Result: Guildford National Series Circuit Races

Robert Scott solo’d to another victory in the Mens event whilst Eilidh Shaw outsprinted Alex Morrice & Lucy Benezet to win the womens race at Guildford on Wednesday night

Result: Guildford National Series Circuit Races

BC Press Release:

Women’s National Series Race
Scottish circuit race Champion Eilidh Shaw sprinted to victory in the Parcours Guildford Women’s Grand Prix ahead of defending champion Alex Morrice, as they broke away from an elite front group with junior Lucy Benezet Minns late into the race.

The tough cobbled climb up the historic Surrey high street caused riders issues from the first lap, with splits opening up as Morrice and Shaw looked to assert their dominance over the 70 rider bunch early on. Home-town rider, Emily Proud, took her favoured spot towards the front of the bunch as the race got going, jostling for position with Morrice and Lucy Glover.

With the peloton remaining as one, an injection of pace from Bolivian rider, Floren Scrafton saw a leading group of around 15 riders make a decisive split, consisting of all of the major players in the series standings.

Glover and Proud took turns pulling at the head of the bunch and the group began to thin out. Danni Watkinson, who was second in the opening round in Otley, found herself distanced up the cobbled climb, hanging around 40 metres off the back for a long period of time as she fought to regain contact.

At the halfway mark, disaster struck for Scrafton as she clipped the kerb going through a fast downhill right hand turn. Alice Colling (Shibden-Apex) was left with nowhere to go as both riders ended up on the floor. The disruption caused a split in the leading group and a select group of 10 riders emerged at the head of affairs, including Morrice, Shaw, and the fast finishing Isabel Darvill.

An infernal pace through the line with seven laps remaining set up Morrice for a dig on the cobbles a lap later, dragging the attentive Shaw with her. The duo pulled clear as the rest of the leading group were left looking at one another. Beth Morrow and Lucy Benezet-Minns sensed the danger and made their move shortly after. Darvill led a diminished chasing group of just four riders behind, the quartet beginning to show signs of fatigue on the technical circuit.

With Morrow fading, Benezet-Minns accelerated in a bid to bridge to the leading two, her shoulders rocking as she edged ever closer. With Morrow hanging in no man’s land, the quartet behind had given up the chase, rolling past the finishing line spread across the road. With less than four laps remaining, Benezet-Minns made the junction, the Tofuati-Active Everyone rider sitting in the wheels as she recovered from the effort. Behind, the chasing group had swelled to six riders with Morrow just ahead.

Morrice chose to set the pace for the majority of the final lap, pouncing out of the penultimate corner with a surprise attack and reaching the final run in up the cobbles with a small advantage over Shaw. However, the Scot was able to overhaul her rival as the line approached, punching the air as she crossed the line while Benezet-Minns followed Morrice in for third.

Morrow hung on for fourth, while a fifth place for Darvill elevates her to the series lead. The circuit race specialist is now two points clear of unattached rider Corrine Side, who came home in sixth.

Despite some of their riders racing abroad, the DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK team retains their commanding lead in the team classification, while Alba Development Road Team are now second following Shaw’s win.

Rob Scott (TEKKERZ CC) picked up where he left off in Ilkley last Friday, defying the odds with a stunning solo win in the Cycle Exchange Open Grand Prix after attacking with almost 40 minutes to go. The race got underway at a brutal pace, with Scott leading the peloton through the line at the end of the first lap. Gaps had already begun to appear with the technical course proving tough to manage for riders at the back of the bunch.

The first riders to attack were Toby Barnes and Will Truelove. The chase was led by Tom Couzens and his Ribble Rebellion squad were keen to get back to winning ways after taking the opening round victory, courtesy of Matt Bostock. With Barnes and Truelove brought back to the bunch, the infernal tempo from the first lap shattered the race into pieces soon after. A leading group of around 10 emerged with the peloton consisting of around 20 riders behind. The remainder of the field found themselves reduced to ones and twos as they frantically tried to regain contact with the race still in its infancy.

With three Tekkerz CC riders making the front group, Scott sensed their advantage and made his decisive move with almost 40 minutes left on the clock. As he attacked up the cobbled climb to the finish line, teammate Alec Briggs slowed the pace behind and Scott’s advantage quickly grew to 10 seconds.

Max Rusby (Ribble Rebellion) was joined by Barnes and Truelove, who had decided attack was the best form of defence, as they launched a spirited pursuit of lone leader Scot, but they were quickly brought back to the peloton. Couzens was the next man to attempt to bridge to Scott, along with the aggressive Truelove. However, the Thriva-SRCT rider was unable to hold the pace set by Couzens and he was swallowed up by the chasing group. Barnes sensed the race slipping away and attacked alone, quickly bridging to Couzens and joining the chase. Not long after, a crash slowed Couzens, leaving Barnes alone in second place on the road.

