International Report: Win number Two for Andy Fenn

Neo pro, Quickstep’s Andy Fenn, has won his second pro race of a young career in a bunch kick on stage 2 of Challenge Majorca.

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Racing continued on Monday in Majorca with a 171 kilometre/106 mile road stage from Llucmajor to Campos. After yesterday’s snowfall, the weather was better today with only 10 kilometres of rain and hail! “In the end there were three or four bad crashes,” said team director Kim Andersen for Radioshack-Nissan-Trek. “But they were at the back of the peloton and all nine of our riders were in the front.”

In a lumpy stage, a break with Endura Racing’s Alexander Wetterhall along with Jetse Bol (Rabobank), David Veilleux (Europcar) and Guillermo Luis Mas Bonet, built up a maximum lead of 7’30” before Team Sky and Quickstep worked to bring this back together for a bunch kick and the break was caught with 25km to go.

Quickstep then worked hard for their young sprinter from Hertfordshire who rode for AnPost Dolan Bikes in 2011 and in the final sprint for the line, Fenn bested  Alexander Porsev (Team Katusha). Matteo Pelucchi (Europcar) was third ahead of Cardoso with Sky’s Boasson Hagen in 5th place. Fenn said later on Twitter … “a big thank you to all the guys again. Such a great team today! Tomorrow a rest”.

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After the stage, the former Academy rider explained more by saying “Today, the race was very difficult. There was a lot of wind and we also raced for a few kilometres in the rain. When the group broke up into three parts at about 40 kilometres  from the finish, I got caught off guard in the second group.”

“I was lucky I found a great Kevin De Weert who helped me catch up to the leaders. Kevin put in a great effort and I thank him. Without him today, I never would have made it. But I want to thank the entire squad. In the final, everyone did what they had to do. It’s a team victory, as was yesterday’s, too. The group here is fantastic and it feels like I’ve always been riding with this team.”

It wasn’t all good luck for the team though as Tony Martin , making his season debut in Mallorca, fell at about 40 kilometres from the arrival, fortunately without consequences. “Due to the fall I broke a pedal and had to change the bike” Martin said. “At that point, all I thought about was crossing the finish line. Fortunately,in the fall I didn’t suffer any serious consequences.” Tomorrow the TT World Champion will be at the starting line for the third test in the Challenge Mallorca.

Meanwhile, Alexander Wetterhall, Endura Racing, explained on the team’s website “I attacked just after a few km in the 171km long race and got away with David and Jetse. We rode strongly together and shared the work, sprinted at the primes along the road and I got second in the most of them exept for the first KOM that I won. We got caught though with 25km to go so at least a good 130km up the road and that gave me the win of Most Agressive Rider, Mountains and Combined Classification. Well worth the 3 hours in the break! And everything came down to a crazy and superfast sprint, Blain best at 15th and I rolled in with the bunch. Great to step up on the podium, wish I did that more often… But that is to come!”

Meanwhile, Radioshack’s Kim Anderson explained more about the finish saying, “the final wasn’t as hard as we’d expected it to be,” continued Radioshack’s Andersen, “so we knew this wasn’t a sprint for us. Bennati was well positioned but it was quite dangerous in the end, especially with a downhill finish.” Tomorrow’s stage moves more to the middle of beautiful Mallorca where the peloton will tackle the interior island mountains for stages 3 and four.

Picture of Andy Fenn’s first win – Andy Fenn’s first pro win! Photo Credit:  hr/PhotoSport International uk usa asia

