Results: Bill Jinks Memorial Road Races

Tom Black and Blake Cowley winners at Corley in Warwarickshire for the two races in the Bill Jinks Memorial

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Category 2/3/4
1. Tom Black, Cycle Premier RT
2. James Ratcliffe, Fred Williams RT
3. Mike Harrison, Congleton CC
4. Tom Marshall, Cadence Cannondale RT
5. Matthew Bonehill, Stafford RC
6. Mike Simpson, GS Henley
7. Liam Stones, Team Corley Cycles
8. David Watson, Coventry RC
9. Tim Allen, Clay Cross RT
10. Nick Noble, Bristol RC

Category 3/4
1. Blake Cowley, unattached
2. George Bate, MJS Racing
3. Paul Chubb, Epic RC
4. Dean Parkes,
5. Richard Barnett, Stone Wheelers
6. Simon Ward, Epic RC
7. Stephen Edwards, Wolverhampton Wheelers
8. Jack Mills, Halesowen A&CC
9. Michael Greaves, Gannet CC
10. Joseph White, Lindsey Roads CC

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