With Scott now a seemingly unbridgeable 50 seconds ahead of the peloton, and Barnes’ advantage growing, the peloton appeared to be almost out of firepower – Wheelbase-CabTech-Castelli could only commit Callum Laborde to the chase, aided by the excellent Couzens who seemed to have recovered from his crash. Coming into the final laps the pace in the bunch remained high as a tiring Barnes risked being reeled in. Harry Macfarlane  attempted to outfox his rivals as the bell tolled, making it to the finishing straight before being overhauled by Briggs and Truelove as they sprinted shoulder to shoulder to the line. Brigg’s all-out sprint claimed him the final podium spot, edging past his rival with only a handful of metres to spare.

However, the night belonged to Scott, who had sat up to take in the noise of the crowd with the line in sight, arms aloft in victory. Barnes held off the chasing group to take second, backing up his fourth place in Ilkley. Scott strengthened his grip on the series lead ahead of Matt Bostock, the former national champion enduring a tough night to finish 17th. Briggs moves up to third, his podium helping Tekkerz CC close to gap to Ribble Rebellion in the team classification.

1. Robert Scott, TEKKERZ CC 49:26
2. Toby Barnes, Spectra Racing +23
3. Alec Briggs, TEKKERZ CC +28
4. William Truelove, THRIVA-SRCT st
5. Harry Macfarlane, TAAP Kalas st
6. Tom Couzens, Ribble Rebellion st
7. David Hird, Cycling Sheffield st
8. Thomas Armstrong, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli st
9. Ryan Christensen, Foran CT +33
10. Callum Laborde, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +36
11. Dom Jackson, Foran CT +37
12. Cole Davis, Ribble Rebellion +44
13. William Roberts, Saint Piran +1:02
14. Joseph Smith, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +1:04
15. Alfie Amey, TEKKERZ CC +1:14
16. Oscar Amey, TEKKERZ CC +1:16
17. Matthew Bostock, Ribble Rebellion +1:17
18. Cai Davies, Richardsons Trek DAS st
19. Ben Bright, THRIVA-SRCT +1:20
20. Adam Howell, VC Meudon st
21. Max Rushby, Ribble Rebellion +1:26
22. Joseph Beckingsale, THRIVA-SRCT +1 Lap
23. Jake Hales, Ride Revolution Coaching +3 Laps
24. Josh Price, THRIVA-SRCT +4 Laps
25. Thomas Heal, Stolen Goat Race Team +4 Laps
26. Luke Barfoot, Primera-TeamJobs +4 Laps
27. Simon Wyllie, Spectra Racing +4 Laps
28. William Jewitt, Mud Dock Racing +4 Laps
29. James Somerfield, TRASH MILE +4 Laps
30. Frank Longstaff, Schils – Doltcini Racing Team +4 Laps
31. Robin Mould, Foran CT +4 Laps
32. Kieran Riley, Spellman – Dublin Port Cycling Team +4 Laps
33. Jordan Giles, Richardsons Trek DAS +4 Laps
34. Tom Cullen, Otley CC +4 Laps
35. Matthew Wilson, Ride Revolution Coaching +5 Laps
36. Joe Holt, TEKKERZ CC +5 Laps
37. Jamie Pullen, TAAP Kalas +5 Laps
38. Cameron McLaren, TAAP Kalas +5 Laps
39. Dylan Belton, Owen VC Londres +5 Laps
40. Dan Galpin, HUUB BCC Race Team +5 Laps
41. Jake Jackson, THRIVA-SRCT +5 Laps
42. Benjamin Flatau, HUUB BCC Race Team +5 Laps
43. Sebastian Garry, HUUB BCC Race Team +6 Laps
44. Matthew Gilmour, Primera-TeamJobs +6 Laps
45. Tom Smith, Velo Club Venta +6 Laps
46. Blake Roberts, Ride Revolution Coaching +6 Laps
47. Matthew Brown, HUUB BCC Race Team +6 Laps
48. Charlie Parry, Mud Dock Racing +7 Laps
49. Felix Skelton, Mud Dock Racing +7 Laps
50. Owain Williams, London Dynamo +8 Laps

