Report: Portsmouth Easter Circuits

Will Stevenson solos to a victory at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth in the Portsmouth Easter Circuits on Saturday, 7th April

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Graham Robins report & photos

Will Stephenson (Team Primera-Specialized) solos to a win at Mountbatten track this morning, making his move with just under a lap to go he wins from Tim Elverson (Pedal Heaven), team mate Toby Neave and Rowan Horner (VC St Raphael).
The morning was dry and it was overcast for the feature race which was one hour plus five laps long.

The first attack came after a couple of laps when Henry Newbury (GWR), Rowan, Will and Tim caused a split and Justin Hoy (Felt Colbornes) was trying hard to get across the gap. This did not come too much and soon it came back together for a few laps. On seven minutes Toby attacked again and Rowan was pulled across along with Owen Beckett (Cardiff JIF.)

The three leaders stayed away for several laps and they built a lead of 14secs, which was extended to almost half a lap. On the 15 minute mark it was Owen that cracked first, chewing the bars for a couple of laps he was unable to stay this more experienced escapees and sat up and waited for the bunch to hoover him up.

Trying to make the jump across were Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes) and Simon Holt (Team Raleigh) but they couldn’t do it alone and after a couple of laps they slipped back. The bunch was allowing the leaders to dangle at the front and lap on lap they were chipping away at their lead. On the forty five minute point Jay Eastwood, Toby’s team mate tried to make the junction and pulled Tim Elverson with him. Another rider to get across the gap was Will, and with Chris Snook (Banjo Cycles) these five set about working together to open a gap. Within a couple of Laps James Wilson (Supernova) also made the jump.

With a couple of minutes left on the clock the bunch starts to split and Rowan jumps of the front, Toby and Will react and Tim also tries to get there. With a couple of laps to go these four are now together and at the bell it’s Will that now comes to the front and with three quarters of a lap to go attacks and soon opens a gap in order to solo across the line six seconds ahead of Tim with Toby third and Rowan fourth.

Provisional Result
1. Will Stevenson Team Primera-Specialized
2. Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven @6secs
3. Toby Neave Team Primera-Specialized @st
4. Rowan Horner VC St Raphael @st


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