Tour of Normandy: Erick Rowsell 2nd on stage 7

EXCLUSIVE: VeloUK talks to Endura Racing’s Erick Rowsell after he backed up his win two days ago with a second place on stage 7 of the Tour of Normandy

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Talking exclusively to VeloUK after the stage,  Erick gave his report of how the stage unfolded: “It was one of those stages again that was full on all day” he says. “It never really settled at all and it was a real hard start to the race with all of us trying to get in the break to cover the moves which we did really well with.”

“Nothing was going away so Endura Racing had a plan to try and split it and it was a case today of where we wanted to go for the overall or bust basically. Putting everything into trying to win the race overall rather than thinking about another stage win.”

“We tried repeatedly to split it but that didn’t quite work but we did help force a big group away which had Rob Partridge and Alex Blain in it. That was really good for us as it left the rest of us sitting pretty in the bunch. Eventually though the group came back and as soon as that came back, that’s when I went straight over the top because everyone was pretty gassed after chasing.”

Stage 5 and Erick was the winner … Photo: Etienne Garnier |

“A little group formed of six riders and we dropped one of them when we got to the finishing circuit and then a few more started sitting on which lead to the break splitting and two of us went off the front with two laps to the finish. I was riding for the overall, not the stage today.”

“I wasn’t far off the white jersey so I was going for that – not as good as yellow but still good to get on the podium. So I was riding more to keep us both away, doing a lot of work and at the finish, he managed to out sprint me and I was a few seconds short of the white jersey!”

“I am really pleased with the form though but it’s not a surprise. I knew I could do it but it was just about finding the races to do it in at some point. It was really great though to get the win and then back it up with a solid second placing which proves the win was a great result and my GC position is a bonus too”.

Erick says the the final stage does have some nasty climbs in it but it’s quite a bit shorter than the others so the team feel t will probably be a bunch sprint and if so, they’ll try and set it up for Jonny (McEvoy) or Scott (Thwaites).

Erick, who spent time with the GB Academy in Italy where he did well in the mountains of the baby Giro until crashing, says the racing he’s doing in France is completely different to Italy and may explain his results. “In Italy, the selection was always made on the hills so if you couldn’t climb, you were never going to win a race. I think in two seasons, we did one flat race in Italy.”

Asked if he was starting to feel one of the ‘boys’ now after coming into the Endura Racing team as a young rider straight from the GB Academy and in with many seasoned professionals, Erick replied, “I didn’t feel intimidated by the others as it was good coming into a team with so much experience. I saw it as a good opportunity to learn from the others like Russell and Iker who has ridden Grand Tours. You learn so much from them.”

Erick added that even before he had the results he’s had in Normandy, he’s been doing well within the team. “It was like they wanted me to perform well and not just be a worker and right from the off, I knew I wasn’t just going to be put into the category of the rider they put on the front.”

Looking ahead, although not on the start sheet, Erick says he may find himself riding the Maldon Dengie Tour and DoonHame although there is also the possibility of a French one day race as well. While he’s enjoyed the success in France, he says he is looking forward to racing at home as well and spending time back in London and not so much travelling!

Good luck to Erick on the final stage of the race.

Note: As well as Erick’s second place, Endura Racing had a second rider in the top ten on the stage with Jonny McEvoy in 8th.

Stage 7 – Rowsell Second
1. Dion Beukeboom Cycling Team De Rijke 03:32:11
2. Erick Rowsell Endura Racing @ same time
3. Jasper Bovenhuis Rabobank Continental Team 00:30
4. Romain Matheou Team Véranda Rideau-U @ same time
5. Eugenio Alafaci Leopard TREK @ same time
6. Tom Devriendt EFC – OmegaPharma – Quick.Step @ same time
7. Steele Von Hoff Chipotle – First Solar @ same time
8. Jonathan McEvoy Endura Racing @ same time
9. Robin Chaigneau Koga Cycling Team @ same time
10. Ruslan Tleubayev Continental Team Astana @ same time

22. Christopher Jennings Rapha Condor Sharp @ same time
30. Simon Yates @ same time
39. Scott Thwaites Endura Racing @ same time
42. Rob Partridge Endura Racing @ same time
54. Michael Cumings Rapha Condor Sharp @ same time
62. Alexandre Blain Endura Racing @ same time
67. Alistair Slater @ same time
79. Owain Doull 02:27
99. Thomas Moses 06:00
107. Richard Lang Rapha Condor Sharp @ 7.09
108. James Mccallum Rapha Condor Sharp @ same time
110. Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing @ same time
115. Richard Handley Rapha Condor Sharp @ same time
119. Daniel Mclay Lotto – Ridley Espoirs @ same time

1. Jérôme Cousin Europcar 19:51:28
2. Guillaume Malle Team Véranda Rideau-U 00:08
3. Alexandr Pliuschin Leopard TREK 00:21
4. Ruslan Tleubayev Continental Team Astana 01:23
5. Gael Malacarne Bretagne Schuller 01:31
6. Johan Le Bon Bretagne Schuller 01:43
7. Erick Rowsell Endura Racing 01:49
8. Dion Beukeboom Cycling Team De Rijke 01:53
9. Jean Marc Bideau Bretagne Schuller 01:58
10. Dylan Van Baarle Rabobank Continental Team 02:09

11. Rob Partridge Endura Racing 02:20
18. Jonathan Mcevoy Endura Racing @2.29
19. Andrey Solomennikov Itera – Katusha 02:31
20. Christoph Pfingsten Cycling Team De Rijke @ same time
26. Simon Yates @ 2.34
27. Scott Thwaites Endura Racing @ same time
36. Michael Cumings Rapha Condor Sharp 02:42
42. Christopher Jennings Rapha Condor Sharp 02:49
49. Alistair Slater @ 3.59
67. Alexandre Blain Endura Racing 13:03
86. Thomas Moses 18:37
92. Owain Doull 21:26
94. Richard Handley Rapha Condor Sharp 21:51
102. Richard Lang Rapha Condor Sharp 25:36
108. Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing 30:45
115. James Mccallum Rapha Condor Sharp 41:24
118. Daniel Mclay Lotto – Ridley Espoirs 43:39

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