Results: Portsmouth CTL Circuits (May 23)

Justin Hoy & George Stainton-Ellis the senior winners at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth on Wednesday 23rd May

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1st Matthew DAY Fareham Wheelers CC
2nd Louis JOHNSON Oakwood Racers
3rd Poppy PATTINSON Oakwood Racers
4th Olivia CROSS Fareham Wheelers CC
5th Scarlett COOPER i-team Cyclist’s Club
6th Amy CLARK i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th Jack CROMIE i-team Cyclist’s Club
8th Ciaran LAMMIMAN Portsmouth Cycle Track League
9th Marshall THOMPSON Andover Wheelers
10th Oliver JONES VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
11th Luke HOOPER Andover Wheelers
11 Starters

1st Sam CLARK i-team Cyclist’s Club
2nd Caitlin PETERS Fareham Wheelers CC
3rd Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers CC
4th Alderney BAKER Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
5th Erin BAKER Southdown Velo / Hunters Springs
6th William COOPER i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th Joss BANFIELD BC PM – South
7 Starters

1st Charlie CRESSWELL-HOGG Portsmouth North End CC
2nd Brendan DREWETT Fareham Wheelers CC
3rd Tom SAUNDERS i-team Cyclist’s Club
4th Joe DONOHUE Fareham Wheelers CC
5th Cameron THOMPSON Andover Wheelers
6th Joe TRUMAN i-team Cyclist’s Club
7th Jamie HUTCHINSON i-team Cyclist’s Club
8th Louis ROSE-DAVIES Hillingdon Slipstreamers
9th George MOORE i-team Cyclist’s Club
10th Harvey MORCOMBE BC PM – South
11th Robert PANTER Portsmouth North End CC
12th Joe CLARK i-team Cyclist’s Club
13th Charlie COOPER i-team Cyclist’s Club
14th James SAUNDERS i-team Cyclist’s Club
15th Thamana NEL i-team Cyclist’s Club
15 Starters

SENIORS~ 3/4/J3/J4
1st George STAINTON-ELLIS i-team Cyclist’s Club 40 mins + 3 laps
2nd Sam BAKER Wightlink RT st
3rd Andrew GOUGH VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles st
4th Andy DANIELS Zappi’s Cycling Club st
5th Jerry LAMBERT Sotonia CC st
6th Joe DONOHUE Fareham Wheelers CC st
7th Matthew WEBB Beamish Odd Sox st
8th Alain RITCHIE Kyklos Edco RT st
9th Nigel POWELL VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles st
10th David HOOPER MJS Racing st
11th Gary FERRETT Hampshire Road Club st
12th Darren DOLLERY Wightlink RT st
13th Gavin STARLING Brighton Mitre CC st
14th David BILLINGS supernovacycles st
15th Harvey LOWE Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized st
16th Brook ELGIE Peter Hansford Racing st
17th Steve NICHOLSON Portsmouth North End CC st
18th Dominic COUGHLIN Wightlink RT st
19th David DUFFY i-team Cyclist’s Club st
20th Sam JACKSON Farnham Road Club st
21st Simon JEFFERIES i-team Cyclist’s Club st
22nd John MARRINER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers CC st
23rd Toby ALEXANDER Portsmouth North End CC st
24th Niall RUSSELL Peter Hansford Racing st
25th Jeremy COOPER Wightlink RT st
26th Jerry COLLINGWOOD Portsmouth North End CC st
27th Damien PARKER Team Wiggle st
28th Kevin FOSTER Wightlink RT st
29th Ian DONOHUE Fareham Wheelers CC st
36 Starters

SENIORS~ E/1/2/3/J1/J2/J3
1st Justin HOY Felt Colbornes RT 50 mins + 5 laps
2nd Jay EASTWOOD Primera Specialized st
3rd Will STEPHENSON Primera Specialized st
4th Henry NEWBURY GWR Team st
5th James JONES Beeline Cycles RT st
6th Jon CANNINGS st
7th Seb OTTLEY VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles st
8th Phill REYNOLDS Peter Hansford Racing st
9th James WILSON supernovacycles st
10th Henry LATIMER Dream Cycling st
11th Mark BARFIELD MJS Racing st
12th Mike SCOTT Peter Hansford Racing st
13th Adrian JENKINS i-team Cyclist’s Club st
14th Matt BONE i-team Cyclist’s Club st
15th Gavin SPIERS Vivelo_bikes/inverse Cyclaim RT st
16th Ben HOMA Zappi’s Cycling Club st
17th Howard MILNER Hampshire Road Club st
18th Stuart THOMPSON Andover Wheelers st
19th James EBDON Wightlink RT st
20th Adam HERRIDGE VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles st
21st Andrew Carter Portsmouth North End CC st
22nd Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers CC st
23rd Ian LEGG Primera Specialized st
24th Michael WARNER Cannondale Racing Team st
25th Toby NEAVE Primera Specialized st
26th Charles MITCHELL Owens Cycles st
27th Oliver HITCHINGS Peter Hansford Racing st
28th Rowan HORNER VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles st
31 Starters


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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