Dan Mitchell (Redhill CC). Sharland will be very pleased with his effort which moves him up a category.  The WyndyMilla 4th cat random prize is awarded to 11th place finisher Marc Townsend ( so he can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

The 3rd cat race was rather more aggressive and there were several attacks but unfortunately half way through the pace let up allowing the 4th cats to claw back their advantage, however, the BC commissaire neutralised the group in order for the 4th cat race to have a clear sprint for the finish. Iain Palmer (Twickenham CC) proved to be the strongest in the run into the line and after the messy middle part of the race, it finished on a very worthy note. Palmer has been showing great form lately and looks to be heading to becoming a 1st cat rider, and coming from a rowing background this is very credible. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 7th place finisher Mark Northover (CC Giro); he receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

The E/1/2/3 race was entirely different with an entry of 46 riders and as would be expected it was very fast and aggressive from the start with plenty of attacks with riders going clear in 2’s and 3’s notably Tom Bell (Twickenham CC), Cam Swarbrick (AW Cycles) and Stephen Bradbury (AW Cycles), however, they were pulled back by a very focused main group.

Another break formed almost immediately with Bradbury again and Harry Strudley (AW Cycles) but again they too were pulled back by hard riding by the main group lead by James Norris (High Wycombe CC) who then himself formed a duo with Strudley but they were reeled in by the main group. With 12km to go the decisive move came from in form Conall Yates (InGear Quickvit RT) and previous stalwart Chris Moores (Norwood Paragon) and junior rider Rory Townsend (Prestige VC).  Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) made a massive effort to bridge the gap and almost made it and then blew up big time, unfortunately the flying trio in spite of all their hard work were caught with 8km to go.

In the run in Steve Golla (High Wycombe CC) with a prodigious effort in the last 400m opened a gap to win comfortably from a brilliant Townsend, who had the strength and courage to hang on for 2nd place – an outstanding effort – certainly the man of the race. Bradbury managed to hold off Jerzy Kuzminski (London Phoenix) for 3rd place with the main bunch being lead in by Ed Rose (progression/bikelux), Pete Wager (Felt-Colbornes RT), Henry Latimer (Zappi’s CC) and Vince Halpern (Handsling Racing).

Steve Golla now leads the overall series on 350 points. Jamie Pine and Rory Townsend both on 230.

Race 3   -  Sat 17th December  -   3rd & 4th Cat 13:00  -  E123 14:15
Race 4 – Christmas Eve – 4th Cat 11:00  -  3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15
Race 5 – Boxing Day – 4th Cat 11:00  -  3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15
Race 6 – New Years Eve – 4th Cat 11:00  -  3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15

Photos from Guy Swarbrick: The full set is at


More pictures from Dave Hayward: Elites & Category 3 and 4

Race 2 | Report from Week One

1st  Steve Golla High Wycombe
2nd  Rory Townsend Prestige VC
3rd  Stephen Bradbury
4th  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix
5th  Ed Rose progression/bikelux
6th  Pete Wager Felt-Colbornes RT
7th  Henry Latimer Zappi’s CC
8th  Vincent Halpern Handsling Racing
9th  Arjan Planting Dulwhich Paragon
10th  Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers
11th  Peter Cole Handslingracing
12th  Paul Drake London Dynamo
13th  Jamie Pine London Dynamo
14th  Steve Legg Police Sport UK
15th  Matthew Carden Team Quest
16th  Ralph De Kanter Norwood Paragon CC
17th  Andrew Brown VC Peloton
18th  Harry Strudley
19th  Krisztian Borbely Cyclelab
20th  Rudie Marais La Fuga/Sigma Sport
21st  Samuel Gilzean Welwyn Wheelers
22nd  James Norris High Wycombe CC
23rd  Tom Bell Twickenham CC
24th  Nicholas Baker Zappis
25th  Nick Spiers Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cycaim RT
26th  Andy Mckay Zappi
27th  Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers
28th  Bill Butterworth Twickenham CC
29th  Christian Yates East Grinstead CC
30th  James Leach Twickenham CC
31st  Ben Moores Norwood Paragon
32nd  Tom Bowering WyndyMilla
33rd  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
34th  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC
35th  Iain Gillam Imperial College cc
36th  Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers
37th  Robin Basford WyndyMilla
38th  Nat Spurling Finsbury Park
39th  Conall Yates InGear Quickvit RT
40th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel

3rd Category Race
1st  Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
2nd  Dominic Clegg Redhill CC
3rd  Peter Giddings unattached
4th  Phil Adams Cycle Club Ashwell
5th  Tim Benham Wyndy Milla
6th  Stuart Jackson Bath Road Club
7th  Mark Northover CC Giro
8th  Alex Burrage Loughborough Students CC
9th  Alex Toghill Twickenham CC
10th  Peter Hudson Durham University – AURA Cycles
11th  Neil Heffernan Inverse Racing/Cyclaim
12th  Ryan Visser Redhill cc
13th  Carsten Duke London Dynamo
14th  Richard Jerome Willesden CC
15th  Ajelo Ghristides
16th  Jonny Noton unattached
17th  Edmond Irwin london fire brigade CC
18th  Aaron Tayler Swindon RC
19th  Alex Tollo unattached
20th  James Walker High Wycombe CC
21st  Joe Holloway VC10
22nd  Callum Oliver Rapha Condor CC
23rd  Mark Lawn Inverse Racing/Cyclaim
24th  Taimur Tanwir London Dynamo/Prologue
25th  Brian Stokes ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
26th  Richard Rose Bikelux Progression
27th  Peter Hitt Mountain Trax RT
28th  Tom Smith CC Hackney
29th  Jacek Reder unattached
30th  Steven Cottington Cadence RT
31st  Lubomir Belak Team Welwyn
32nd  Charles Sanders Cadence RT
33rd  Alex Jump Dulwich Paragon
34th  Ian Mckeown London Dynamo
35th  Richard Stanton Arbis LLP – Roy Pink Cycles RT
36th  Iain Cade Cadence RT
37th  Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
38th  Adam Elderfield Team Quest
39th  Nigel Burns St Ives CC
40th  Robert Lemaster London Dynamo
41st  Seb Greenwood Vivelo Bikes – Inverse RT / Cyclaim
42nd  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers
43rd  Darren Waters Team De ver
44th  Simon Hawkesworth unattached
45th  Martin Porter Thames Velo
46th  Myles Willis Dulwich Paragon
47th  Rune Sanbeck Nilsson London Dynamo

Category 4
1st Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers
2nd  Jason Gardiner Kingston Wheelers
3rd  Dan Mitchell Redhill CC
4th  Daniel Stevens
5th  Duncan Schwier Twickenham CC
6th  Mark Longstaff Colchester Rovers
7th  James Local London Dynamo
8th  Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC
9th  Will Vousden unattached
10th  John-Paul Brophy
11th  Marc Townsend
12th  Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers
13th  Michael Vance Dulwich Paragon
14th  Alex Stephenson-Brown Wersters
15th  Adam Capes London Dynamo
16th  Glen Peterson London Dynamo
17th  Alan Nixon Amersham RCC
18th  Mike Holborow Swindon RC
19th  Ed Everett Private member
20th  Andrew Macey Ashford Wheelers
21st  Phil Sowton Wyndymilla
22nd  Stephen Ralston London Dynamo/Prologue
23rd  Peter Blencowe Imperial College CC
24th  Jasmijn Muller Kingston Wheelers CC
25th  Hamish Wilson Redhill CC
26th  Paul O’donnell Kingston Wheelers
27th  Daniel Justin Dulwich Paragon CC
28th  Jorge Alberzoni London Dynamo
29th  Michael Tocknell London Dynamos
30th  Andrew Deans london dynamo
31st  Steven Green Thames Velo
32nd  Andrew Rollason Private Member
33rd  Emma Towers Twickenham CC
34th  Tim Osborne High Wycombe CC
35th  Matthew Crisp Private member
36th  Mary Hannah Evans High Wycombe CC
37th  Stuart Smith High Wycombe
38th  Paul Morrissey High Wycombe CC
39th  Richard Carrington London Dynamo
40th  David Hitt
41st  Jon Train Private Member
42nd  Michael Clancy Dulwich Paragon
43rd  Dewet Diener Finsbury Park CC

1. Steve Golla High Wycombe 3
2. Jamie Pine, London Dynamo 14
3. Peter Cole 16

3rd Cat
1st Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
2nd Dominic Clegg Redhill CC
3rd Peter Giddings Unattached

4th Cat
1st Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers
2nd Jason Gardiner Kingston Wheelers
3rd Jorge Alberzoni London Dynamo

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