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Latest photos and results from the 2013 RTTC Hill Climb Championships in North Yorkshire when we get them …

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Photos (Apologies to many of the senior men who I missed – had to go back to the van to change into dry clothes! Not as well prepared as I should have been! )

Tejvan Pettinger and Maryka Sennema were the winners of the 2013 British Hill Climb Championships on the Stang in North Yorkshire

On a windy, cold and very wet day in the Arkengarthedale hills, the 2013 British Hill Climb Championships were held on the climb known as the Stang (held on Stang Lane) on the road to Barnard Castle. The 2.3 mile climb, like so many of the roads in the area, ramps up at 18% from the starting area to then drop and flatten a little before a series of drags to the top where it got steeper as the finish line approached.


Tejvan Pettinger with the champion’s jersey and trophy

The course had everything you’d expect on the Moors; narrow lanes, a cattle grid, sheep, cold, wind, and a public house for the headquarters! With parking limited, especially for an event with 180 not including reserves entered, we arrived early and were thankful that there wasn’t any oncoming traffic on the 10 miles over the moors and narrow roads. We also found there was no phone signal. This was a remote venue if ever there was one.

The first starter was off at 12.01 when the Women’s Category was set loose on the Moors followed by the Juniors, Veterans and then the seniors. The line-up was, as ever, a mixture of the grass roots riders doing it for fun, the serious contenders most of whom work full time and then a smattering of professionals not yet ready to leave the hurt locker alone for the season.


Really awful conditions with a howling tailwind with gusts that nearly took riders off into the moors. Tejvan Pettinger on the first section at 18%

At over two miles, this was a very different hill climb to many which are a quick burst up a steep hill. None of this sprinting all the way. Pacing their effort was key on the day with a tailwind on the climb to make it a almost eight minute effort for the mens winner.

First of the titles to be decided was the Women’s where Lynn Hamel was looking for yet another Gold medal to add to the many she has already won in this discipline. On paper there were many who appeared to have what was needed to challenge Lynn and so it proved as Canadian Maryka Sennema denied Lynn the title with a ride that had her finish 67th out of the 180 enteries.


Maryka Sennema was the womens winner

In the Junior category, defending champion James Knox returned to do battle with a large entry of riders wanting that title off him but the Maxgear rider was not going to be denied and not only won the Junior title but finished top 10 (8th) in the race just ahead of the first Veteran, Pete Tadros of Ingear/Trainsharp).
The Men’s category was the last to be decided with Matthew Pilkington last off the line. With some riders on bikes weighing less than 6 kilos, the race came down to a fight between two of the best hill climbers in the country, James Gullen and Tejvan Pettinger. Only two seconds separated them and Matt Clinton was only seconds behind them as well showing what a tough com petition it is to win.

The quality of the win by Tejvan and the ride by James was made all the better by the riding of full time pros which finished just behind them in the overall standings. Pros who in the Tour of Britain were shoulder to shoulder with riders from the Tour de France including one who was second overall. There is no denying the quality of the rides at the top of the overall standings in the mens category and perhaps more of the top pros should hang on and give it a go!

Interviews to follow:


In an 2 plus miles race, only two seconds separated Pettinger from James Gullen.


