Result – Field’s Yorkshire Victory


British champion Ian Field solos to victory in the Yorkshire Points cross race at Leeds on Sunday, Annie Simpson first woman

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Result – Field’s Yorkshire Victory

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1. Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) 58-51
2. Jack Clarkson (Hope Factory Racing) at 2-26
3. Alfie Moses (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC) at 2-34
4. Joe Moses (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC)
5. Dieter Droger (Scott Racing)
6. Billy Harding (Orange Monkey)
7. Jamie Sharp (Feather Cycles)
8. Ben Cooper (Hargreaves Cycling)
9. Nick Barnes (Zepnat)
10. Rob Scott (PH Mas Cycling)

First Veteran: Jamie Sharp
First Junior: Alfie Moses

Veteran 50/Women
1. Chris Young (Pedalsport)
2. Wayne Nicholson (York Cycleworks) at 35 sec
3. John Hick (unattached) same time
4. Matt Wilson (Pedalsport)
5. Pete Wilkin (Fietsen Tempo)
6. Annie Simpson (Hope Factory Racing)

1. Annie Simpson
2. Amira Mellor (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC)
3. Sarah Murray ( RT)
1 Tom Pidcock (Aire Valley RT) 34-40
2 Ben Turner (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC) at 1 sec
3 Harry Harcastle (KCA) at 43 sec
4 Euan Cameron (East Bradford CC)
5 Jenson Young (Pedalsport)

First Girl: Lucy Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing)
First Under 14: Jenson Young

Under 12
1 Bjoern Koerdt (All Terrain Cycles)
2 Riley Blackmore (Pedalsport)
3 Tom Scott (Sheffield Stars)

Under 12 Girls
1. Holly Deavin (Pedalsport)
2. Kayleigh Wells (Clifton CC)
3. Chloe Hinchcliffe (Wakefield Junior Tri)

Under 10
1. Oliver Akers (Holmfirth CC)
2. Ben Hodgson (Holmfirth CC)
3. Oscar Taylor (Clifton CC)

Under 10 Girls
1. Freya Brealey (East Bradford CC)
2. Megan Rees (Holmfirth CC)
3. Freya Whiteside (Ilkley CC)

Under 8
1. Jacob Simpson (Bolsover & District CC)
2. Archie Gill (Bronte Wheelers)
3. James Homa (Clifton CC)

Under 8 Girls
1. Jess Trafford (BC Private Member)
2. Victoria Hodgson (Holmfirth CC)
3. R Allen (BC Private Member)

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