Men’s Overall
1. Robert Scott, TEKKERZ CC 148
2. Matthew Bostock, Ribble Rebellion 116
3. Alec Briggs, TEKKERZ CC 112
4. Toby Barnes, Spectra Racing 92
5. Callum Laborde, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 90
6. William Truelove, THRIVA-SRCT 88
7. Harry Macfarlane, TAAP Kalas 87
8. Oliver Rees, Sabgal/Anicolor 86
9. William Roberts, Saint Piran 82
10. Jim Brown, Ribble Rebellion 80
11. David Hird, Cycling Sheffield 79
12. Thomas Armstrong, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 78
13. Cole Davis, Ribble Rebellion 77
14. Joseph Smith, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 76
15. Thomas Heal, Stolen Goat Race Team 70
16. Bjoern Koerdt, CC Etupes 67
17. Max Rushby, Ribble Rebellion 64
18. Tom Couzens, Ribble Rebellion 58
19. Cai Davies, Richardsons Trek DAS 49
20. Jake Hales, Ride Revolution Coaching

1 Eilidh Shaw, Alba Development Road Team 48:51
2 Alex Morrice, CANYON // SRAM Racing Team st
3 Lucy Benezet, Minns Tofauti Everyone Active +2
4 Beth Morrow, Alba Development Road Team +16
5 Isabel Darvill, Doltcini – OShea +24
6 Corinne Side, st
7 Megan Anderson, Team Boompods +26
8 Keira Bond, Alba Development Road Team st
9 Lucy Glover, Shibden Apex RT st
10 Emily Proud, LC Race Team st
11 Lucy Harris, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd +30
12 Grace Reynolds, Brother UK – On Form +32
13 Floren Scrafton, FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing +43
14 Amy Perryman, TEKKERZ CC +47
15 Dannielle Watkinson, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon +52
16 Becky Gardiner ,Tofauti Everyone Active +1:07
17 Alderney Baker, Team Empella st
18 Samantha Fawcett, Spectra Racing st
19 Electra Morris, Brother UK – On Form st
20 Sian Marsh, Team Boompods st
21 Maddie Heywood, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd +1:21
22 Sophie Thackray, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK st
23 Amelia Staunton, Brother UK – On Form st
24 Mari Porton, Tofauti Everyone Active st
25 Sannah Zaman, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK st
26 Jayati Hine, Loughborough Lightning st
27 Charlotte Deykin, Peterborough Cycle Hub st
28 Anastasia Bowler, Saint Piran WRT st
29 Penny Colloff, Loughborough Lightning st
30 Sasha Halsey, London Dynamo st
31 Sian Botteley, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK +1:31
32 Elizabeth Sanders, FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing +1:48
33 Sophie Holmes, Saint Piran WRT +1 Lap
34 Lucy Ellmore, Pro-Noctis – 200º Coffee – Hargreaves Contracting Ltd +1 Lap
35 Rebecca Hair, FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing +1 Lap
36 Alisha Wells, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas +1 Lap
37 Erin Avill, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas +1 Lap
38 Emma McDonald, Saint Piran WRT +4 Laps
39 Darcie Richards, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK +4 Laps
40 Ellen Bennett, Brother UK – On Form +4 Laps
41 Katie-Anne, Calton Saint Piran WRT +4 Laps
42 Emily Chilton, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon +4 Laps
43 Ailsa McLagan, Saint Piran WRT +4 Laps
44 Ellen Inglis, Brother UK – On Form +4 Laps
45 Charlotte Hodgins-Bryne, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK +4 Laps
46 Georgia Lancaster, Loughborough Lightning +4 Laps
47 Freya Whiteside, Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas +4 Laps
48 Millie Skinner, Alba Development Road Team +4 Laps
49 Grace Ward, Brother UK – On Form +4 Laps
50 Georgina Oakley, Loughborough Lightning +4 Laps
51 Lily Brindle, Brother UK – On Form +5 Laps
52 Hannah Bayes, Saint Piran WRT +5 Laps
53 Louise Davidson, London Academy +5 Laps
54 Bethany Bennett, Team Boompods +5 Laps
55 Philippa Draper, Loughborough Lightning +5 Laps
56 Rebecca Carter, Brother UK – On Form +6 Laps
57 Alice Butcher, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT +6 Laps

Women’s Overall
1. Isabel Darvill, Doltcini – OShea 120
2. Corinne Side, 118
3. Dannielle Watkinson, Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon 100
4. Robyn Clay, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK 82
5. Frankie Hall, DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK 78
6. Eilidh Shaw, Alba Development Road Team 71
7. Beth Morrow, Alba Development Road Team 66
8. Amy Perryman, TEKKERZ CC 63
9. Megan Anderson, Team Boompods 60
10. Lucy Glover, Shibden Apex RT 56
11. Millie Couzens, Fenix-Deceuninck 50
12. Alice Colling, Shibden Apex RT 48
13. Alex Morrice, CANYON // SRAM Racing Team 48
14. Mari Porton, Tofauti Everyone Active 47
15. Lucy Benezet, Minns Tofauti Everyone Active 46
16. Cat Ferguson, Shibden Apex RT 46
17. Samantha Fawcett, Spectra Racing 46
18. Xan Crees, Spectra Racing 44
19. Alderney Baker, Team Empella 44
20. Anna Flynn, Spectra Racing