Another podium for Matt Clinton looking to be champion again …


1 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 07:57.7
2 James Gullen Team Hope Factory Racing 07:59.8
3 Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 08:08.1
4 Hugh Carthy Rapha Condor JTL 08:15.8
5 Richard Handley Rapha Condor JTL 08:18.6
6 Dan Evans Velo Club Melyd 08:19.5
7 Josh Teasdale In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 08:24.7
8 James Knox Champion System -Maxgear RT 08:25.6
9 Pete Tadros In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 08:29.1
10 Charles Coleman Velo Club Walcot 08:29.2
11 Adam Kenway Team Zenith – 08:32.2
12 Jack Pullar Madison Genesis 08:32.7
13 Jonathan Cregeen Biketreks Racing Team 08:35.2
14 Mike Cuming Rapha Condor JTL 08:37.0
15 Conall Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 08:37.9
16 Michael Smith Team Corley Cycles 08:41.3
17 Danny Axford Arctic-SRAM RT 08:42.6
18 Josh Jardine Kent Valley RC 08:42.9
19 James Dobbin Arctic-SRAM RT 08:43.0
20 Max Spedding Birkenhead North End CC 08:46.6
21 Julian Varley Harrogate Nova CC 08:46.9
22 Nick Spencer Gosforth RC 08:48.4
23 Ian Taylor 08:48.7
24 Daniel Patten Team SmartStop P/B Mountain Khakis 08:49.6
25 Luke Mullen Hetton Hawks CC 08:50.1
26 Michael Jones Derwentside CC 08:50.9
27 Benjamin Davis Bristol RC 08:55.0
28 Chris Baines Buxton CC 08:56.3
29 Ben Hetherington Dirt Wheels Cycles 09:02.7
30 Paul Roby RT 09:02.7
31 Aidan Holgate North Lancs RC 09:09.0
32 Jack O’Neill Mike Vaughan Cycles 09:10.3
33 David Crawley Rock to Roll Cycles 09:10.5
34 Paul Jones Bristol South CC 09:10.8
35 Archie Cross Yorkshire Road Club 09:12.4
36 Andrew Pearson Huddersfield Star Whs 09:13.1
37 Tim Wilcock Tyneside Vagabonds CC 09:13.8
38 Michael Broadwith Arctic-SRAM RT 09:15.5
39 Alastair Kay Herbalife-Leisure Lakes 09:16.1
40 Chris Myhill Peak Road Club 09:17.1
41 Alex Jones Clwb Rasio Mona 09:18.7
42 Adam Hartley Velocity WD-40 09:19.9
43 Joey Walker RST Racing Team 09:20.2
44 Adrian Lawson Cadence RT 09:21.2
45 David Watson Coventry RC 09:21.7
46 Tom Garnett Ilkley CC 09:23.1
47 Zak Corum-Haines Brighton Excelsior CC 09:23.9
48 Sam Ward Dirt Wheels Cycles 09:24.9
49 Chris Dyke Manchester Wheelers Club 09:25.8
50 Nick Latimer Rutland CC 09:26.7
51 Jonathan Bayley Gosforth RC 09:29.4
52 Wilf Sargeant West Pennine RC 09:32.7
53 Robert Hayes Manchester Wheelers Club 09:32.7
54 Matthew Pilkington Metaltek, Knights of Old 09:34.8
55 Mark Harrison Houghton CC 09:35.0
56 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC 09:35.7
57 Bhima Bowden Buxton CC 09:36.4
58 Kieran Savage Seacroft Whs 09:38.5
59 Max Robson Richmond CC 09:39.3
60 Rob Shields GS Metro 09:40.9
61 Stuart Stirland Edinburgh RC 09:41.3
62 Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond de Rothschild Team 09:42.4
63 Patrick Smart Matlock CC 09:43.8
64 Ben Lane GS Metro 09:47.3
65 Alan Thynne PMR @ Toachim House 09:47.5
66 Stewart Gregory Nottingham Clarion CC 09:48.1
67 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC 09:49.2
68 Scott Smith Barrow Central Wheelers 09:49.6
69 Karl Juan Denton Newcastle Cheviot CC 09:49.6
70 Eugene Cross Yorkshire Road Club 09:50.1
71 Keith Henderson Southborough & Dist. Whs 09:50.8
72 Clive Upton Hambleton RC 09:51.0
73 James Falconer Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High 09:52.4
74 Paul Stubbs Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High 09:54.1
75 Rory Hopcraft Abellio SFA Racing Team 09:55.6
76 Paul Thirling Adept Precision RT/N E Healthcare Solutions 09:55.7
77 Matthew Cartlidge Stone Wheelers CC 09:57.7
78 Daniel Alderton Guernsey Velo Club 10:00.0
79 Chris Burns Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High 10:00.0
80 Chris Danby Drighlington BC 10:00.5
81 Martin Gibson Adept Precision RT/N E Healthcare Solutions 10:01.4