Photo of Andy’s second win here …


1.   Fenn, Andrew Omega Pharma-Quick Step 03:52:51
2.   Porsev, Alesander Katusha Team@St
3.   Pelucchi, Matteo Team Europcar@St
4.   Cardoso, Manuel Caja Rural@St
5.   Boasson, Edvald Hagen Sky Pro Cycling@St
6.   Havik, Yoeri Cycling Team De Rijke@St
7.   Cantwell, Jonathan Team Saxo Bank@St
8.   Aberasturi, Jon Orbea Continental@St
9.   Rojas, Jose Joaquin Movistar@St
10.  Tsatevitch, Alexey Katusha Team@St
11.  Bennati, Daniele Radioshack-Nissan@St
12.  Reynes, Vicente Lotto-Belisol@St
13.  Robert, Frederique Lotto-Belisol@St
14.  Jörgensen, Jonas Team Saxo Bank@St
15.  Blain, Alexandre , Endura Racing @St
16.  Matthews, Michael Rabobank@St
17.  Cano, Jose Luis Andalucia@St
18.  Van Der Sande, Tosh Lotto-Belisol@St
19.  Perez, Ruben Euskaltel-Euskadi@St
20.  Simon, Julien Saur-Sojasun@St
21.  Schulze, Andre Team Netapp@St
22.  Te Brake, Remco Cycling Team De Rijke@St
23.  Garcia, Egoitz Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne@St
24.  Schorn, Daniel Team Netapp@St
25.  Dempster, Zakkari Endura Racing@St
26.  Groenewegen, Dylan Cycling Team De Rijke@St
27.  Urtasun, Pablo Euskaltel-Euskadi@St
28.  Van Avermaet, Greg Bmc Racing Team@St
29.  Trentin, Matteo Omega Pharma-Quick Step@St
30.  Cammaerts, Edwig Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne  @St
31.  Dehaes, Kenny Lotto-Belisol  @St
32.  Mcevoy, Jonathan Endura Racing  @St
33.  Neyens, Maarten Lotto-Belisol  @St
34.  Seubert, Timon Team Netapp  @St
35.  Kritskiy, Timofey Katusha Team  @St
36.  Domagalski, Karol Caja Rural  @St
37.  Garcia, Ricardo Euskaltel-Euskadi  @St
38.  Schmitt, Alexander Nutrixxion-Abus  @St
39.  Pineau, Jerome Omega Pharma-Quick Step  @St
40.  Velits, Martin Omega Pharma-Quick Step  @St
41.  Konovalovas, Ignatas Movistar  @St
42.  Fouchard, Julien Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne  @St
43.  Sicard, Romain Euskaltel-Euskadi  @St
44.  Galland, Jeremie Saur-Sojasun  @St
45.  Florencio, Xavier Katusha Team  @St
46.  Laborie, Cristophe Saur-Sojasun  @St
47.  Marycz, Jaroslaw Team Saxo Bank  @St
48.  Klostergaard, Kasper Team Saxo Bank  @St
49.  Thurau, Bjorn Team Europcar  @St
50.  Haddou, Said Team Europcar  @St
51.  Claude, Mathieu Team Europcar  @St
52.  Vanendert, Dennis Lotto-Belisol  @St
53.  Zaugg, Oliver Radioshack-Nissan  @St
54.  Kern, Christophe Team Europcar  @St
55.  Cesar, Gustavo Andalucia  @St
56.  Pfingsten, Christoph Cycling Team De Rijke  @St
57.  Barredo, Carlos Rabobank  @St
58.  Lövkvist, Thomas Sky Pro Cycling  @St
59.  Astarloza, Mikel Euskaltel-Euskadi  @St
60.  Tankink, Bram Rabobank  @St
61.  Vermeer, Tom Nutrixxion-Abus  @St
62.  Meersman, Gianni Lotto-Belisol  @St
63.  Vantomme, Maxime Katusha Team  @St
64.  Sergent, Jesse Radioshack-Nissan  @St
65.  Golas, Michal Omega Pharma-Quick Step  @St
66.  Sivtsov, Kastantsin Sky Pro Cycling  @St
67.  Marino, Jean Marc Saur-Sojasun  @St
68.  Lund, Anders Team Saxo Bank  @St