The Under 8 Girls Race
1. Lola Stewart, Limited Edition Cycling
2. Theodora Hall, Kingston Junior Cycle Club

The Under 8 Open Race
1. Harrison Northover, Southborough & District Whls
2. Harley Woodward, Sutton Cycling Club
3. Sebby Rastall, GS Mossa
4. William Leung
5. Macsen Hopping, Sutton Cycling Club
6. Felix Wilbey, Pedal Heaven Kids
7. Alexander Sellen, Charlotteville CC
8. Barnaby Lee, Solent Pirates
9. Leo Bleach, Farnborough & Camberley CC
10. Ansel Allison, Charlotteville CC
11. Arthur Holland, Solent Pirates
12. Isaac Moulson, Solent Pirates
13. Jonathan Roper, Pedal Heaven Kids
14. James North, Solent Pirates

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 10 Boys Race
1. Benedict Sherriff, Stratford CC
2. Elmar Streule, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3. Ryan Fletcher, 4T+ Cyclopark
4. Miles Anderson, 4T+ Cyclopark
5. Fletcher Pierce, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
6. Stanley Cox, Palmer Park Velo RT
7. Tejus Savulionis-Ptasnikas, Limited Edition Cycling
8. Elystan Hopping ,Sutton Cycling Club
9. Tom Wilkinson, Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
10. Thomas Hatcher, Palmer Park Velo RT
11. Elias Petruskevicius, Limited Edition Cycling
12. Murtaza Taimur, VC Londres
13. James Sutton, Sotonia CC
14. Sebastian Stott, Fernandez
15. Archie Frogley, Solent Pirates
16. Timo Shapton, VC Londres
17. Reggie Vinall, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
18. Elvis Armstrong-Candler, Charlotteville CC
19. Jonas Moulson, Solent Pirates
20. Sonny Jenns, 4T+ Cyclopark
21. Sam May, Charlotteville CC
22. Sebastian Munton, Charlotteville CC

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 10 Girls Race
1. Kaira De Mesa, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2. Imogen Leung
3. Grace Mugridge, Charlotteville CC
4. Anoushka Lee, Solent Pirates
5. Georgina Arden, Charlotteville CC
6. Siobhan Haynes, Solent Pirates

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 12 Boys Race
1. Jacob Day, VC Londres
2. Edward Peters, CTW Racing
3. Barnaby Smith, GKR Racing
4. Daniel Hatcher, Palmer Park Velo RT
5. Jacob Wadlow, Solent Pirates
6. Oliver Stewart, Welwyn Wheelers CC
7. Lorenzo Scarponi, Sotonia CC
8. Joshua Arthur, CTW Racing
9. Ollie Bradford, 4T+ Cyclopark
10. Riley Tonner, Palmer Park Velo RT
11. Riley Wastall, 4T+ Cyclopark
12. Isaac Richardson, Sprockets Cycle Club
13. Sebastian Szarzynski, Crawley Wheelers
14. Isaac Barral, Stolen Goat Race Club
15. Finn Jones, VC Londres
16. Giulio Scarponi, Sotonia CC
17. Jack Shepard, Charlotteville CC
18. Austin Gray, Charlotteville CC
19. Oliver Castle, Solent Pirates
20. William Terry, Poole Wheelers CC
21. Thomas McMartin, Charlotteville CC
22. Austin Clarke, Charlotteville CC
23. Danny Sokolov, Redhill Raiders

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 12 Girls Race
1. Evie Cox, Palmer Park Velo RT
2. Florence Cooper, Palmer Park Velo RT
3. Penny Blackburn, VC Londres
4. Mehreen Taimur, VC Londres
5. Alyssa Gitnik, VC Londres

