Results: ECCA Festival Road Races

70 kilometre solo for Russell Hampton to win ECCA Championship, Antony Stapleton wins the 3/4/Junior race at Radwinter (Essex) on Sunday 6th May 2012

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Apparently,according to the font of all knowledge these days, Twitter, Russell (Raleigh – GAC) was part of a break but he got bored and was in a hurry to get to the cake, millionaire carmel shortcake he says, so went off to get in some long distance time trialling practice. This is the same Russell Hampton who was in a long break in the Tour of Britain last year just so he could get his hands on a Skoda Yeti, the cuddly toy, not the car … Congrats to Russell for the win!



1. Russell Hampton Team Raleigh – GAC
2. Andrew Griffiths Team IG – Sigma Sport
3. James Fox CC Luton
4. James Jackson Orbea
5. Michael Auger Strada-Sport
6. Jeremy Ross Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
7. Owen Lake Cambridge CC
8. Bryan Crump Eagle RC
9. Mike Jackson CC Luton
10. Roger Maidment East London Vélo
11. Russell Ford Glade CC
12. Vince Divine Finchley Racing Team
13. Andy Lyons Orbea
14. Jake Hales Team IG – Sigma Sport
15. James Jobber Colchester Rovers CC
16. Sean Kilroy Glade CC
17. Stuart Pryce Strada-Sport
18. Nathan Miller XRT – Elmy Cycles
19. Steven Griffiths Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
20. Joshua Green Glendene CC

3/4 Cats

1 Antony Stapleton Chelmer C.C.
2 Lubomir Belak Welwyn Wheelers
3 Jason Stuart C.C. Ashwell
4 Luke Farren Brighton Mitre
5 Nick White East London Velo
6 Richard Norris Colchester Rovers C.C.
7 Steve Hubbard West Suffolk Wheelers
8 Douglas Bradshaw Cambridge C.C.
9 Ralph Mullan Shaftesbury C.C.
10 David Clarke Eagle Road Club
11 Kieron Smith VC Montpellier
12 Matt Garfield Fenland Clarion
13 Michael Watts St Ives C.C.
14 Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park C.C.
15 Colin Hodges Welwyn Wheelers
16 Ben Locke Braintree Velo
17 Shaun O’Hara Essex Roads C.C.
18 Simon Hewins Eagle Road Club
19 Ralph Keeler Cambridge C.C.
20 Nicholas Cramer Hertfordshire Wheelers
21 Antonins Wubben 0
22 Carlos Rendora Eagle Road Club
23 Trevor Whittock Lea Valley C.C.
24 Carmelo Luggeri C.C. Ashwell
25 Stuart Clarke Chelmer C.C.
26 Warren Coe Stowmarket & District C.C.
27 Martin Hunter Colchester Rovers C.C.
28 Richard Farrow West Suffolk Wheelers
29 Andrew Beaman Victoria C.C.
30 Colin Ward Essex Roads C.C.
31 Paul Saunders Glendene C.C.
32 Damien Foy Eagle R.C
33 James Samuel Crest C.C.
34 Peter Gottlieb Glendene C.C.
35 Martyn Dunnett Diss & District C.C.
36 Paul Dewberry Colchester Rovers C.C.
37 Jonathan Rogers Welwyn Wheelers
38 Ian Samuel Crest C.C.
39 Russell Tribley Chelmer C.C.
40 Mark Warren Fenland Clarion
41 Gordon Cobb Stowmarket & District C.C.
42 Tony Meader Eagle Road Club
43 Jamie Fake Lea Valley C.C.
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