BikeP0RN: Stevens Vapor

A look at the multi-purpose Stevens Vapor belonging to Mike Groves complete with disc brakes.


A look on the Steven’s website for the aluminium Vapor model featured here and it says “Crossbike adequate for every-day use, with Avid disk brake, Reliable Ultegra drive train with CX70 cranks, High-value Easton wheels, Stiff and comfortable carbon fork with 1 1/8″-1 ½” steerer.

Mike with his new Steven’s bike, the Vapor. Photo: Graham Robins.

Mike Groves, says his team, StevensUK, has purchased the bike to use alongside the two carbon team issue bikes. As the season has progressed, Mike has been impressed with the new Stevens carbon bikes but wanted a year round bike for training, commuting as well as using in competition. A bike that really can be a jack of all trades and still master the course’s he races on around the country. Enter the Vapor with its disc brakes.

Mike meanwhile says he’s really happy with it. “With limited time to acclimatise to the more powerful disc brake system, I found it hard during the race, locking up both wheels many times on warm up and during the race! I think it would be fine bike for a beginner cyclo-cross rider who is not used to the traditional cantilever designs of old or perfectly suited to a mountain bike rider that rides ‘cross during the winter.

Photos: Graham Robins: The disc brakes enable to the bike to be used for road riding (not racing in UCI/BC sanctioned events) and cross. Right: Shimano Ultegra groupset.

The bike rode, handled and performed just like my carbon race bike on much of the course, very stiff when the power was needed out of the corners and during the climb into the woods. Mud clearance is amazing. For an off the peg bike, it’s a winner and would have been just that for me had it not been for a puncture in the front tyre on the last lap.

The disc brakes are more powerful than ‘normal’ cross brakes which I understand don’t actually work that great and so these take a bit of getting used to! Photos: Graham Robins