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 14 Boys Race
1. Asher Gray, Welwyn Wheelers CC
2. Edward Graves, 4T+ Cyclopark
3. Henry Hopson, VC Londres
4. Harry Cooper, Palmer Park Velo RT
5. Finley Andrews, 4T+ Cyclopark
6. Sammy Baker, Palmer Park Velo RT
7. Finley Staunton, Sprockets Cycle Club
8. Thomas Wilks, Sotonia CC
9. Colin Benezet Minns, Penge Cycle Club
10. Luke Fletcher, 4T+ Cyclopark
11. Aidan Sherriff, Stratford CC
12. Tiger Gloag, VC Londres
13. Mujtaba Taimur, VC Londres
14. Samuel Pickering, VC Londres
15. Jasper Shapton, VC Londres
16. Harry Moran, Palmer Park Velo RT
17. Iwan Tullett, Charlotteville CC
18. Elliot Renault, Charlotteville CC
19. Ben Nzegwu, Solent Pirates
20. Finley Freeman, Palmer Park Velo RT
21. Tobias Flood
22. George Haines, VC Londres
23. Joseph Legge, Charlotteville CC
24. Emil Lindstrom-Fabik, Solent Pirates
25. Callum Moore, Charlotteville CC
26. Max Jenkins, Solent Pirates

The Chantries and Pewleys Under 16 Boys Race
1. Leon Atkins, 258 Protege
2. Milo Wills, VC Londres
3. Noah Smith, GKR Racing
4. Thomas Heap, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5. Theo Sandell, Southborough & District Whls
6. Matthew Fletcher, 4T+ Cyclopark
7. Samuel de la Mare, VC Londres
8. Oliver Gunn, 4T+ Cyclopark
9. Milo De La Mare, VC Londres
10. Otto Allison, Charlotteville CC
11. Noah Wheller, Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
12. Hadley Davis, Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
13. Josh Sayagh,
14. Jack Mew, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
15. Stanley Phillips, Sotonia CC
16. Ben Jones, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
17. George Terry, Poole Wheelers CC
18. Jack Wright, Hillingdon Slipstreamers
19. Ethan Heather, Festival RC

The Greyfriars Vineyard Local Heroes Open Race (3rd Cats only)
1. Max Duckworth, Southborough & District Whls
2. Huw Watkins, Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3. Tommy Stroud, Velo Club Venta
4. Miles Horner, Ignite
5. Sidney Dutton, VC Londres
6. Patrick Crump, GS Mossa
7. Jacob James, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
8. Ben Coppola, SCOTT Pioneer DJ
9. Samuel Barrett, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
10. Jake Gillett, Southampton University Road Cl…
11. Ben Tamplin, trainSharp Development Team
12. Lee Higlett, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
13. William Barker,
14. Cheuk Kiu Justus Chan, Reading CC
15. Alex Knight ,Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
16. Ollie Rastall, GS Mossa
17. Sam Collisson, Waldy Wheelers
18. Michael Gray, Reading CC
19. Ralph Hope
20. Franco Ashenhurst, Le Col Race Team
21. Adam Cook, Kingston Wheelers CC
22. Ollie Smith
23. Monty Knight, Kingston Wheelers CC
24. Thomas Rees, Kingston Wheelers CC
25. Daniel Kamere, Islington Cycling Club
26. Alan Hendry, Royal Navy Cycling
27. Ryan Peirce, Surrey Hills Cycleworks
28. Joshua Guest, Oxted Cycling Club
29. Matthew George, Twickenham CC
30. Harry Aitken, CGC
31. Larry Wiltshire, Chichester City Riders (CCR)
32. Joseph Bacon, Dorking Cycling Club
33. James Hughes, Le Col Race Team
34. David Farmer, Surrey Hills Cycleworks
35. Jimmy Smith Army Cycling Union
36. Oliver Bull, London Dynamo
37. Tom Muskett, Liss Cycling Club
38. Tom Robertson, VCGH
39. Mark Day, Brighton Mitre CC
40. Matthew Bottomley, Cowley Road Condors
41. Harry Mcintosh, Loughborough Students CC
42. Cameron Tappin ,Didcot Phoenix CC
43. James Henley ,Surrey Cycling Club
44. Eli Tucker, Southampton University Road Cl…
45. Steve Messenger, East London Velo
46. Seb Baucutt, Primo RT
47. Ryan Keynes, GS Mossa
48. Ben Elvin, Portsmouth North End CC
49. Will Metcalfe, Waldy Wheelers
50. Robert Billinghurst, Le Col Race Team
51. John Thuysbaert, Kingston Wheelers CC
52. Lewis Baldwin, Saddleback Racing
53. Graeme Hutchison, GS Mossa
54. Chris Parker, VCGH
55. Martin van den Berg, Kingston Wheelers CC
56. Tyla Loftus, Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
57. Lindz Barral, Stolen Goat Race Club
58. Nick Pryor, Charlotteville CC
59. Russell Clarke, GS Vecchi

1. Trhas Teklehaimanot Tesfay
2. Laura Senior


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