69.  Rowe, Luke Sky Pro Cycling  @St
70.  Anderson, Jack Endura Racing  @St
71.  Santamaria, Oscar Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon  @St
72.  Nordhaug, Lars Peter Sky Pro Cycling  @St
73.  Schweizer, Christoph Nutrixxion-Abus  @St
74.  Puccio, Salvatore Sky Pro Cycling  @St
75.  Niermann, Grischa Rabobank  @St
76.  Camaño, Iker Endura Racing  @St
77.  Baugnies, Jerome Team Netapp  @St
78.  Windsor, Dean Endura Racing  @St
79.  Van Garderen, Tejay Bmc Racing Team  @St
80.  Jarc, Blaz Team Netapp  @St
81.  Samolau, Branislau Movistar  @St
82.  Toribio, Jose Vte. Andalucia  @St
83.  Terpstra, Niki Omega Pharma-Quick Step  @St
84.  Anton, Igor Euskaltel-Euskadi  @St
85.  Lechuga, Pablo Andalucia  @St
86.  Erviti, Imqnol Movistar  @St
87.  Bagues, Aritz Orbea Continental  @St
88.  Groen, Ike Cycling Team De Rijke  @St
89.  Cummings, Stephen Bmc Racing Team  @St
90.  Aramendia, Fco. Javier Caja Rural  @St
91.  Henao, Luis Sky Pro Cycling  @St
92.  Boaro, Manuele Team Saxo Bank  @St
93.  Wetterhall, Alexander Endura Racing  @St
94.  Osuna, Roman Andalucia  @St
95.  King, Benjamin Radioshack-Nissan  @St
96.  Chacon, Javier Andalucia  @St
97.  Zandio, Xabier Sky Pro Cycling  @St
98.  Costa, Rui Movistar  @St
99.  Didier, Laurent Radioshack-Nissan  @St
100.  Verdugo, Gorka Euskaltel-Euskadi  @St
101.  Eijssen, Yannick Bmc Racing Team  @St
102.  Benedetti, Cesare Team Netapp  @St
103.  Voigt, Jens Radioshack-Nissan  @St
104.  Rowsell, Erick Endura Racing  @St
105.  Spilak, Simon Katusha Team  @St
106.  Ferrari, Fabricio Caja Rural  @St
107.  Merino, Igor Orbea Continental  @St
108.  Ghyselinck, Jan Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne  @St
109.  Nuyens, Nick Team Saxo Bank  @St
110.  Pires, Bruno Team Saxo Bank  @St
111.  Gerdemann, Linus Radioshack-Nissan  @St
112.  Fulsang, Jakob Radioshack-Nissan  @St
113.  Eichler, Markus Team Netapp  @St
114.  Kouwenhoven, Sjoerd Cycling Team De Rijke  @St
115.  Bol, Jetse Rabobank  @St
116.  Vicioso, Angel Katusha Team  @St
117.  Boom, Lars Rabobank  @St
118.  Burghardt, Marcus Bmc Racing Team  @St
119.  Gene, Yohann Team Europcar  @St
120.  Damien, Gaudin Team Europcar  @St
121.  Clement, Stef Rabobank  @St
122.  Moinard, Amael Bmc Racing Team  @St
123.  Dowsett, Alex Sky Pro Cycling A 23
124.  Kroon, Karster Team Saxo Bank A 23
125.  Müller, Dirk Nutrixxion-Abus A 31
126.  Verona, Carlos Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A 31
127.  Galdos, Aitor Caja Rural A 33
128.  Herrada, Jesus Movistar A 37
129.  Pinotti, Marco Bmc Racing Team A 37
130.  Martens, Paul Rabobank A 37
131.  Duyn, Huub Cycling Team De Rijke A 37
132.  Fraire, Omar Orbea Continental A 37
133.  Branaa, Damien Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A 37
134.  Etxebarria, Aritz Orbea Continental A 37
135.  Bravo, Garikoitz Caja Rural A 37
136.  Menchov, Denis Katusha Team A 37
137.  Cordeel, Sander Lotto-Belisol A 37