82 Stuart Green Oldham Century RC 10:01.8
83 Nick Decker Congleton CC 10:02.3
84 Nick English AW 10:02.5
85 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC 10:03.7
86 Richard Lilleker Cleveland Wheelers CC 10:03.9
87 Lynn Hamel Herbalife-Leisure Lakes 10:06.6
88 Ted Cross Yorkshire Road Club 10:07.1
89 Andy Gorton East Lancashire RC 10:08.6
90 Ryan Coulton Salt Ayre Cogset Youth Cycling Club 10:09.8
91 Craig Gath York Cycleworks 10:10.0
92 Peter Greenwood Clayton Velo 10:14.3
93 Stuart Baker Buxton CC 10:18.5
94 Aaron Tonks Ribble Valley CRC 10:18.9
95 Simon Coates Cleveland Wheelers CC 10:19.0
96 Robert Pollen Ashley Touring CC 10:20.6
97 Angela Hibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC 10:25.6
98 Andrew Askwith Bridlington Cycling Club 10:27.9
99 Peter Byrne In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 10:29.8
100 John Keane Coventry CC 10:30.2
101 Dan Harwood In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 10:32.9
102 Kevin Dawson Hambleton RC 10:37.5
103 Marc Allen Swindon Road Club 10:43.3
104 Simon Dowson Settle World Wide Wheelers 10:45.1
105 Paul Hague Gosforth RC 10:47.0
106 David Trotter Lancaster CC 10:50.1
107 Carl Mustil Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High 10:50.5
108 Mark Flannery Richmond CC 10:53.5
109 Tom Clarke Red Rose Olympic 10:53.6
110 Harry Craig Activ Cycles – Corbridge 10:53.7
111 Lewis Hartley Velocity WD-40 10:56.1
112 Ben Trippier East Lancashire RC 10:57.2
113 Jonathan Baines Buxton CC 10:57.7
114 Theo Jefferies Ashley Touring CC 10:58.1
115 Paul Bailey Manchester Wheelers Club 10:58.7
116 Jahan Hunter Ashley Touring CC 10:59.5
117 Sam Mansfield Buxton CC 11:01.6
118 Ivan Paul Ashley Touring CC 11:02.2
119 Alex Trippier East Lancashire RC 11:02.5
120 Lee Cairns Rossington Whs 11:02.8
121 Ian Hutchinson Cleveland Wheelers CC 11:03.6
122 William Belcher Clayton Velo 11:04.7
123 Calum Meikle North Cotswolds CC 11:04.8
124 Paul Brierley Huddersfield Road Club 11:06.1
125 Joanne Blakeley Champion System -Maxgear RT 11:07.7
126 Christian Hulme Stretford Wheelers CC 11:08.4
127 David Murphy Liverpool Mercury Dolan CC 11:09.0
128 Sam Wilson Mike Vaughan Cycles 11:12.0
129 Helen Eborall Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 11:12.4
130 Nicola Soden Champion System -Maxgear RT 11:16.3
131 Lou Collins Beeston RC 11:17.0
132 Nick Calvert Adept Precision RT/N E Healthcare Solutions 11:21.1
133 Dougi Hall Border City Whs CC 11:21.7
134 Eve Dixon Champion System -Maxgear RT 11:22.1
135 Oliver Dickson Thanet RC 11:22.3
136 Richard Birkin Nottingham Clarion CC 11:24.2
137 Karen Poole 11:28.6
138 Cameron Turner Darlington Cycling Club 11:29.7
139 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 11:30.5
140 Joe Mann Derwentside CC 11:31.0
141 Stewart Bates TFN Triathlon Club 11:50.1
142 Simon Baines Buxton CC 11:51.1
143 Cameron Heritage Holme Valley Whs 11:51.8
144 Kevin Gibbons Border City Whs CC 11:53.7
145 Nicholas Burton Newark Castle C C 11:58.0
146 Paul Ashcroft Rapha Condor Cycling Club 11:58.3
147 Andrew Newey Ribble Valley CRC 12:03.6
148 James Risk Sportcity Velo 12:03.7
149 Richard Sill Wansbeck CC 12:13.3
150 Annabel Sill Clay Cross RT 12:17.4
151 Mike Westmorland Border City Whs CC 12:43.3
152 Gemma Sargent Dave Hinde RT 12:43.5
153 Paul Heggie Birdwell Whs 13:01.0
154 Jessica Roberts Velo Club Melyd 13:05.8
155 Alice Cobb Scott Contessa Epic RT 13:45.3
156 Michael Cox Ashley Touring CC 13:48.4
157 Isla Rush Wyndymilla 14:06.6
158 Eve Lyon Nutcraker Racing 14:28.1
159 Jonathan Poole Ashley Touring CC 14:46.2
160 Sharon Clifford Coventry RC 14:48.8
161 Dave Archer Bolsover & District CC 17:36.3
162 Luke Thomas Ashley Touring CC 18:33.0



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