138.  Brutt, Pavel Katusha Team A 37
139.  Moreno, Javier Movistar A 37
140.  Landa, Mikel Euskaltel-Euskadi A 37
141.  De La Cruz, David Caja Rural A 37
142.  Bakelants, Jan Radioshack-Nissan A 37
143.  Bandiera, Marco Omega Pharma-Quick Step A 52
144.  Quinziato, Manuel Bmc Racing Team A 52
145.  Voss, Paul Endura Racing A 52
146.  Bessy, Cyril Saur-Sojasun A 52
147.  Quemeneur, Perrig Team Europcar A 52
148.  Vanendert, Jelle Lotto-Belisol A 52
149.  Edet, Nicolas Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne A  @St 1:19
150.  Izaguirre, Gorka Euskaltel-Euskadi A  @St 1:19
151.  Mollema, Bauke Rabobank A  @St 1:19
152.  Santaromita, Ivan Bmc Racing Team A  @St 1:19
153.  Janorschke, Grisha Team Netapp A  @St 1:29
154.  Veilleux, David Team Europcar A  @St 3:28
155.   Roldan, Jose Luis Andalucia A  @St 3:47
156.  De Weert, Kevin Omega Pharma-Quick Step A  @St 4:10
157.  Carrasco, Sergio Andalucia A  @St 4:10
158.   Levarvet, Guillaume Saur-Sojasun A  @St 4:30
159.   Sanchez, Julian Caja Rural A  @St 4:37
160.   Barbero, Carlos Orbea Continental A  @St 4:37
161.  Quintana, Nairo Movistar A  @St 4:37
162.  Madrazo, Angel Movistar A  @St 4:37
163.   Anton, Manuel Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A  @St 4:37
164.   Zuazubiskar, Illart Orbea Continental A  @St 6:56
165.   Piedra, Antonio Caja Rural A  @St 6:56
166.   Jimenez, Ruben Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A  @St 9:21
167.   Vega, Jose Andalucia A  @St 9:21
168.   Mas, Luis Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A  @St 9:21
169.   Reynes, Marc Nutrixxion-Abus A  @St 9:21
170.   Carazo, Efren Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A  @St 9:21
171.   Ottema, Rick Cycling Team De Rijke A  @St 9:21
172.   Capdepuy, Nicolas Burgos-Bh-Castilla Y Leon A  @St 9:21
173.   Bizkarra, Mikel Orbea Continental A  @St 9:21
174.   Schweizer, Michael Nutrixxion-Abus A  @St 9:21
175.  Cozza, Steven Team Netapp A  @St 9:21
176.   Van Der Meijden, Rune Cycling Team De Rijke A  @St 9:21
177.   Körber, Sebastian Nutrixxion-Abus A  @St 9:21
178.   Sydlik, Benjamin Nutrixxion-Abus A  @St 9:21
179.   Feillu, Brice Saur-Sojasun A  @St 9:21
180.   Mate, Luis Angel Cofidis Le Credit En Ligne A  @St 9:21
181.   Martins, Tony Omega Pharma-Quick Step A 11:23

1.  Wetterhall, Alexander Swe, Endura Racing 3-Pun
2.  Izaguirre, Gorka Esp Euskaltel-Euskadi 3-Pun
3.  Quinziato, Manuel Ita Bmc Racing Team 2-Pun
4.  Veilleux, David Can Team Europcar 2-Pun
5.  Pineau, Jerome Fra Omega Pharma-Quick Step 1-Pun
6.  Bol, Jetse Ned Rabobank 1-Pun

Metas Volantes
1.   Bol, Jetse Ned Rabobank 6-Pun
2.   Wetterhall, Alexander Swe, Endura Racing 4-Pun
3.   Veilleux, David Can Team Europcar 2-Pun

1.   Wetterhall, Alexander Swe , Endura Racing4 98
2.   Bol, Jetse Ned Rabobank 4 123
3.   Veilleux, David Can Team Europcar 4 164
7.   Fenn, Andrew Gbr Omega Pharma-Quick Step 1 1





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